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Delicious Shrubs to make any Mixed Drink Shine | Siren Shrub Company | Maker Spotlight

Siren Shrub Co is a women-owned, Wisconsin-based beverage company focused on creating an inclusive drinking experience for everyone around the table regardless of their beverage preferences. Siren Shrub products can be used to enjoy delicious, complex cocktails with or without alcohol. Shop Siren Shrub Company wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/sirenshrubs


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01:19 What is Siren Shrub Company?

03:19 What inspired you to start your company with your best friend?

04:25 What are your best sellers?

05:50 What advice would you give to friends starting a business?

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Lane and Mindy, the co-founders of Siren Shrub Company, met in 2010 working at Emy J’s, a coffee shop/cafe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Their relationship was incubated amidst a unique environment of local food and community connectivity. In 2015 they stumbled upon a shrub recipe and started playing around. The next summer, when Layne found out she was pregnant; we realized that shrubs are the perfect replacement for alcohol. Mindy started making shrub recipes using all the local produce she could get her hands on. Soon after, our refrigerators were brimming with shrubs.

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