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25 Of The Best ‘Gifts For Sisters’ for your Boutique

If you’re ready to be crowned the favorite sibling, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked a variety of gifts from zodiac lip balms to solid marble cutting boards – we’re sure there is something in this roundup for even the pickiest sister. For whatever she’s into these days – take a peek at 25 of the best gifts for sisters and your customers will be pulling out the wrapping paper in no time. 

1) We Are Sisters. & Much More Candle from Malicious Women Candle Company

Candle gifts for sister

Encourage your customers to gift their sister with a walk down memory lane with the ‘We Are Sisters. & Much More’ candle by Malicious Candle Company. Lacie Marsh-Carroll, founder of Malicious Woman Candle Company has infused each of her candles with a hearty amount of sass and snark – and this piece is no different. If your customers are looking for the perfect gifts for sister, this bold handmade candle will do the trick. Their creamy soy candles are vegan with a 45-50 hour burn time, so your customers can rest assured they are receiving quality and quick wit.

2) Skinny Dippin’ Bath Sand from Soaring Suds Soap Co

sand gifts for sister

Pondering good gifts for sisters? We’ve got a pretty great answer for ya. The Skinny Dippin’ Bath Sand by Soaring Suds Soap Co. is described as an exotic fruit salad on a hot summer day and we couldn’t agree more. The bubbling bath sand is infused with naturally-hydrating oils that are released into the bath – all your customers need to do is soak in them. The directions are simply: add in a few tablespoons to warm bath water and voilà – the foaming sea salt soak is ready. Soaring Suds Soap Co. is a family owned brand on a mission to infuse your everyday bath with goodness – see more of their unique options on Abound.

3) Island Lyfe Soap from Soaring Suds Soap Co

soap gifts for sister

The Island Lyfe Soap by Soaring Suds Soap Co. is a sweet 4oz blend of mangos, raspberries and lemon curd. Coconut milk is also a prominent ingredient in this soap and has been known to prevent premature aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles, and it also restores elasticity. Coconut milk is a powerful moisturizer and promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells, allowing the skin to feel more smooth and gentle. Each soap made from Soaring Suds Soap Co. is hand cut, so no two bars are the same. If you’re looking to add one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers in your boutique – these soaps are the perfect Christmas gifts for sister.

4) Sisterhood Is Powerful Sticker from Citizen Ruth

sticker gifts for sister

Citizen Ruth is a rare company whose mission and community standing are based upon evidence and action. From paying fair and livable wages to all employees to providing greater visibility, creative freedom, and monetary value to their artist collective, Citizen Ruth strives to achieve true progress. In addition to their social responsibility and activism, their focus on quality is also important to note. Their Sisterhood Is Powerful sticker is a waterproof and UV resistant vinyl sticker in amazing quality, and it comes in a variety of colors for your customers. Stock your shelves with empowering gifts for sister – see more on Abound

5) Moon Magick Tea from The Healing Sanctuary

tea gifts for sister

Fill your boutique with gifts for sister focused around healing and serenity. Moon Magick Tea from The Healing Sanctuary is a wonderfully crafted tea focused on each phase of the moon’s journey and its own specific form of medicine. This specific tea is made from roses, calendula, jasmine, mugwort, raspberry leaf, and lavender. If you like to stock wellness category products in your boutique – The Healing Sanctuary is the spot for you! Each of their gifts are set with the intention to help heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

6) Zodiac Lip Balm from Crazy Rumors

lip balms gifts for sister

Chatting about astrology is all the rage right now – so if you’re looking to stock your boutique with current fads, these Zodiac Lip Balms from Crazy Rumors are a necessity. At Crazy Rumors, they handcraft 100% natural, plant-based lip balms with big personality. Their recipe is long-lasting and offers the perfect blend of clean vegan ingredients that pack a delicious punch of moisture each time it is applied. The Zodiac balms can work as great personalized birthday gifts for sister – take a peek at their entire Zodiac collection on Abound.

7) Creaseless Clips from Kitsch

hair clips gifts for sister

The Eco-Friendly Creaseless Clips by Kitsch are a makeup maven’s must-have. Made from recycled materials, these clips are kind to your hair and the environment. They securely hold hair sections out of the way during makeup application and are easily removable without leaving a mark. If your boutique is stocked with eco-friendly makeup and accessories – this piece will fit right in. If your customers are looking for a variety of sister gifts – point them over to the creaseless clips and they will not be disappointed.

