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25 Candles For Men! (To sell in your boutique)

If you’re a man, you love manly things! The taste of a cold beer on a hot summer day. The feel of a wrench in your hands and motor oil on your finger tips. A freshly lit candle filling your home or office with a warm glow and a heavenly scent. Yup! You read that right, it’s 2022 and men want candles too!

But they won’t be satisfied by no rose scented, jasmine infused tube of wax! Manly men need manly candles with manly scents and they’re going to be coming to your website or boutique looking for em’. But we got your back! We’ve assembled a list of 25 masculine candles that smell more manly than Ron Swanson eating a stack of bacon at a Guns N’ Roses concert. One wiff of these bad boys and your customers will be saying “this ain’t a candle… it’s a mandle!”

Toasted Mahogany 7 oz. Black Candle Tin from Soap de Jolie

This candle smells like wood!

Men love the scent of wood! It makes them think of all the things they can build with it; like tables and baseball bats and deck chairs. Sadly, most men can’t spend all day in their work shed with their power tools and a freshly cut load of lumber. But now they can smell like it with this Toasted Mahogany 7 oz. Black Candle Tin from Soap de Jolie.

This custom blended candle will fill any room you’re in with the scent of toasted Mahogany topped with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium. It’s a masculine smell that will whisk your customers away to a wood filled wonderland, where all their carpentry dreams come true!

Blind Date 10 oz. Soy Wax Candle | Plum, Black Cherry & Amber from Siffra

I hope someone sets me up with this blind date candle!

It’s date night, things are going well and then it happens… they want to come back to your place!!!!! JACKPOT BABY! But don’t count your chips just yet! Nothing can bring your fun to an end quicker than the wrong candle scent! And let’s face it, too many “date night” candles now a days feature that overpowering musk scent that will turn your date colder than a bag of ice.

Thankfully the candle savants at Siffra have created this Blind Date Candle. It features a sultry blend of sweet and spicy! With light hints of vanilla and pops of plum and black cherry! Smell that? It’s the smell of romance! One wiff and your date will be ready to say “I do… WANT TO SMELL THIS CANDLE SOME MORE!”

Black Obsidian Candle Holder from Nature’s Artifacts Inc

This candle holder is so cool I wish I could adopt as my son!

Men don’t just love manly candles for guys! They love manly candle holders too! And this Black Obsidian Candle Holder from Nature’s Artifacts Inc is the manliest candle holder we’ve ever seen! Just the name alone sounds totally badass! Black Obsidian! It’s like the kind of candle holder Tony Stark would own.

Plus it’s made from a very robust and swift acting crystal for healing. Just like the kind Tony Stark would probably discover on a cool adventure with his friends The Avengers! It’s settled! This candle holder is the perfect gift for any man who wants to be more like Tony Stark (aka all of them!!!!)

Rubber (Burnt) Burnt Rubber Candle – Skid Mark from The Candle Daddy

If it smells like the open road than you know it's a candles for guys!

Sometimes, as a man, your mind gets to wandering… wondering what it would be like to give it all up… your job, your home, this prison cell we call society… and just hit the open road. It’s the one place in this world where a man can truly be free. The one place where no one can tell you what to do or who to be.

But then your mind wanders back to your life and your responsibilities and you know it was all just a beautiful dream. But now your customers can bring a little piece of that dream home with the Burnt Rubber Candle from Candle Daddy. It’s the candle that smells like screeching rubber over hot asphalt… the smell of freedom.

The Big Minimalist Scented Candle from Atelier 880

Masculine scented candles don't come much more stylish this!

Clutter be gone! The Modern Man is into minimalism. And this sleek and chic candle from Atelier 880 is as minimalist as a candle can be. It’s uniform, shiny black exterior will look right at home in your customers’ open concept living room or relaxed modern bedroom. But don’t worry… it still comes with the maximum amount of smell. It’s made to order in all of Atelier 880’s delicious candle scents for men scents and burns for up to 65 hours!

Yoda One The Me Candle from Funny Candle Co

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to candles.

