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25 Comfortable Work Clothes Options for Your Boutique

With the return to in-person workplaces, it can be daunting to imagine trading those comfortable at-home clothes for office-ready outfits. So, why make the sacrifice at all? Instead, stock your boutique with the most comfortable work clothes to help your customers enjoy all the benefits of both comfort and confidence in their workwear!

Sharp-Dressed with Soft Textures

Customers searching for that post-pandemic, back-in-the-office look may be staring down the length of their closet, only to find a host of unappealing choices. Like those dastardly denim pants that don’t breathe. That itchy blouse that always rakes in the compliments but never sits quite right at the shoulders. And that skirt wasn’t always so restrictive…wasn’t it? With this in mind, let your customers know you have their best interests at heart by offering options for comfortable professional clothes!

1) Rib-Knit Wool-Cashmere Polo Sweater from Gentle Herd

cashmere polo sweater

Finely knit to a slouchy silhouette in a soft cashmere and wool fabric, this Rib-Knit Wool-Cashmere Polo Sweater from Gentle Herd is extra comfy! In truth, it’s a perfect pick if your customers are looking for a casual day in the office. This affordable, luxury brand partner fuses natural materials with an urban style to create luxurious pieces that feel effortlessly soft and warm.

For eco-conscious customers, Gentle Herd sources their cashmere and wool from the world’s largest pasture—Inner Mongolia. With attention to ethical sourcing, this area has abundant grass and water, ensuring gentle care for the sheep herd. Overall, this brand is dedicated to bringing customers the tactile impressions from nature and delivering an environmentally-friendly wardrobe.

2) Soft Yarn Oversized 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan from Bluivy

soft yarn cardigan

Designed with a soft, blended fabric of viscose, polyester, and nylon, this Oversized 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan from Bluivy is a delightfully comfortable workwear option. In fact, Bluivy specifically curates their clothing with fit and feel in mind! This brand offers gorgeous, affordable clothing without surrendering quality, style, or comfort. Hence, customers can easily pair this cardigan with a favorite cotton shirt and embrace the relaxed, modern chic vibes.

3) Round Neck Dot Printed Long Sleeve Tulip Bottom Top from RKapparel

working moms, maternity shirt

In particular, working moms-to-be will appreciate this Dot Printed Long Sleeve Tulip Bottom Top from RKapparel. With a gentle, rounded neckline and lovely tulip bottom design, this comfortable work shirt is ideal for customers looking for a versatile work and home maternity option. As an established industry leader of clothing manufacturing and wholesale experience, RKapparel is a fabulous brand partner for boutiques specializing in authentic designer merchandise for women, juniors, and plus size.

4) Jersey Jogger Pants from Bluivy

comfortable joggers

With a wide selection of comfortable women’s clothing, it would be a shame not to share these adorable Jersey Jogger Pants from Bluivy with your trendy customers. Because they feature an elastic waist, a cropped length, and a relaxed silhouette, these pants are cool and comfy!

Elegant and Comfortable Work Clothes

Meanwhile, you want to find the best picks for customers looking to elevate their look without abandoning the roominess of comfy work clothes. Here are a few elegant options that will ensure free flowing movement!

5) Embrace Dress from People of Leisure

comfortable professional clothes, vintage dress

Aptly named, this knee-length, blush-colored Embrace Dress from People of Leisure will have customers admiring every detail. Customers will embrace this piece as a comfortable and flattering closet staple for years to come!

Better yet, People of Leisure goes beyond being a fair fashion brand. Believing that to live leisurely—with complete freedom—one must be conscious of their actions, this wholesale partner is dedicated to breathing new life into materials that otherwise would be forgotten and, sadly, dumped for mama Earth to worry about. For the fair-fashion customer, this collection of inspired, upcycled, recycled, and organic clothing will undoubtedly enhance leisurely elegance.

6) Daisy Print Pants from Jade by Jane

most comfortable clothes, wide leg daisy pants

The fit and flow of these Daisy Print Pants from Jade by Jane creates graceful lines that radiate elegance. Moreover, the 100% rayon fabric makes them the perfect comfort pick for your customers’ next business lunch downtown! Because they specialize in women’s young contemporary and plus size clothing, Jade by Jane ensures that comfortable work clothes are size-inclusive.

7) Shirred Neck Flowy Sleeve Dress from Anna-Kaci

flowy shirred dress

Share this beautiful spring look with customers who enjoy a flare of elegant vintage! This soft and stylish Shirred Neck Flowy Sleeve Dress from Anna-Kaci features a shirred neck, ruffle details, and flowy skirt. Thus, with a perfect blend of boho and contemporary chic styles, this is a brand that offers true-quality designs for all.

Sunny Statement Shirts

If your customers keep things more casually comfortable at work, offer a selection of joyful, graphic t-shirts in your boutique. One sunny statement is almost always guaranteed to brighten someone’s day in the office!

8) Soul Full of Sunshine TShirt from 208 tees

sunshine shirt

Any customer who enjoys cheery and comfortable work shirts will love this upbeat Soul Full of Sunshine T-Shirt from 208 tees. Designed and hand-printed in Spirit Lake, Idaho, this brand is uplifting and nature-inspired with affordable, quality options! Likewise, if you’re looking to offer bold and bright hair accessories for customers to pair with their 208 tees, check out products from Kay Kay’s Fashion in this article.

9) THINK HAPPY, BE HAPPY – Comfort Color Long-Sleeve Tee from Lemon Lorraine’s LLC

think happy be happy shirt

With a relaxed fit for ideal comfort, this 100% cotton Long-Sleeve Tee from Lemon Lorraine’s LLC is stylish and durable! The flattering crew neck and heavyweight long sleeve design make this shirt perfect for customers who work in a chilly office setting. This brand partner is inspired daily by the love of individual style and soulful expressions, whether from art, words, or humor. Their t-shirts will bring your customers’ stories to life!

10) You are Magic Shirt from Moon Maiden

you are magic tshirt

Encourage customers to embrace their magic with this charming and mystical You are Magic Shirt from Moon Maiden. Designed and screen printed by hand on the softest shirt your customers will ever wear, this wardrobe piece has the whimsy and cozy comfort needed to move through the workday with all-around good vibes!

11) Wild and Free Aztec Buffalo – Western Graphic Print Crewneck Tees from Wild Lucille Apparel

comfortable work shirts, wild and free tshirt

Another option for your boutique, if tees are a lifestyle for your customers, is this Wild and Free Aztec Buffalo t-shirt from Wild Lucille Apparel. This hand-drawn design features a beautiful turquoise and coral aztec patterned buffalo silhouette. Additionally, the marquee ampersand adds a ‘junky’ touch, and a few faux-sparkles help to lighten it up. Since they are made from 100% ring-spun cotton and the highest quality digital to garment printing, these t-shirts are luxuriously soft and workwear wild.

12) Eat My Rays of Sunshine Tee from Exclusive Thredz Boutique

sassy tshirt

For customers who have their hearts set on comfy clothes with a sprinkle of smart-alecky, this Eat My Rays of Sunshine Tee from Exclusive Thredz Boutique hits the mark! With a somewhat sassy salutation, this t-shirt is certain to keep coworker’s commentary lively and humorous.

Colorful and Comfortable Kimonos

Adding a light layer of color and pattern over an already comfortable, neutral outfit is an amazing way for your customers to upgrade their living room loungewear to casual work clothes. That said, check out these stunning kimono options!

13) Summer Fun Kimono from Pretty Simple, LLC

summer kimono

This Fun Kimono from Pretty Simple, LLC is easily spring and summer’s trendiest accessory. Minimal and lightweight, this kimono features a unique and chic leaf print with ombre stripes on the sides. In any case, it’s a fresh and comfortable solution to your basic tee and jeans workwear rut.

More than a brand, Pretty Simple, LLC is the story of Leah—a breast cancer survivor and mom to a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. She believes in living with purpose, having the courage to go for your dream, and giving back to the community. For that reason, a portion of all sales is donated back to Type 1 Diabetes nonprofits like JDRF and T1 International!

14) Paisley Print Long Sleeve Kimono with Waist Tie from RKapparel

women’s casual work clothes, size-inclusive kimono

Long and light, this Paisley Print Kimono from RKapparel is a gorgeous addition to your spring inventory of women’s casual work clothes. Any of your customers who are enchanted by fit and flare accent pieces will certainly gravitate toward this size-inclusive design. Focused on value, quality, and fit, this brand ensures that their products meet the highest possible standards at the most competitive pricing.

15) Margarita Ikat Stripes Jacket Kimono from SAACHI

elegant kimono jacket

With an essence of worldly-inspired elegance, this colorful Jacket Kimono from SAACHI is the perfect way for customers to add cultured opulence into their day-to-day life. Moreover, this decorative weave jacket mixes the distinguished artisanal values of faraway lands with everyday silhouettes and trends. As a women-owned and operated company, Saachi incorporates a unique perspective in design and development that is aimed at empowering women. Obviously, that makes this an ideal piece for your customers’ comfy work wardrobe!

Zoom-tastic Trends

For the customers working from home, enduring one Zoom meeting after another (meetings that definitely could have been an email!), these comfortable work shirts will keep them looking professional in the virtual world!

