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Practical and Thoughtful Toys for Children | Cognisprings | Maker Spotlight

Founded by mothers who were looking for practical and thoughtful toys for our children, each and every item Cognisprings carries has a story behind it. Modern parents want to find the balance between active, educational, & screen-free play with popular & brilliantly marketed toys & technology. They develop products for children that they wish existed for their own kids. Shop Cognisprings wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/cognisprings 


00:21 Intro

00:52 What is Cognisprings all about?

01:22 What is the “Roll-For-A-Tool” board game?

02:19 What is the “Know-Your-Wear” fabric game?

03:40 What are your best sellers?

04:26 How has your journey with Cognisprings been so far?

07:17 Outro


Cognisprings has five main goals: help parents engage their children in meaningful screen-free time, offer an equal balance between fun & learning, feature a simple design for kids to achieve independent play, use the least amount of plastic possible to promote eco-friendly designs, maintain High-quality well-suited for travel and gift-giving.

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