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Trendy Clothes to Stock in Your Boutique

Let’s chat trends. For the past sixty years or so, the latest in fashion could be found in magazines or runway shows – but nowadays, what’s trending is often seen first through social media. The fashion trends for 2022 seem to be more bold, easy to pull off, and innovative. Looking for the inside scoop on the latest and greatest looks to showcase in your boutique? We’ve got you covered. Take a look below for 26 of the most Trendy Clothes to Stock in Your Boutique.

1) Triple Tone Turtleneck Sweater from Anna-Kaci

Trendy Clothes by Anna-Kaci

Looking to add cute sweaters into your boutique? Anna-Kaci is filled with trendy clothes that can easily fit into your customer’s wardrobe rotation. This sweater is detailed with beautiful triple toned hues creating a unique, cozy look. The turtleneck neckline, long sleeves, drop shoulder, chunky knit material, and relaxed fit make for a perfect on-trend combination. If you’re looking to highlight this item in your shop, style this piece with a favorite denim jean and colorful hat for a pop of color. 

2) Button Down Ruffle Shoulder Blouse from Anna-Kaci

Trendy Clothes by Anna-Kaci

Anna-Kaci is known for their dedication to exceed expectations of quality and reliability, and this Button Down Shoulder Blouse fits that bill perfectly. Their attention to detail is shown here with a feminine ruffle on the shoulder. The blouse features a stand collar, ribbon neck, button down closure, long sleeves and offers a loose fit for a comfortable, stylish look. When showcasing this top, pair this dainty piece with a bold earring and dark denim jean for a sophisticated feel. 

3) Painted Floral Frenzy Acrylic Earrings from Pretty Simple, LLC

Trendy Clothes by Pretty Simple LLC

The Painted Floral Frenzy Acrylic Earrings by Pretty Simple LLC are the perfect spring accessory every boho chic customer needs. These trendy earrings feature a painted floral design on a white acrylic drop earring with gold hardware. They are so very trendy and pair with any ensemble effortlessly. One of the simplest ways to spice up an outfit is with a bold pair of earrings, so if your customers are looking to make a statement – this piece is a must-have!

4) YEE HAW Graphic Tee from Lemon Lorraine’s LLC

Trendy Clothes by Lemon Lorraine's LLC

Lemon Lorraine prides themselves on creating graphic tees that are stylish, durable and soft. If you’re looking to add some country flare into your fashion boutique – this YEE HAW Graphic Tee is the perfect piece to pick up. Lemon Lorraine professionally screen prints their tops, so your customers can be rest assured this piece will feel good and will last after numerous wears & washes. Want to see more of their trendy clothes? Take a peek through their popular prints on Abound.

5) One Shoulder Crop Top & Pants & Cardigan Set from Rkapparel

Trendy Clothes by RKapparel

2022 is the year of the 3-piece outfit trend. While this phrasing usually makes us think of suit jackets and vests, the modern take on this trend is more personalized and versatile. From a coordinated sweatsuit to a high fashion planned fit – the matching sets know no bounds. When thinking of trendy sets, this 3-piece set by Rkapparel is the perfect fit to add into your boutique. This set is available in both teal and camel.

6) Cowboy Calf Roping – Mustard Western Graphic Print Crewneck Tees from Wild Lucille Apparel

Trendy Clothes by Wild Lucille Apparel

The image of a cowboy roping a heifer can be seen in the silhouette of this original design from Wild Lucille Apparel. The beauty of this graphic T-shirt design is its faux-leather embossed appearance. Each T-shirt is printed in the same color chromatic family, creating an aesthetically pleasing western design. When your customers drop in looking for cute clothes, steer them over to the Cowboy Calf Roping tops for an on-trend, comfortable option. 

7) Jack and Missy Chakra Scarves from DM Merchandising

Trendy Clothes by DM Merchandising

The Jack and Missy Chakra Scarf by DM Merchandising delivers some serious points in the style and warmth departments. The scarf is made up of soft pops of color that blend together seamlessly for a sophisticated take on the trendy tie-dye look. When purchasing cute clothes for women – a scarf is always a must-have seasonal item. DM Merchandising offers four different watercolor scarf options, so your customers can mix and match color palettes throughout the season.


Trendy Clothes by Pink Irene

Fringe is in. For evenings sipping cocktails with friends or midday window shopping – this top will become your customers’ go-to item in no time. The front pockets, tortoiseshell buttons and exaggerated dangling trim anchor the garment in a Western feel, which can be styled in a variety of ways. This piece can be worn as a buttoned top or bring layers into the look and leave the top open with a vintage tee.


Trendy Clothes by Pink Irene

When stocking your boutique with stylish women clothes – make sure this Long Sleeve Jumpsuit by Pink Irene is included in the mix. Jumpsuits found their way into a variety of Spring/Summer collections last year and that momentum has not slowed down. This one-piece wonder is an easy piece to throw on, offering an effortlessly cool look. Style this piece with a pair of sneakers or pair it with a strappy nude heel to elevate the jumpsuit. 


Trendy Clothes by Bluivy

Bluivy is packed with trends for any season and this Puff Short Sleeve Pullover is no exception. This top falls under the puff-sleeve trend, and that is one that is intended to stay. The larger-than-life look is an ode to the fashion of the Gilded Age and can be styled as a relaxed fit with a pair of denim jeans or elevate the look with a silk skirt. BluIvy is offering this piece in four color options – black, cream, rose and spice.


Trendy Clothes by Bluivy

Polka dots are timeless. You can catch this print across a variety of garments – from blouses, tops, skirts, to dresses – this pattern is a staple. Showcase this fun-loving print in your boutique with the Maxi Wrap Dress by BluIvy. This dress features a wrap-front design with a self-tying waist, surplice neckline, ruffled sleeves, and of course – polka dots. 


Trendy Clothes by Jade by Jane

The western-inspired cow print has taken the fashion world by storm and we are not complaining. Like all of the best fashion trends – this look can go on practically anything. From blouses and jackets to shoes and accessories – the print has made its mark. The cow print pants from Jade by Jane are the perfect pair to highlight this trend. They are a delightful showstopper and will generate word-of-mouth advertising back to your boutique each time they’re worn.


Trendy Clothes by Jade by Jane

A maxi dress is such a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. They are effortless and versatile in their styling – perfect for a casual errand or dress the look up for a night out. The V-Neck Boxy Maxi Dress from Jade by Jane may just be the perfect maxi for your customers – they offer the piece in black and mocha, and they also specialize in plus size boutique clothing so you will be able to find the sizing options you’re looking for.

14) Hooded Granny Crochet Kimono from SAACHI

Trendy Clothes by SAACHI

The handmade Granny Square Crochet Kimono by SAACHI is a super stylish and sought-after piece. This beautifully crafted Kimono features crocheted multi-floral motif squares in a patchwork style with an open-front pattern. Crochet arose as a wholesome trend and it continues to encourage individuality and cozy comfortability. Looking for a creative way to showcase this item in your boutique? Take a look at our article, 18 DIY Retail Display Ideas for inspiration.


Trendy Clothes by Hemish

This 90’s dress trend is back, baby. Babydoll dresses are a blast from the past and we are here to welcome the look with open arms. The Animal Babydoll Dress by Heimish offers a loose fitting silhouette, so your guests can feel free as they move around. It is an effortless design, but super impactful as many consumers no longer want to feel bound by a garment. Plus pockets? A true win-win.

16) One Hell of a Mother Shirt from Moon Maiden

Trendy Clothes by Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden is for the moody and magical. Their tees are screen printed by hand on the softest shirts and then packaged up with a whole lot of love. From start to finish, design to packaging, everything is done by the makers and doers at the Moon Maiden studio in Houston, TX. Their “Hell of a Mother” design is a statement piece for mothers of all stages. Celebrate this bold trend and other prints like it on their Abound shop. 


