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How To Record A Maker Spotlight (in 2022!)

How to Submit Your Maker Spotlight:

Just follow the instructions below, and when you’re done, email the video to social@helloabound.com.

How to Make Your Own Maker Spotlight:

Step 1: Find your light and angle. Being next to a window or using a ring light are both great options. If you don’t have either of those that’s totally fine, but spend some time on this step, lighting is essential for all video content. 

Step 2: Find your framing, it’s always going to be better if you can show off products or behind the scenes action, but it’s also totally fine if it’s just you. Remember to make it vertical! 

Step 3: Practice! This video is going to be way better if you practice what you want to say 3 to 5 times before you actually record. Here’s the outline of what you should say (full example script below):

  1. Introduce yourself and your business.
  2. Hold up 1-2 of your best sellers and explain why they’re great.
  3. Tell us a couple of reasons people should buy with you instead of competitors, like if your products are made in the US, or if you have 1-3 day shipping. 
  4. End your video with a call to action. Tell them to head to [your shop name] on Abound!

Step 4: Record and go for it! Good luck, and remember they have those clappers on movie sets for a reason! Making videos requires multiple takes, so don’t feel bad if you need to do yours a bunch of times before you nail it.

As long as your final video is under 60 seconds, that’s great, but if you can get it to under 30 seconds, the algorithm will give it even more views. When you’re done just email the file to social@helloabound.com and we’ll get it on our social!

Example script to follow:

Hi, I’m [name], the creator of [brand name], which makes [this type of product], and we’re located in [your location].

[hold up a product] This is our best seller, it’s a [explain product + mention 1-2 features.]

I started [brand name] because [your personal story].

I’d love if you could check out my shop on Abound, just search for [brand name] and you’ll be able to see all of my products, and feel me to message me on Abound if you have any questions!

Make sure your final video is between 15-60s!

Make sure your video is vertical!

Email the final video to social@helloabound.com.

Example Video: