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8 DIY Rainbow Retail Displays for Pride

With Pride Month just around the corner, it’s time to hoist the rainbow flags and celebrate with PRIDE this June! Whether you are part of the queer community or a supportive ally, these DIY rainbow retail displays for pride are the perfect way to let your customers know that your boutique will provide a safe and inclusive shopping experience.

1) A Warm Welcome

You can ensure that your customers know your boutique is an LGBTQIA+ ally by decorating with rainbow flags, multi-colored front doors, and faux balloon awnings. Check out these wonderful entrance options to offer customers the warmest welcome possible!

Check out these lively Abound products to greet your customers with sweetness and sincerity!

Sweet Pride from Candy Club
sweet pride candy

Offer candy samples to help your customers love who they are with sweet pride! These sour gummy bears come in a rainbow of colors and fruit-flavors—a tasty mix everyone is sure to enjoy.

Pride Banner | Pride Month | LGBTQ Pride from Sweet Planning & Paper Co.
pride banner

Roll out the welcome sign and celebrate Pride with this glittery, rainbow banner. Hang it above your door, on your window, or over the checkout counter to make sure its sincerity can be seen and felt by as many customers as possible.

Pride Soy Wax Candles from Oily Blends LLC
love is love candles

Light one of these happy candles and open your front door to welcome all into your store without hesitation. When customers ask how they can take home the product creating that delicious smell, you can offer scents of lemon verbena, strawberry, and espresso decorated with Pride!

2) Rainbow Walls

Light up your wall displays with pride by using these cleverly crafted rainbow DIY display designs. Grab some tulle, an array of mugs, or cotton t-shirts and create a rainbow centerpiece to infuse the spirit of Pride Month in your store.

3) Delicate DIY Displays

If you’re looking for more delicate and dreamy pride display ideas, consider using fabric flowers or satin streamers in your design.

Take a more delicate approach with your DIY retail displays by featuring these precious Abound products!

Rainbow Long Bar Dangle Earrings from Nine Mile Creative
dangle rainbow earrings

These dangle rainbow earrings are a gorgeous rainbow color, completely reversible, and add loveliness to your pride display from every angle!

Pride Wish Bracelets from Tangled Up In Hue
wish bracelets

Displayed by this brand partner on a slab of wood, these petite pride bracelets can add simple beauty to any delicate window display! Let customers know they can share a bracelet with an ally and make a wish for equal love.

Help pride partners tie on their bracelets together. You, the selection of pride merchandise in your store, and the atmosphere you create have the power to remind customers that they matter, that they are loved, and that they deserve to love freely.

4) No Raining on this Pride Parade…Unless It’s for Your Display!

Turn summer rain into a rainbow of color with these adorable DIY display ideas. Use construction paper to make cloud and water droplet cutouts, or suspend pride-inspired umbrellas across your store window. Either option will inspire love and light to draw in foot traffic from this summer’s pride parades!

To mimic the pride parade retail displays, grab your own rainbow umbrellas from Abound.

Rainbow Umbrella from La Luna Bella
pride umbrella

Featuring a plastic curved handle, these vibrant umbrellas have multicolored panels that make them ideal for your DIY retail displays for pride!

5) Window into the Soul of Pride Month

Window displays offer the aesthetic of your store at a glance for potential customers. This Pride month, let passersby know that your boutique is celebrating love in all forms with a whimsical window display that honors the LGBTQIA+ community.

Get creative with your window displays using unique Abound products.

Pride Lollipop Collection from Sweet Caroline Confections
June pride lollipops

These sorbet lollipops are loud, proud, and perfect for hanging in your boutique’s large heart wall display, showcasing them next to sweet-scented candles on a table display, or setting at the checkout counter to promote that one final purchase.

6) Pride in the Details

Whether you decide to layer rainbow rice in a jar with some greenery or paint the frames of your dressing room mirrors in pride colors, accessorize your displays with these DIY add-on ideas. Celebrate love, no matter how small the details!

Brighten up your pride retail display with these ice dyed plant hangers in rainbow colors!

Rainbow Plant Hanger from Heddle & Hearth
rainbow plant hangers

If you are inspired to recreate the magic of the DIY retail displays for pride, then grab a set of these rainbow macrame plant hangers from Abound! Made with zero waste cotton cord, this item is sure to elevate your boutique’s pride-themed look.

7) Clever Use of Color

There are numerous ways to be clever with color in your DIY displays for pride. Grab a pride-themed rug and add a heart cutout with a favorite pride decal. Organize your merchandise according to color. Or, if you’re really ambitious, paint your store with an entire pride vibe by adding floor-to-ceiling rainbow stripes!

Be clever with color by showcasing a few one-of-a-kind pride products from Abound.

Rainbow Pride Soap Bar from Pretty Soap Co.
pride soap bar

These rainbow pride soap bars are layered with the beautiful colors of the rainbow pride flag and sprinkled with biodegradable rainbow glitter on top for decoration. Stack several of them together on a table in the center of your store to create a larger pride flag!

8) Make it a Photo Moment

Spread the love during Pride by creating a photo moment with your retail display. Keep it simple and hang a pride flag or go all out and construct a rainbow flower wall. Whichever photo background retail display you decide, you are sure to spark belonging and empowerment for your customers. Plus, let customers tag your store via social media, update your website with pride, and encourage rave reviews!

Find your favorite statement pieces from Abound and brand your boutique as a photo destination for Pride!

PRIDE Rainbow Rice Crispie Treats from Creative Crispies Co.
yummy rice crispie treats

If your customers are searching for the perfect pride party favor, then look no further! These iconic rainbow rice crispie treats will be the talk of your table display. Set out samples to allow customers to pose and snap a photo with these sweet treats for Instagram!

Royal Aero Hot Air Balloon 22″, Rainbow Colors from Authentic Models
fun hot air balloon

Go above and beyond in your DIY retail displays for pride with this rainbow hot air balloon! These balloons combine color, décor and science, all-in-one. As fascinating today as they were a century ago, these balloons can create an adorable pride photo moment in your store. Customers will imagine viewing the earth from above, free as a bird, holding onto a balloon basket. What a great way to express the freedom of love in your boutique this Pride Month!