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True-Quality Boho and Contemporary Chic Styles | Anna-Kaci | Maker Spotlight

Anna-Kaci, pronounced (An-nuh Kay-see), started in southern California in 2013 as a fashion label with a vision to create true-quality designs for all. Named after the founder’s two beloved daughters, Anna-Kaci strives to curate pieces that both express your unique style and exceed your expectations of quality & reliability. Shop Anna-Kaci wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/annakaci


00:00 Overview

00:38 Intro

01:03 What is Anna-Kaci all about?

01:44 The founder’s story

02:41 What inspired you to work at Anna-Kaci as Creative Director?

04:28 What are some of your best sellers?

07:03 What should be a new retailer’s first order?

09:26 Anna-Kaci is highly rated among retailers

10:00 Outro


With a focus on boho & contemporary chic styles, Anna-Kaci proudly stands by all of its fashion pieces. Their meticulous designers take time to create phenomenal in-style pieces that easily fit in your wardrobe rotation. It’s knowing that you’re getting something that feels good and will last after numerous wears & washes — that’s what exemplifies true quality.

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