Totally epic, this candle is! The “Yoda One For Me Candle” from Funny Candle Co is the perfect way to let any Star Wars loving bro in your life know how much they mean to you. They’re perfect candles for guys who want to party like a Jedi! Just light it candle, let the notes of citrus, exotic spice and beautiful jasmine fill the air and get transported to a galaxy far, far away! Ligtsaber battles with Count Dooku! Defending the beaches of Kashyyyk with your best bud Chewbacca! Or just watching a marathon of Episodes I, II and III! No matter what you’re doing, the force will always be with you and this candle!

Need more pop-culturey presents? Check out this spotlight on creator Castle McQuaid! He creates stickers, greeting cards and more featuring all of you favorite characters!

Best Dad Ever Candle from Cascadia Bath & Body

You'll be "getting even with dad" when you buy him this candle!

Any man can be a Father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. Now your customers can remind their Dads how much you appreciate them with these cute, macho, manly smelling candles from Cascadia Bath and Body.

It has the the phrase “Best Dad Ever” written on the side so anyone who sees it knows that they’re dealing with a primo papa! Plus it comes in their signature, sweet and salty, Black Sea fragrance.

Fun fact; the Black Sea is rumored to hide the treasure of the lost city of Atlantis. But maybe they should have called it Dad-lantis, because the greatest treasure in life is having an awesome Dad!

Wood Lid Candle Black from AP Design Co

You'll flip your lid over this candle with a lid!

There’s no greater indignity a man can suffer than having to blow out a candle. It’s so emasculating! Pursing your lips together and leaning in real close so your breath can touch the flame… what are you trying to do?! KISS IT?!

Can you imagine if the boys at the office heard you were trying to kiss a candle? You’d never live it down! That’s why all your men customers are definitely going to want this Wood Lid Candle from AP Design Co. It comes in a variety of amazing aromas, and features a wood lid that you simply put on top to snuff out the flame whenever you’re done using it. You’ll never have to suffer the shame and humiliation of getting caught blowing out a candle again!

Soy Candle – Black Moss from Creme de la Crop

Be a proud soy boy with this candle!

The Mossy and Marine scents in this Black Moss candle from Creme de la Crop will capture your customers’ imaginations! It’s scent is reminiscent of high-end cologne with sensual and masculine notes throughout that lend an air of mystery to their living space! Anyone who takes a whiff will think they’ve stepped into the office of a hard bitten private eye. But the only mystery they’ll be trying to solve is; what smells so good! All the clues point to… this candle!!!!!!

RESCUE+ Candle from French Press Candle Co.

One bourbon, one scotch one candle.

There are few things in life men love more than watching a candle slowly melt away… except maybe enjoying a nice glass of high end whiskey when it’s all done. Well guess what boy-o, the candle scientists at French Press Candle Co. have finally combined your two favorite things.

It starts life as an amazing candle featuring a bold and vibrant scent incorporating the essence of bergamot, Valencia orange, mint leaves, geranium, clove, jasmine, Tonka, black sandalwood, and oud wood. But when it’s all gone you can wash out the glass and use it to pour yourself a drink. HELL YEAH! Your customers are gonna love it so much they may just order a double! DOUBLE CANDLES, THAT IS!

Smoky Quartz Infused Candle from Arcana Babe

Heck yeah! Ditch the baggage and buy a candle!

Smoky quartz is a powerful crystal known for its cleansing and grounding properties. It will help to purify negative energies and provide release from emotional baggage. It’s paired with a bright, herby scent featuring notes of citrus, rosemary, black tea, clove, and basil.

We recommend this candle for men in times of transition, particularly when you are moving on from a negative relationship or experience. Let the scent of Black Tea and Tree fill the air, and begin to move forward with ease.

Soy Candle // Black Pepper + Bergamot from French Press Candle Co.

I guess you could call the container of this candle a "Pepper Pots"

“You want some pepper on that?!” If you’re a man, you know the answer to that question is always a big “YES!” Men love peppery food! They can’t help it! Well now your men customers can pepper up their entire life with this Black Pepper Candle from the French Press Candle Co.

