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Ethically Made Accessories for your Boutique | The GOOD Flair | Maker Spotlight

This mission-driven accessories brand puts its artisan makers at the center of its operations. The person behind each product, their story, their culture, and their identity are intertwined in the products that they make. The GOOD Flair believes that these artisans deserve a fair shot at life just as anyone else. This is why they seek to empower them to lift themselves out of poverty by providing fair wages, safe work conditions as well as mentoring opportunities. Shop The GOOD Flair wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/thegoodflair


00:00 Preview

00:24 Intro

00:52 What is The GOOD Flair all about?

01:44 How do you find the artisans?

03:01 What inspired you to start The GOOD Flair?

05:02 What should first-time retailers consider ordering?

08:38 Any advice for up-and-coming small business owners?

10:39 Outro


The GOOD Flair is a mission-driven accessories brand featuring ethically sourced, artisan-made products. Not only do they empower workers, but they believe that being an ethical brand also means caring for our planet. They are continually working to improve their operations to be more sustainable.

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