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How to Merchandise the First Page of Your Abound Shop!

Did you know that one of the easiest things you can do to improve sales is to merchandise the first page of your Abound shop? Page one is your store’s first impression, when retailers land there they should instantly understand what your brand’s all about.

It can be helpful to think of your first page as a physical space; if your Abound shop was brick and mortar, what would your window display look like? In this article I’ll be showing you all the best practices for how to help your page one get you sales.

1) Give Retailers an Accurate Impression of Your Brand

The #1 thing your first page should do is make sure retailers understand your product line.

This may sound like a no brainer, but there can be some pitfalls to avoid!

If your shop has hundreds or thousands of products, it can be easy to upload them all without returning to page one. But if you are an apparel brand that sells all sorts of clothing and your page one is nothing but scarves, retailers aren’t going to know who you are.

This front page by BESTTO does a great job of giving you a peak at all their different products. From just a glance you can tell they offer clothing as well as accessories, and get a sense of the different styles they offer.

2) Put Your Best Sellers On Page 1

Your best sellers are best selling for a reason! People resonate with those products and want to buy them. Give visiting retailers every reason to fall in love with your page by placing at least a couple of your best sellers in the first 1-2 rows.

3) Keep Up With Holidays and Seasonal Changes

Nothing is more off putting than being in the middle of the summer buying season and showing up to a shop page full of winter coats! One of the main thing buyers are doing when they check out your page is looking for trustworthiness, and an updated shop tells retailers that you are active and available to take orders.

4) Test Out New Inventory and Unload Extras

Since your first page is going to be seen more than any other pages, use the opportunity to treat it as a bit of a laboratory. Put new items near the top so you can figure out what your next best seller is. And on a similar but opposite note, if you’ve got too much of a certain SKU, throw it on the front page to see if you can start to empty out that extra inventory.

5) Use Photo Variety

A little can go a long way when it comes to photo variety. Even if the vast majority of your product images are clean and on a white background, consider making lifestyle photos or adding a little extra to your first 6 products or so.

Olive and Ivory does such a great job of creating variety in their product photos, even when all of them are t-shirts!

Statement Peace sells primarily wood cut earrings, and their jewelry would pop even if it was all on white backgrounds. But look at how beautiful their shop looks because of the extra time and care they put into making sure their pictures had variety.

If doing this for your entire product line is overwhelming, remember that a huge impact can still be made by just doing these types of photos for the first few rows of your Abound shop!

6) Check Mobile and Desktop

Remember, retailers will always be split between mobile and desktop! While all of the above rules will apply to both, double check as you go to make sure both formats are looking great!

Bonus Tip (Advanced): Tell A Color Story!

If you’ve done all the tips above and are still looking for more ways to merchandise your page one, try telling a color story!

Gia Roma is a great brand to get photo inspiration from in general, and they really excel at telling a color story. Notice how every photo has a background of light gray/off-white, and how for this winter theme they’re also offering highlights of red. From the candy canes to the lipstick on the model, the calming and stylish holiday color story is oozing out of their photos.

If you choose to go all in with merchandising and tell a color story, make sure it reflects your brand! Are you all about fun? You’re going to need some bright colors. Are you calm and classy? Pick a neutral color and an accent color and watch your theme come together.