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How To Write Clear & Robust Product Descriptions

If you make products, you know how to sell. From farmer’s markets to retail locations, you’ve seen customers as they’re making purchasing decisions. You know that a friendly face and being able to highlight the most important features of your line quickly makes all the difference in whether or not someone ends up buying. 

Selling online may not have the same person to person contact as a trade show or in store, but that doesn’t mean you can slack on the sales techniques. 

Your product photos and product descriptions have to do all the heavy lifting that seeing an item in person and having a salesperson right there normally do. 

This means that even though it may not be the most glamorous part of your business, writing clear and robust product descriptions is one of the most important parts of selling online. This is especially true for wholesale, where not only are the orders larger quantities, but the shop owners are trying to learn what they’ll tell their customers when they’re selling your products in store. 

The Basics:

If your product descriptions are going to have one thing, you want them to be clear about what they’re selling. At the very least, you want people to be able to glance over and get more information easily. 

Here are some questions you want to make sure your product descriptions answer:

  • What is being sold? Are there things in the photos that don’t come with the product? Common misconceptions? 
  • What are the materials, dimensions, and other technical specifications of the product? In apparel, make sure you include a size chart. Bonus points if your product photos give us an indication of the size of this product. 
  • What is this product used for? Is it something not everyone would instantly recognize? Spell it out so less people are confused. 

This basic product description by Chance Style is a great example of how to format a description that’s all details. Having each piece of information on a different line gives it a pleasing organization, especially compared to just bunching everything up into one unbroken paragraph. 

Dealing with Bulk Uploads:

We know and sympathize with the fact that so many of our amazing makers have hundreds or thousands of products. There is not time in every maker’s business to write amazing and unique product descriptions, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle. 

By breaking up your products into segments, you can still have robust descriptions through copy and pasting. The Jewelry Junkie on Abound does a great job at this, look at the product description that is included on every one of their purses. 

Plus, they have different segments for other product types! This allows you to have semi-customized posts no matter how many product descriptions you have to write. 

By using a spreadsheet to do bulk uploading, you can make changes on lots of products to your Abound shop without having to go into every product listing. 

The Sales Pitch

After your basics are covered, everything else is really the sales pitch! Remember that the product description and the product photos have to completely replace the job that you would do in person! Pretend you are standing in front of a potential customer and think about what the most important things to tell them would be. 

There are many great ways to write an awesome and engaging product description, use whichever ones on this list that feel right to you!

Remember who your customers are. On Abound, all of your customers are shop owners. If you can address their concerns (which are usually about how well the item sells), as well as give them some selling points for when customers come into their store, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Use easy to read formatting. Use bullet points or numbered lists to highlight key features and benefits. This makes it easy for customers to scan the description and get a quick overview of what the product does.

Use persuasive and sensory language to convey the value of your product. Don’t just list the features, but explain how those features will benefit the customer. Describe the feelings someone gets when using your product. 

What are the top 1-3 benefits? We’ve got to know why your product is unique, and why it will improve our lives. 

Use social proof! Is this one of your best sellers? Mention that in the description! Is there a funny story about this product that proves how loveable is it? Give us a bite sized chunk of that story in the description. 

To round off this article, I want to include some product descriptions on Abound that are engaging, interesting, and are great examples if you’re looking to improve your own product descriptions! 

Verve Culture does such a great job at transporting you to a world where you already have their products. These thoughtful paragraph descriptions not only give you a clear picture of the product, but they also entice you to learn more about the brand. 

This baby sun hat description by Funky Junque does a great job of combining product facts, formatting, and sales techniques. The green check marks are a subtle yet powerful reminder that this product is high quality, plus the reader can easily see there are only three sections to read. 

By titling the sections Great Quality, Great Fit, and Great Look, the reader has a sense of cohesion and confidence that this is going to be a great buy! 

Mike’s Hot Honey does a great job of telling you how to use the product with all the suggested pairings. They also have a short and sweet summary up top, and make sure to include the ingredients.