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Drawstring Poog Bags That Make Cleaning up a Snap! | PNT Pets | Maker Spotlight

Founder Max Leahy grew up in a suburb of New York City with two Old English Sheepdogs and picking up after them never crossed his mind as they had ample outdoor space. When he relocated to Los Angeles, I got his first “fur-child” he quickly learned the trials and tribulations of picking up and conscientiously throwing away the poop. After trying every option out there the idea came to him – drawstring poop bags. And PNT Pets was born. Shop PNT Pets wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/pntpets


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Founder, Max, tried many different dog waste bags and found them to be sub-par in quality. He tried bags similar to plastic shopping bags with handle ties. They were much easier. However, none of these came in a rolled format, let alone bags that would fit into a roll dispenser for a leash. He began my quest to find an adequate poop bag that met his needs. One day after taking out my kitchen trash, it struck me that a drawstring poop bag might be the solution – and – Eureka! The Poop ’N Tie bag was born.

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