Trendy Clothes by Davi & Dani

A striped long sleeve sweater is a classic to own. It’s a trusted elevated basic that compliments the look however one may style it. Davi & Dani is a young contemporary wholesale women’s clothing brand that caters to the modern, sophisticated and stylish woman. Their playful take on the classic striped sweater is just one of their many stylish options – check out their full collection on Abound


Trendy Clothes by Davi & Dani

2022 is all about making statements – and the plaid button down jacket by DAVI & DANI will do just that. Plaid can look good on everybody and there are countless ways your guests can rock this look. When styling this piece, there are many routes to take. Recommend balancing out the look with other chic pieces or pair this jacket with a micro plaid to create a more dynamic outfit. 


Trendy Clothes by Davi & Dani

One of the latest trendy pieces to enter the scene has been the knit pant. They are loved for their comfortability and overall ease. The Solid Knit Casual Pant by DAVI & DANI is shown here in a cream option, which is a great base for your customers to add in their original style. If you’re looking to showcase the set – take a look on their Abound shop for the matching top.

20) Off White Linen Buttons-up mini dress from Stylish Wholesale

Stylish Wholesale Mini Dress

Stylish Wholesale strives to provide the best clothing styles to stock your store with the latest trends and the most classic staple pieces. When it comes to selling wholesale online, their shop offers unbeatable prices for the most top-quality items available. Their Off White Linen Mini Dress features a V-neck, short butterfly sleeves, and buttons lining the center of dress making for an elevated trendy look for a great price.

21) Black Floral print Tulle maxi skirt from Stylish Wholesale

Stylish Wholesale Floral Maxi Skirt

A Floral Maxi Skirt is an item that should be found in every fashion boutique. The full-length skirts look great and are seriously versatile. They can be styled for a range of occasions and seasons – making them a year-round favorite. Speaking of favorites – the Black Flora Tulle Maxi Skirt by Stylish Wholesale is a fantastic option. The side slits make for a breathable and lightweight feel, while the pattern is dainty and on-trend.

22) White Mustard Mohair Breton stripes print crop top/mini skirt 2pc set from Stylish Wholesale

Stylish Wholesale White Mohair Set

As we mentioned earlier – we can’t make a round up of trendy clothing without throwing in a couple two-piece sets. This White Mustard Mohair Breton Stripes Set is such a cute option to showcase in your boutique. The mohair material is a widely popular trend at the moment, thanks to the light, cozy nature of the fabric. Stylish Wholesale offers a couple different two-piece set options – take a look at their selection on Abound.

23) Bali Knit Tank from BIDA

BIDA Knit Tank

The comfy-chic trend of the knit top is here to stay. The Bali Knit Tank by BIDA offers such a unique take on this look by showcasing eye-catching cutouts creating a fun peekaboo effect. The Bali Tank is made up of a soft stretch knit that can also be worn in a variety of ways. Great for layering over a blouse or dress, and can stand on its own if your guest wanted to wear as a chic crop top. When purchasing trendy items, knit tops are must-have.

24) Pleated is a sleeveless midi dress from amente

amente Pleated Sleeveless Midi Dress

Amente is a sustainable women’s clothing brand. They have made it a priority to carefully select sustainable premium fabric to create a collection of effortless pieces for the modern woman’s wardrobe. The Pleated Sleeveless Midi Dress is a feminine, easy to style piece in their collection. The dress is fully pleated, featuring a V-neckline and side pockets. Encourage your guests to style this piece with everything from sneakers to heeled pumps.


AMALFII Beige Shirt

Amalfii was born as a minimalist attempt to find balance with remaining fashionable, yet sustainable pieces. Each item in their Abound shop can be styled in multiple ways and is intentionally selected in color tones that can be worn each day out of the year. The Tamar Resort shirt is a perfect example of this versatility. Suggest your customers tie this piece for a sleek refined look. If you’re looking for trendy clothes to add into your shop – Amalfii is sure to have what you’re looking for. 

26) Seafoam Sweat Shorts from JZD

JZD Sweat Shorts

There’s a new hue in town and we are all about it. If you haven’t embraced this color into your shop already, say hello to seafoam green. This trend began in the interior design sector and has recently made its way into the wardrobe space through headbands, dresses, tops and of course – sets. Purchase this Seafoam Sweat Short as a set or by itself – this piece is available in a variety of sizes and is a perfect trendy clothes option in a plus size boutique.

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