8) Sister Love Necklace from Lucky Feather

necklace gifts for sister

Sister love is special. If you’re looking to highlight the bond of family in your boutique – the Sister Love necklace is a beautiful way to showcase this unique relationship. Lucky Feather began in 2006 when founder, Jill Schiff was looking for the perfect gift for a friend and ended up creating a gift that would later inspire her entire company. When creating her products – her goal is a simple one: to spread good energy and inspiration by offering trend-setting, affordable gifts and jewelry for any occasion. Take a look through more gifts for sister options on Abound.

9) Orange Vanilla Cocoa Butter Body Milk from Kiss Me in the Garden

lotion gifts for sister

Looking for a lotion that absorbs super quickly? The ultra-light lotion by Kiss Me In The Garden dries fast enough that your customers can use it just before getting dressed. It contains three of the most healing ingredients for skin: cocoa butter, natural oil and shea butter. The Kiss Me In The Garden company has spent over 25 years developing their unique line of affordable wellness luxury products, so you can rest assured you will be receiving high quality. Find a wide variety of sister gift ideas throughout their Abound page.

10) Sister Star Cake Card from Liyana Studio


A creative birthday card is an essential element in the gift giving process. When putting together gifts for your sister – make sure to include a beautifully-made card from Liyana Studio. Rooted in online meme culture, Liyana Studio’s illustrated animals do not just smile; they grin, beam, smug and wink. It is her passion to make her audience chuckle or laugh out loud through her hand-painted designs. Share the gift of humor with your customers and stock your boutique shelves with unique cards from this talented one woman-owned studio.

11) Sisters by Chance Sign from About Face Designs, Inc.

about face designs gifts for sister

For over 21 years, About Face Designs has been a benchmark in the giftware industry for heartwarming products that combine originality, creativity, high quality and exceptional values. About Face Designs has come to be known in the industry as a leading designer and source for sentimental gifts and lifestyle products – perfect for gifts for sister or holidays. Their Sisters By Chance Sign is inspired by the joy of receiving a handwritten letter and makes for a personal sentimental gift that will be meaningful for many years to come.

12) Half Star Rainbow Earrings from Aimvogue


The Half Star Rainbow Earrings by Aimvogue are the perfect colorful Spring accessory for your customers. They offer a playful, trendy element into the look without being overpowering. Earrings are a simple, yet sophisticated and timeless gift. If you’re looking to stock your boutique with gifts for sister – earrings from Aimvogue provide a wonderful option that will never go out of style. Shop more fashionable, stylish jewelry with premium quality and competitive pricing on their Abound shop.

13) Murano Glass Evil Eye Bracelet from Evileyefavor


The Murano Glass Evil Eye Bracelet from Evileyefavor is a striking hand-crafted piece made of glass and stainless steel, and is available in two string color options. Each piece from Evileyefavor is designed and produced in Istanbul, Turkey and can be delivered worldwide with express shipping services. The Evil Eye gained popularity in the world of fashion in the last decade and its influence is continually showcased across social media fashion trends. If your customers are searching for eye-catching gifts for sister, Evileyefavor is sure to have what they’re looking for.

14) Sangria Singles from Lush Wine Mix

lush sangria

Are your customers ready to craft Sangria at home without any fuss or mess? We know we are! Lush Sangria is bursting with real citrus fruits. This delightful concoction creates a bright, delicious Sangria in minutes and can be made with your favorite red or white wine. Thirsty yet? This recipe is quite simple to make. Encourage your customers to mix one bottle of wine and this Lush sangria recipe together for a restaurant quality wine cocktail or simple syrup option to use for at-home gourmet beverages. Lush products are mouthwateringly good and rank top-tier as some of the best gifts for sister.

15) Best Sister Ever Travel Make Up Pouch from The Cotton & Canvas Co.

make up pouch

Cosmetic bags by The Cotton and Canvas Co. are a fashionable essential. Encourage your customers to use this piece in a variety of ways – not only can they store their cosmetics in this trendy bag, but it can also serve as an everyday piece for their ID, phone and wallet. These adorable travel bags make great gifts for sister, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts. Products from The Cotton & Canvas Co. are made to order with the utmost attention and care – take a peek at even more options on Abound.

16) Watermelon Hard Candy from Pure Sugar Candy

hard candy

Treat your customers with a taste of the good stuff. The Watermelon Candy Cubes by Pure Sugar Candy are their best selling flavor and come in a pack of six candies to each shrink wrapped sealed tray. Each candy has less than 10 calories and can be a delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth on-the-go. If your customers are looking for a sweeter gift for sister, these Candy Cubes are perfect to place near the register of your boutique. Take a look through more of their flavors on Abound.

