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25 of the Best Scented Candles To Stock In Your Boutique

The aromas that surround us during our daily experiences can become powerful connections to our most cherished memories later in life. Perhaps the scent of pine reminds someone of fun in the forest on family camping trips. Maybe the aroma of sandalwood and aged leather prompts another person with the memory of their favorite reading nook in the library.

Without a doubt, the potent link between sense of smell and recollection of the past plays an important role in the candles your customers purchase from your boutique. From family gatherings to morning meditation, stock your boutique with the best scented candles to help customers make every moment memorable!

Earthy Aromas

For customers looking to incorporate a daily dose of wellness into their routine, there’s nothing better than lighting favorite candle scents, taking a few deep breaths, and de-stressing with yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness activities. Stocking top scented candles with rich, natural smells ensures that your customers can fill their space with an earthy aroma. Above all, they can maximize their feelings of rest and rejuvenation!

1) Sage & Chamomile Soy Candle from Earth & Anchor Soap Co.

earthy and calming candle

This Sage & Chamomile Soy Candle from Earth & Anchor Soap Co. is the ultimate relaxation and sleepy time candle for your customers. Blending a fragrance of cool white sage with the soft scent of crushed chamomile flowers, this phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free candle offers an average burn time of 40-50 hours.

Founded by a husband and wife duo in Kentucky, Earth & Anchor Soap Co. believes in clean, natural ingredients. As such, their hand-poured candles are made from custom fragrance blends and burned with cotton wicks.

2) 9oz. Cabin Patchouli + Sandalwood Soy Candle from Woolzies Home Essentials, Inc.

woodsy scent

For customers in search of a long-lasting product with a woodsy fragrance, this Cabin Patchouli + Sandalwood Soy Candle from Woolzies Home Essentials, Inc. lives up to its hype.

Infused with a sensuous blend of patchouli and sandalwood, this is one of the best scented candles for home. Better yet, this brand offers home items that your customers can bring into their environments with the assurance of paraffin-free, all-natural ingredients.

3) Yosemite: California Scented Candle (Amberwood, Moss, Bergamot, Vanilla) from Candlefy

nature inspired fragrance

If your customers are looking for vibrance in their earthy aromas, the Yosemite: California Scented Candle from Candlefy features a lovely amberwood moss scent with middle notes of bergamot atop a vanilla base for a reinvigorating experience at home.

With approximately 60 hours of burn time, this natural coconut, soy, and beeswax blend candle will turn your customer’s home into an aromatic sanctuary, filled with peace, calm and happiness. Hand-poured into amber jars with a golden brass lid, the apothecary-inspired aesthetic of this candle also makes it a perfect housewarming gift!

Sassy “Scents” of Humor

Perhaps you have regular customers who are always searching for unique birthday gifts to make their best friends chuckle. Or maybe your customers want to stock up on products that offer not-so-subtle hints to that one annoying coworker in the break room. Either way, these are the best candles in the world for customers with a wicked “scents” of humor!

4) Go Smudge Yourself – Infused With “Saging The Bullshit” Scent: Citrus & Sage from Malicious Women Candle Company

funny gift

With the sassy saying and refreshing sage and citrus smell, this Go Smudge Yourself Candle from Malicious Women Candle Company encourages customers to smudge the sh*t out of their environment and their life. The clean scent has top notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds combined with bottom notes of fresh white sage leaves. This fragrance is perfect for the kitchen.

Even more compelling than the quirky candle names is Malicious Women Candle Company’s “when life gives you the sourest lemons” origin story. After a tragic series of loss and traumatic change—her best friend losing her battle with depression to the tragedy of suicide, her father suffering a brain injury, her sister being hit by a truck on her motorcycle, her daughter being hospitalized on active-duty in the Navy—Lacie founded Malicious Women Candle Company.

Now, Lacie honors her best friend, Laura, by using a portion of the profits from her company to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Her mission is to give back in Laura’s memory: to illuminate the way…one candle at a time.

5) Coffee ‘Til Cocktails – Infused with “An Appropriate Coping Mechanism” Scent: Espresso Yo’ Self from Malicious Women Candle Company

humor infused candle

With yet another hilarious pearl of wisdom, this Coffee ‘Til Cocktails Candle also from Malicious Women Candle Company is a wonderful choice for customers with a perfectly appropriate caffeinated coping mechanism. Light the candle, drink the coffee, and count to 10… thousand.