16) Tassel Color Block Knit Sweater from Urban Daizy

fun fringe sweater

With its fun fringe, this stylish Block Knit Sweater from Urban Daizy will add a pop of texture to your customers’ online presence in their weekly work meeting. When purchasing from Urban Daizy, you can expect products that meet the highest standards of quality and fashionable appeal for junior and young contemporary apparel.

17) Solid and Floral Contrast Top with Twist Knot from Heimish

comfortable work shirts, twist knot blouse

The contrast in this Solid and Floral Top from Heimish is sure to set your customers apart from the sea of profile boxes in their virtual team happy hour. Not to mention the light, breathable material means optimal comfort throughout the day! Manufacturing the most popular styles in the entire Fashion District, this brand partner updates styles daily with the most current trends.

18) Oversized Corduroy Blazer – Camel from REVEROF

comfortable professional clothes, corduroy blazer

Provide the best work clothes for women with this Oversized Corduroy Blazer from REVEROF in your inventory. Founded in 2020, following the pandemic, this brand offers excellent collection pieces to take your customers’ at-home work look to the next level of style.

Bright and Billowy

Are your customers searching for comfortable work clothes that are loud, proud, and in color? Grab these bright and billowy designs to help them work through the day with the height of comfort and confidence!

19) Elastic Waist Pleated Wide Leg Lined Pants from Pink Irene

wide leg pink pants

Created with the most popular designs in the entire Fashion District, these Elastic Waist Pleated Wide Leg Lined Pants from Pink Irene are striking. And what says comfort and confidence at work better than a loose style of hot pink pants?!

20) Double Tier Floral Printed Pants from Ces Femme

vibrant boho pants

Maybe your customers are looking for something less loud and more softly feminine. Look no further than these Double Tier Floral Printed Pants from Ces Femme! With a wide leg, floral design, and shirring details, these pants are incredibly versatile. This makes it easy for customers to enjoy a comfortable day at work followed by happy hour with their favorite coworkers.

21) Taupe Rust Moroccan multi print oversize plus size knit top from Stylish Wholesale

best work clothes for women, moroccan multi print top

Featuring long, ruffle balloon sleeves and beautiful woven fabric, this Taupe Rust Moroccan Multi-Print Top from Stylish Wholesale is a cozy and curvy-friendly workplace fit. Overall, Stylish Wholesale strives to provide clothing styles with the latest trends and the most classic staple pieces. Without a doubt, they are the perfect brand to supply your comfy workwear needs for women.

One-Of-A-Kind Comfortable Work Clothes

Hoping to stock your boutique with the most distinctive and exclusive trends in comfortable work clothes? Then, try these noteworthy fashion finds!

22) Suede High Low Vest from SAACHI

unique suede vest

This soft and smooth Suede High Low Vest from SAACHI has remarkable paisley cutout detailing and first-rate fringe accents. In essence, this is an exceptional choice for customers who want a flash of cozy originality for their work wardrobe.

23) Print Woven Jumpsuit from Rokoko

colorful romper

When customers want to be trendsetters in workplace comfort, encourage them to add this ankle-length Print Woven Jumpsuit from Rokoko. This jumpsuit is affordable, high-quality, and exclusive. Undoubtedly, it makes an exceptional everyday piece for the sophisticated woman.

24) Aztec Print Cowl Neck Oversized Poncho from Jade by Jane

southwestern style batwing sleeve shirt

Another supreme choice for roomy work clothes is this Aztec Print Cowl Neck Oversized Poncho from Jade by Jane. Customers can snuggle into this oversized southwestern style garment at work, knowing they are dressed in the latest fashion trends directly from the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District.

25) Corduroy Overall Jumpsuit from REVEROF

most comfortable clothes, corduroy overall jumpsuit

If you want to indulge the bohemian-spirited customer, then stock your boutique with this Corduroy Overall Jumpsuit from REVEROF. With a contemporary and urban feel, this soft-textured fit will bring perfect comfort and completeness to any young professional’s workwear.

Ready. Set. Comfort!

Color, coziness, eye-catching in quality…there are an endless number of criteria to consider when selecting which comfortable work clothes options to stock in your boutique! Ultimately, you know your customers best—where they work and the appropriate level of elegance or sass allowed. Whether they need better options for loose silhouette or form-fitting clothes. If they enjoy more trendy or eccentric styles.

So, take some time to review what you know about customers searching for comfortable work clothes. Then, browse the options listed above for inspiration. And, finally, simplify your selection efforts by shopping wholesale from a well-curated marketplace like Abound!