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Comfy and Discreet Reusable Pads for Your Store | Floco | Maker Spotlight

Floco designs high-quality, discreet and comfy reusable period pads, allowing users to have the best period they can. Their pads use ultra-absorbent technical materials to keep you feeling dry and secure. Floco has created an education program focusing on periods, puberty, and gender stereotypes that is inclusive and engaging. and aims to encourage young people to pick apart stereotypes and nurture a culture of understanding and compassion. Shop Floco wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/floco


00:00 Overview

00:36 Intro

01:12 What is Floco all about?

05:03 What was your inspiration for donating 10% of each sale to tackling period poverty?

08:14 How has the journey with Floco been so far?

09:41 Best Sellers and products retailers should look out for

13:44 Any Advice for other small business owners?

15:07 Outro


Floco (pronounced flow-co) was founded by 2 young women; Mhairi Cochrane and Alison Wood in 2018 in Edinburgh. Mhairi and Alison are passionate about equality, education, and innovation with compassion to give everyone the best life they can. They are dedicated to helping people who flow live the best life they can. So when you buy from Floco they are able to support women around the world. Their initiatives increase access to period products and education.

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