This perfectly peppery candle features layers upon layers of spicy black pepper elevated by citrus and herbal notes of bergamot and lavender and subtle accent of vanilla. It’ll have anyone who smells it breaking into their best Def Leppard impression to sing “pour some PEPPER on me!” (Cuz men love pepper, not sugar!)

You Are Powerful Espresso Vanilla Aromatherapy 8.1oz Candle Black from Meaningful Mantras

You won't extract this vanilla scented candle from me! I love it too much!

Waking up each morning with a meaningful mantra is the best way to energize your day. That’s why we know your customers are gonna love this candle from Meaningful Mantras. Like all their products it comes with an inspiring mantra written on the side; “You Are Powerful!”

And that’s coupled with an affirming scent of coffee Arabica and Vanilla Planifolia to help them remember yes… they are powerful. Light it every morning and it’s like you have your very own personal coffee shop. The rich, caffeinated aroma reminding you that you have the power to take on the world… now that’s a mantra any man can get behind.

Courage Affirmation Candle – Blackberry Sage from Breathe Enlight Co

Courage the cowardly candle!

Affirmation: I am brave, bold, and badass. A man who tells that to themselves every day is a man with the courage to do anything. Try that new style! Dance like nobody’s watching! And perhaps the most courageous thing of all… believe in yourself.

Well now your men customers will truly be ready to believe in themselves when they breathe in the soothing scents of this Courage Candle from Breathe Enlight Co. It features herbal notes of freshly picked sage, earthy rosemary, and mint blended into intoxicating juicy ripe blackberries. AKA, the true smell of courage!

Blackberry + Sage – Fine Soy Candle from Palmer Street Press

This candle comes in a jar! And smells like Amber! What else do you need?

This candle comes in a Luxurious Amber Glass Jar ands combines the aromas of sweet and tart blackberries, with spicy and herbal sage and notes of clover, ginger and orange. Plus it’s made with a sustainable Wood Wick that delivers powerful scent with a clean burn. Plus it was hand poured and assembled in Upstate New York. Now that sounds like a candle any man would love!

Hyoola, Unscented Brushed Metallic Pillar Candles from Nathans Collection

Cool candle, bro! Light it again!

If you’re a man who likes the best things in life, then perhaps we can interest you in this Brushed Metallic Pillar Candle from Nathans Collection. It was made in Europe by the world’s premier candle makers! Plus it has a modern look with a textured finish that will compliment all your room decorations!

Dragon’s Blood Candle by The Candle Daddy

Buy this candle and light it when you play elden ring! That sounds pretty cool!

Come forth, weary wanderer, and lend thine ears to the tale of a legendary candle. No mere mixing of wax and wick, this crimson beacon of light is said to have spewed forth from the veins of the beast itself… the dragon!

When lit, this Dragon’s Blood Candle from the Candle Daddy will sooth thine soul and fill thine Man Cave with a rich, sweet, earthy aroma. Tis the perfect candle for any man who dares to call themselves an adventurer, whether those adventures take place on the real battlefield or upon the virtual battlefield of the video gaming netherworld! HUZZAH!

Light My Fire Lighter from Rock & Roll Candle Co.

Come on baby light my candle... with this lighter!

Time to address the elephant in the room! Sure, there are tons of manly candles out there, but your customers are still gonna need a manly way to light them. Well, what’s more manly than the lyrics of one of the greatest bands of all time; THE DOORS?!

That’s what the brainiacs over at the Rock & Roll Candle Co must have been thinking when they created this Light My Fire Lighter. The old school brass lighter comes emboldened with the legendary words of Mr. Jim Morrison, and they’re sure to fill you with sexy, old school, 60’s swagger when you use it to light your next fire (by which, of course, we mean a candle.)

Pipe Tobacey Candle from Jamberson

This is one tobacey it's okay to get wacky with!

Back when the West was wild there weren’t nothing more manly than stuffing a smoking pipe with a spit’ of yer’ finest tobacey and puffing away on the open range.

