About Abound

My Abound Story

I started working at Abound in 2019, a few months before we launched the marketplace. Since then, I’ve been proud to watch it grow from our first 50 brands into the expansive site that it is today.

I was hired to manage Abound’s social presence and community. Before that I owned several small businesses myself, including an Etsy shop that sold my original prints. Because of this experience, I knew I wanted to create the community and social opportunities that I wished were available to me as an Etsy seller.

From hosting lives to interviewing makers to picking the very best photos to show you on our social media, I’ve tried to connect our users and give everyone a chance to dive a little deeper, since online isn’t always the friendliest place to be.

When I first joined, we wanted to create a way for retailers to talk to each other and find product recommendations, so we started a Facebook group where retailers can connect with both each other and makers.

We also realized that selling wholesale online was pretty new, and we wanted retailers to be able to see products being touched and used like they’d be able to in trade shows, so we created unboxing videos that show off our makers products in action.

What’s set Abound apart since those very first days has been the people. I know it’s cheesy to say, but we really are a close knit team of caring people who love doing this work. We love being able to create a place where small business owners are able to grow their businesses and express themselves.

We are your fans, we come to know your shops and products and we’re rooting for all of you. We believe that people deserve more shopping options than just going to their nearest big box store and we love that we’re a part of the fight to keep independent retail thriving.

All of this is why we had to make sure our customer service was top notch, every inquiry is answered by a real person, thoughtfully, and as fast as we possibly can.

If you haven’t looked around the site yet, the Featured category is always good, these brands and items are hand picked by our merchandising experts. New arrivals is also another great place to check out, we have new items daily for you.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out via email. Welcome to Abound, and I hope you enjoy your time here!