For customers who know that jerk at work is always taking the last cup without making a new pot, this candle makes a great reminder not to kill them… because “prison orange” is NOBODY’S color! Crafted with warm roasted Colombian coffee beans in mind, this dark espresso fragrance with hints of buttery caramel and vanilla whipped cream creates a balanced blend that will have your coffee cup on defense. 

6) In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Sh*t from Funny Candle CO

funny and authentic

For customers who are in their “villain era”—ready to be extra mischievous and wholly unapologetic about who they are—this In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Sh*t Candle from Funny Candle CO is calling! This product is rich and floral smelling with notes of black leather, violet flower, and jasmine. Hand-poured and designed in Oceanside, CA, these candles are created with coconut wax and comic relief. Because laughter is the best medicine!

7) Namaste B*tches (yellow) – Zen Candle from Funny Candle CO

best friend zen candle

Namaste B*tches! This Zen Candle also from Funny Candle CO is Nag Champa scented. Just like Lavender, Nag Champa has a soothing fragrance that will help your customers relax their nerves and reduce stress. One of the best scented candles, the combined notes of amber, rose, sandalwood, dark must, patchouli, and violet are incredibly soothing for the senses.

Farmhouse & Floral Fragrance

With winter finally on its way out, help your customers keep their homes smelling fresh for spring by stocking these nice scented candles in your boutique. Your customers can set their signature season scent with lots of farmhouse and floral options!

8) Lemongrass 16oz Mason Jar Soy Candles from Timber Oak Candles LLC

farmhouse aesthetic

The scented candle review for this Lemongrass 16oz Mason Jar Soy Candle from Timber Oak Candles LLC is in, and everything about it is amazing! The scent of green citrus peel mixed with lemongrass, along with hints of ginger and musk, adds a fresh farmhouse feel to any room. For customers looking to support local farmers and business owners, Timber Oak Candles is the brand to buy!

9) Terracotta Noire Garden Soy Candles from Fire Lake Soapery

high quality and three wick burn candle

Your customers will imagine walking through a beautiful French Garden, with flowers all in bloom creating a bountiful scene, with this Terracotta Noire Garden Soy Candle from Fire Lake Soapery. This candle is brilliant for transporting customers to an abundant and overflowing flower garden. Appropriate for showers, garden parties, housewarming, Mother’s Day, or as a thank you gift, this candle looks bright and lovely in its French terracotta pot.

The creativity and attention to detail from the mother and daughter team of Fire Lake Soapery shines in every product. Moreover, each purchase supports the Soap & Water Project in Haiti, teaching soap making and the importance of hand washing to the community.

10) Milk Bottle Candle from Milk Reclamation Barn

cute milk bottle candle

Repurposing the classic milk bottle, this beautiful Milk Bottle Candle from Milk Reclamation Barn is 100% soy wax and has an all-cotton wick. Available in 14 classic Farmhouse scents, each scent is specifically blended to help your customers experience or evoke a memory of living on the farm. Founded four years ago in a repurposed dairy barn, Milk Reclamation Barn started as a candle making hobby and quickly evolved into one of the fastest growing candle companies in the country!

Looking for other best scented candles with a farmhouse aesthetic? Check out this spotlight article of candles from Atelier 880.

Sweet Tooth Smells

Cater to the customer with a sweet tooth by stocking a selection of dessert-inspired candles in your boutique. Honestly, these products smell so delicious your customers will want to (but definitely should NOT) take a bite!

11) Blueberry Muffins 16oz Mason Jar Soy Candles from Timber Oak Candles LLC

yummy smelling candle

This Blueberry Muffins Candle from Timber Oak Candles LLC generates an inviting aroma of ripe blueberries baked in a mouthwatering batter. Featuring a vintage style pewter lid and mason jar container, this candle is free from pesticides and genetically modified material.

12) Hangry Birthday Cake Candle from Hangry Candle Co.

silly birthday gift

This Hangry Birthday Cake Candle from Hangry Candle Co. is the perfect gift for the Hangry person in your customer’s life! Branded as a “yummy candle in a silly can,” the realistic scent of birthday cake, frosting, and sprinkles is second to none.

The novelty soup can design and fun pull-top lid is a natural conversation starter for your quirky customers. Chef Michel Ru is the creator behind Hangry Candle Co., infusing his love of food with his mother’s incredible candle knowledge to come up with this one-of-a-kind creation.