17) The 70s Palette from Rude Cosmetics

make up

The 70’s Palette by Rude Cosmetics is a vibrant collection of pigments that pulls inspiration from the 70’s era of vintage, disco, and bohemian styles. Encourage your customers to get groovy and feel like a dancing queen in this fun lineup of glitters, bright mattes, and pop shimmers. Rude Cosmetics offers a wide variety of gifts for sister and has gained wide popularity and credibility for being named one of the hottest brands in The Cosmetify Index right along with Jeffrey Star and Huda Beauty. 

18) Lina Terracotta Vase from Foreside Home & Garden


Encourage your customers to create a cottage inspired aesthetic with this whimsical terracotta vase from Foreside Home and Garden. This original piece is crafted from hand thrown natural terracotta clay and hand painted with white florals. The botanical design paired with the rich terracotta color adds just the right touch to warm up your customers home. This vase is great for dried stems and faux arrangements or as a standalone accent piece. Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, no two pieces will be identical – perfect for a one-of-a-kind gift for friends or family.

19) Lawson Cutting Board Large White from Foreside Home & Garden

cutting board

Characterized by a sophisticated combination of solid white marble stone fused with sustainable acacia wood, this cutting board by Foreside Home & Garden is perfect for all of your customers’ preparing and serving needs. It has a unique crafted quality that is combined with a basic functional shape, creating an essential piece for entertaining or simply to be displayed as a kitchen accent when not in use. Each board is accented by a jute tassel tied at the top and can be cleaned by hand washing with warm, soapy water and set out to air dry completely after initially drying with clean cloth.

20) Wood Coaster from Driftless Studios

wood coaster

Wood coasters by Driftless Studios have a durable UV coating that makes for the perfect coaster. The sentiments are sure to bring a laugh and work wonderfully as a personable gift for any occasion. All coasters have a cork backing to prevent scratching on all surfaces for an added layer of protection. Driftless Studios has been family owned and operated since 2014 and source quality materials, build it by hand and product test everything they sell.

21) French Lavender Botanical Travel Tin Candle from Wax Apothecary ™


The aroma of the lavender botanical fragrance by Wax Apothecary will fill your customers home with the scent of fresh lavender blossoms. We can talk for ages about the benefits of this scent – for starters it calms the mind, eases stress and relaxes the body. This vegan 4oz candle is handmade with natural coconut wax and blended with dried lavender blossoms for a 15+ hour burn time. A candle from Wax Apothecary is a delightful addition to any space and can be considered a best gift for sister.

22) Latte Mug Dantel Pattern from Access by Mediterranean Concepts


The Dantel Pattern Latte Mug by Access by Mediterranean Concepts is handmade and hand painted in Turkey. Each piece will vary from the next, so your customers can trust that their gifts for sister are entirely unique. Turkey is steeped in history and art and the fine folks at Access by Mediterranean Concepts invite your guests to experience a piece of this richness through their artisans talents. 

23) Soft Dot Print Short Sleeve Maxi from Anna-Kaci

maxi dress

Summer is here and maxi dresses are a must-have for effortlessly comfortable everyday outfits. This Summer Maxi Ruffle Dress by Anna-Kaci is perfect to dress up or down depending on your customer’s day! Showcase this item in your boutique with a bold heel, matching belt and a summer clutch. If your customers are looking for a best gift for sister, a maxi dress is a wonderful option thanks to their ease and versatility. 

24) Lone Star Pocket Leather Crossbody from Pretty Simple, LLC


The Lone Star Pocket Leather Crossbody by Pretty Simple is your customer’s new everyday purse while out on the town, running errands, or for a night out. This stylish bag has a top single exterior pocket design and zipper top. This piece is made of genuine leather and is available in 4 different colors. Perfect for a grab and go purse! Take a peek at 18 DIY Retail Display Ideas and find inspiration on how to display these beauties.

25) The New Daybreak Hoodie 2.0 from PEOPLE OF LEISURE

new daybreak hoodie

People of Leisure is a collection of inspired, up-cycled, recycled, and organic clothing that is one-of-a-kind. Their New Daybreak Hoodie 2.0 is a vintage inspired spin on their bestseller and we have zero complaints. This piece is a classic pullover hoodie with a relaxed fit and can be worn day or night depending on what it is paired with. This is the coziest hoodie for your customers and would work as a delightful gift for any sister!