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How to use Abound’s Email Campaign Tool

Are you excited to use the Email Campaign Tool, but not sure how to make your emails effective?

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Our in-house email experts share their tips & tricks below for top-notch email campaigns that engage and convert your customers. Plus, if you’re looking for cold email tips we’ve also got you covered.

Subject line and preview text

The subject line sets the topic of the email. It’s what your recipients see before opening it. 

It looks like this.

First impressions matter, so you want to entice your recipients’ attention with your choice of subject line.

The preview text is the second line of copy your recipients will see before opening the email. It’s usually grayed out and the line of copy that appears on the second row. 

Our tips for successful subject lines and preview text below:

  • Keep it short & sweet! Your subject line and preview text should be 90 characters long maximum, to ensure they’re not cut off by the Service Providers (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo etc).
  • Don’t include too many symbols (such as exclamation points or money signs).
  • Avoid writing in uppercase letters – it can come across as shouty and spammy!
  • Utilize the preview text as a continuation of the subject line, to provide more context about the email and more reasons for the recipients to open it.
  • Aim for your subject line and preview text to be informative and not misleading, as that could cause the email to be marked as spam – more on that below.

When using the Email Campaign Tool, you can write your own subject line and preview text or use the default ones. They’re carefully designed by our in-house email experts so that they follow all of these best practices!

What is spam?

CAN-SPAM is a law that applies to anyone sending or receiving emails in the US, Canada and the UK. 

Per this law, commercial emails (such as the ones you’ll send with the campaign tool) CANNOT:

  • Use false or misleading header information (ex: the email saying From: The President, if it’s not from the president)
  • Use deceptive subject lines.

Keeping the content of your emails truthful is the best way to stay on the good side of the CAN-SPAM law.

Main body copy

Once you’ve got your recipient to open your email, you have only a few seconds to get them to take your desired action – aka ‘click-through’.

The copy of your email should be concise, straightforward and persuasive.

When sending campaigns with the Email Campaign Tool, you don’t have to worry about including products in your emails, as the New Products template will automatically populate the last 4 new products you uploaded. It looks like this:

If you have a promotion running, the template will populate with the details of your promotion for you. Read this Help Center article for more details on how the Email Campaign Tool works.

Bonus tip! To maximize the impact of your campaigns, use the Email Campaign Tool during shopping events such as Splash Into Summer. During shopping events, Abound offers additional incentives to retailers to shop, such as free shipping and credits when they spend above certain thresholds. You can capitalize on these added incentives to help encourage your existing customers to place another order with you.

Best days and times to send emails

There are a lot of different opinions about the best sending times and these vary by industry.

The best way to identify yours is by thinking about your typical customer’s day. Consider when they are likely to be either in front of their computer or on their mobile device checking emails. Then try a few different send times to see what works best.

Generally, avoid sending emails on days and times that would be considered intrusive, like 10pm-7am and during weekends.


Having a set cadence of emails allows your audience to know when to expect an email from you, thus being more engaged with it.

The Email Campaign Tool allows you to send an email every 7 days, so you can send either a New Products or Promotion email once a week. Remember: Your products will be considered ‘New’ for 90 days after they get uploaded, so if you send multiple emails about these new products, remember to switch around the subject line and preview headers so your emails don’t look repetitive.

Looking for cold email tips? Check out our blog post that includes Cold Outreach Email Templates.

Need any help with the Email Campaign Tool? Drop our friendly team an email at support@helloabound.com and they will be happy to help you!