13) Iced Lemon Cookie Jar Candle from Milk Reclamation Barn

dessert inspired gifts

The Iced Lemon Cookie Candle from Milk Reclamation Barn is one of the favorite scents for customers in search of a decadent ambrosia. Available in 7 other homemade cookie scents, these flavorful candles bring to mind the taste of fresh-baked cookies! With 160 hours of burn time, these three-wick candles will keep your customers’ spaces smelling sweet for ages.

14) Milk and Cookies Candle from Natural Ginger Candles

cookie candle

Continuing the theme of cookie-scented candles, this Milk and Cookies Candle from Natural Ginger Candles will make your customers think that fresh-baked cookies are coming out of the oven! With two adorable wax chocolate chip cookies decorating the candle, this is a unique gift for any occasion. With an eye for design, and a strong understanding of the science behind candles, Natural Ginger Candles creates strongly scented, whimsical, and unique candles.

Calm & Cozy

If your customers are searching for the ideal companion candle to set the tone for a rainy day of reading by candlelight, check out these cozy options!

15) Presence | Concrete Wooden Wick Candle from Soja Brooklyn

minimalist aesthetic

Serene and appealing, the Presence Candle from Soja Brooklyn is a captivating blend of violet, jasmine, and plum, elevated with sandalwood. This alluring scent will add a sense of warmness and luxury to your customer’s space. The Soja Brooklyn brand believes that candles offer more than a good scent. In fact, they can set the perfect ambiance and change your mood. For that reason, these candles inspire self-care rituals. Your customers can light a candle from Soja Brooklyn to renew, relax, and reconnect.

16) Lavender Soy Candle 7oz from Lavande Lavender Farm

simple scents

Customers will create an alluring ambiance with this Lavender Soy Candle 7oz from Lavande Lavender Farm. Long-lasting and eco-friendly, this candle is infused with lavender essential oil and made from soy wax. Soy candles have fewer allergens, less soot, and faster perfuming of your room. Your customers can curl up with their favorite person, pet, or periodical, letting the mood take them where it will. Lavande Lavender Farm grows quality lavender that is both consumable and sustainable, using the best practices in the agricultural industry.

17) Glass Cloche, Wood Base, and Candle Set from Wax Apothecary ™

apothecary design

Take your retail display presentation to the next level and let your customers share their candle reviews in real time with this Glass Cloche, Wood Base, and Candle Set from Wax Apothecary ™. This set will provide an all-in-one lovely presentation customers will love, and also preserve the freshness of your candles.

With 14 incredible scents, Wax Apothecary ™ artisan candles are crafted using old-world methods.  Plant-based wax with an infusion of natural oils and dried flora creates authentic botanical and herbal fragrances.

In the spirit of an old-world apothecary, these candles are formulated with Aromatherapy benefits in mind. However, they are also wonderful for simple natural home scents. Moreover, for customers who appreciate candles with a cause, Wax Apothecary ™ partners with One Tree Planted to plant trees and encourage reforestation.

Chakra Candles

The desire for crystal-filled candles continues to grow. Select a variety of brands to equip your boutique with the best scented candles to ride this new wave of spirituality. Similarly, it promises that your customers can always find something to suit their spiritual practices. Candles that correlate to specific chakras—the seven energy centers of the body—seem to be in greatest demand. Check out the scented candles review of spiritual candles with options for each of the seven chakras below!

Root Chakra: Safety, Security, and Stability

18) Crystal Candle Root Chakra | Crystal Candle for First Chakra from Nature’s Artifacts Inc

root chakra red

An invigorating blend of premium all-natural, soy wax with a fragrance of annatto seed, this Root Chakra Crystal Candle from Nature’s Artifacts Inc is topped with red jasper crystal. It is ideal for customers who need better grounding, security, focus, and finding purpose.

The combination of crystal energy and fragrance allows customers to relax and elevate their space with a sense of balance. Hand-made in Canada with great passion and care, this candle will bring the natural world into your customer’s home. Even better, the crystals used are ethically sourced and fair trade. This, in short, enhances the energetic purity of every product.

Sacral Chakra: Creativity and Life Force Energy

19) Crystal Infused 100% Soy Wax Candle (Fire Opal) from Hive Furnishings

sacral chakra orange

This new Crystal Infused Candle from Hive Furnishings is filled with different meaningful crystals that radiate beauty as it burns. The unique fire opal fragrance is a combination of calabrian, bergamot, freesia, mandarin, lime, lemon zest, thyme, lily of the valley, clean musk, sandalwood, crisp amber, and white woods.