Of course, times have changed and now the most manly thing you can do is take care of your lungs so you can be there for your loved ones well into your old age. But that doesn’t mean your customers can’t enjoy the soothing scent of rich, delicious tobacco anytime they want.

Just light this Pipe Tobacey Candle from Jamberson and you’ll be transported back to a magical, long ago time when you could fetter away whole evenings gazing up at the stars and also when people pronounced “tobacco” as “tobacey”.

Amour Noir Soy Candle from Giftedness

This is a good scented candles for men!

Hey… men… let’s talk. It’s 2022. It’s ok to have feelings. It’s ok to say you deserve to love and be loved. Sure, with the persistent culture of toxic masculinity still very much alive in our society, it can be hard to admit those things to yourself. But when you do, the world becomes a bigger, more wonderful place. And maybe, just maybe, the perfect way to start… is with this Amour Noir Candle from Giftedness.

It will immerse you in love, gratitude and the sophisticated aroma of cashmere wood, vanilla orchid, vanilla bean, rich cocoa, sandalwood, and amber. Your withholding father may have never been able to say “I love you”, but this candle will, every time you light it.

Soy Massage Candle from Soapology

All the best mens candles turn into massage oil!

Men, take our advice, if you really want to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you, you gotta slow it down. Don’t rush it. Set a mood. Light a few candles. Give them a massage. Or better yet, light a candle that melts into a soothing massage oil.

Pure fantasy, you say? Oh contraire! For the candle wiz-kids at Soapology have created just such a candle. When burned at a low temperature their soy wax creates a warm, relaxing moisturizer that can be used as a massage oil while also providing aroma therapy.

Bourbon + Honey Cologne from Lucy B’s + HYDRA BLOOM

This is cologne. Not a candle. But it will make you feel like a candle, so we're including it.

There’s one huge problem every candle loving man has; they love candles so much that eventually they dream of becoming a candle. “Why can’t I burn bright and smell delicious all day long, just like my favorite candles?”, they’re constantly asking themselves.

Well, guess what, gents! The scent-ologists over at Lucy B’s + HYDRA BLOOM have devised a perfect solution with their Bourbon + Honey Cologne. Your customers just have to slap a little of this on and they’ll be giving off notes of crisp Fresh lemon, bourbon brown sugar, tobacco, clove and honey – just like a candle!

As for the burning part? Well, they’re sure to be burning bright with confidence all day from all the compliments they’ll get about how good they smell!

Nurses Need Shots Too from Funny Candle Co.

Nurses need shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots and candles.

Did you know that the number of male nurses in the United States has more than doubled since 1970? Guess that makes you feel pretty foolish for assuming this candle didn’t belong on a list of Best Candles For Men.

Cannabis Candle from Daralyn’s Designs

Roll a fatty! A fat candle that is!

Legalize it man! What?! Candles are legal? Helllllllllll yeah!

These awesome Cannabis Candles from Daralyn’s Designs are perfect for any dude who wishes every day could be 420. Stock one or more of them in your shop and you’re sure to become your customers’ favorite candle dealer. They come in scents like Cannabis & Agarwood, Goji Berry & Hemp, Indica Kush and Violet resin and many, many more!

Fart Scented Candle from Candle Daddy

This candle smells like farts! How fun is that?!

You know what they say! Boys will be boys! And that’s why we had to end this list with a candle that will get all your boys laughing!

We gotta warn you; if you’re looking to stock your store with candles that smell sweet as a bed of roses, then this ain’t the candle for you! But if you want a candle that’s gonna leave the guys gasping for air because of how much it stinks (and how hard they’re laughing) then this Fart Scented Candle from Candle Daddy is a winner!

It’s the ultimate gag gift! And trust us, anyone who smells it will be gagging! A guaranteed good time for any bachelor party, frat house rager or guys night in! A little immature? Maybe! But like we keep saying, it’s 2022 and the definition of masculinity doesn’t have to be so rigid anymore.

Men can be in touch with their feelings and still admit that there’s nothing funnier than the smell of a stinky ol’ fart. That’s why we salute any man brave enough to open up and express themselves – and all the candles that can help them on that journey!

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