Its heady aroma will activate your customer’s sacral chakra to promote passion and creativity. Once the candle is lit, your customers will enjoy watching as the pool of wax grows, revealing the treasures inside. Every candle is guaranteed to contain one charged crystal and several crystal chips, as well as a description listing all the benefits of the unique and beautiful stones.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-Esteem and Identity

20) ‘Chamomile Rose’ Ritual Soy Candle from Lit Rituals

solar plexus chakra yellow

Inspired by the soothing nature of chamomile and rose petal tea, this ‘Chamomile Rose’ Ritual Soy Candle from Lit Rituals is amazing for encouraging confidence to bloom in your customer’s solar plexus chakra. The aromatic notes include ethereal amber, rock roses, and chamomile blossoms.

Both sweet and floral as well as gentle and calming, chamomile rose tea absolutely deserves a candle made in its honor. Undoubtedly, lighting this candle for the solar plexus chakra will help customers to soothe negative self talk and overactive egos.

Lit Rituals founders Caitlin and Christina, are very passionate about finding clean alternatives for their personal health and wellness products. Each candle has specific intention, specially selected crystals, and individually harvested organic herbs to invite each person to take time to care for themselves, their surroundings, and their lives.

Heart Chakra: Love, Relationships, and Abundance

21) Too Blessed To Be Stressed – Green Aventurine Crystal Manifestation Candle from Jill & Ally

heart chakra green

Stock your store with this Green Aventurine Candle from Jill & Ally to help customers de-stress from everyday doubts and worries. With notes of grapefruit, woody sage, algae, ambrette, and sea salt, this candle is a great choice for your customer’s monthly manifestation ritual.

When customers light this 2-wick candle, they will activate their heart chakra and experience harmony, healing, and abundance. Once the wax has melted, customers can keep the green aventurine crystals for continued energy and healing! Jill & Ally, a mother-daughter duo, make each candle with love in NYC with the help of their small, all-women team.

Throat Chakra: Communication and Voice

22) Crystal Candle Throat Chakra | Crystal Candle for Fifth from Nature’s Artifacts Inc

throat chakra blue

Furthermore, this Throat Chakra Crystal Candle from Nature’s Artifacts Inc is an energizing blend of premium all-natural, soy wax with a fragrance of cornflower. Topped with sodalite crystal, this candle improves communication, enhances positive thinking, and expresses opinions without the fear of being judged.

Your customers will appreciate that all crystals from Nature’s Artifacts Inc are sourced with the utmost love, care, and respect. Presently, the brand’s strong relationships with suppliers allow them to source products directly and offer the most competitive prices.

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition and Imagination

23) Moon Song Soy Wax Candle from Goddex Apothecary

third eye chakra indigo

This Moon Song Soy Wax Candle from Goddex Apothecary is pure magic! With a scent like crunching leaves and mugwort, it evokes a sense of moonlit imagination in the third eye chakra. Moreover, this candle is incredible for elevating intuition and ambiance. All products from Goddex Apothecary utilize fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients. Additionally, the owner, Kass, creates all her products with plant magic, color magic, and an intention of love in mind.

Crown Chakra: Connection to the Universe

24) Amethyst crystal candle – Relaxation from Lunastry

crown chakra purple

Amethyst is the ultimate healing stone and a superb crystal for connecting to universal vibrations. Therefore, this Amethyst Crystal Candle from Lunastry is a prime example of all good things coming together to provide your customers with a magical experience. Unlike some companies, the custom scent is intuitively chosen for your customers by Lunastry. Likewise, Lunastry designs every candle with intentions of light to fill your customer’s home with peace and good vibes.

7 Chakra Alignment

25) Chakras Aligned AF Gemstone Candle from Apothecary 51

align the chakras candle

Finally, for the customer in search of the all-in-one chakra cleansing candle, check out this Chakras Aligned AF Gemstone Candle from Apothecary 51. Featuring seven beautiful agate stones to balance each chakra and set in an apothecary aesthetic, these lovely candles are purifying and uplifting with notes of dragonsblood and amber.

What Makes “Scents” for Your Customers?

As you know, customers choose candles to help make moments memorable. They select them for morning mindfulness routines or give them as light-hearted gifts. They use them to create a fragrant, feel-good home or choose them to light the way for spiritual ceremonies. Regardless of the intended purpose, your customers crave the best scented candles your boutique can offer. So, help your customers make every moment a memory by choosing “scents”-able, top selling wholesale candles from Abound!