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25 Best Wholesale Soaps for Men

The world of options for the best men’s soap is changing – so how do you determine what’s the best soap for men?

Picking the best bar soap for men to choose from can mean appealing to a lot of qualities – a rugged look, a masculine scent, or the promise of a soap that will either hydrate damaged skin or help you scrub it away.

Let’s break it down into the most important categories to consider.

First, scent. In the spectrum of men’s soaps, the dominant strain is an earthy or natural quality, speaking to trees, clay, or charcoal. These masculine scents allow a man to wash and move forward with his day knowing he smells great.

Next, utility. The best men’s soaps do more than just wash. They scour. They hydrate. They renew. The ingredients that go into a soap determine their output, and within this list you will find a great variety of purposeful soap. Dry skin? There are hydrating soaps for you, utilizing goat milk or healing oils. Rough patches? Granular soaps will clear that away. And of course, scent is a utility as well. For every man concerned that he needs to curate how he smells, there is a soap that will speak to his needs.

Finally, there is the aesthetic. A person is defined by what they surround themselves with, and even a humble bar of soap can tell a story about the man who owns it. Within this list you will find rocky, jagged soap that speak to rough and tumble men, and soaps of magnificent swirls that speak to the most erudite among us.

While perfecting the art of wholesaling men’s soap online, we have accumulated a variety of the best soap for men, broken down into categories such as the best bar soap, the best shaving soaps, and at the very end a shaving soap bar that we truly believe in, so that you might find the ideal soap to suit your needs.

1) Tobacco & Bay Leaf Soap from AtticWear

best bar soap for men

This artisan soap from AtticWear is packed with nourishing oils, and carries a subtle scent, perfect for the man who wants a deep clean with a light touch. Each bar of soap is hand-crafted, meaning that each one is unique.

2) Sharp Dressed Men’s Bar Soap from L.A. Suds

la suds mens soap

This Sharp Dressed Men’s Soap let’s your customers look and smell their best.

Produced by L.A. Suds, this soap is artificial sulfate free and produced with natural oils and skin loving oat protein. The soap features a signature fresh and clean scent that includes Bergamot, Anise, and Juniper.

3) Men’s Soap Sampler from Old Factory Soap

Best Wholesale Soaps for Men

The folks at Old Factory Soap are of the opinion that men’s skin is deeply neglected, and they’re looking to change that. Produced in small batches using cold processing and no preservatives, this three-bar collection features three signature scents: Herb & Soil, Event Horizon and Woode. These soap bars are 100% vegan and contain no preservatives.

4) Vanilla Oak Scrub Bar from Blair’s Artisan Soap

best bar soap for men

For the man who wants to make his rough skin smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, this scrub bar is up to the task, as it’s produced with pumice and walnut shell to scrub away dry skin, and is perhaps one of the most rugged soaps on this list. Not only that, this great-smelling soap is fortified with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Shea butter to leave your skin shiny and restored.

5) Tobacco & Bay Soap Bar from The Little Bubble

best mens soap

This bar is The Little Bubble’s best selling men’s soap, it’s produced with turmeric, sea salt, and activated charcoal, all of which have significant benefits when it comes to skin-health. These handmade bars also carry a distinct and dynamic fire engine red style, and due to their processing style, each bar carries a dynamically different arrangement of these shapes and colors.

6) Twilight Woods Olive Oil Soap from Green Bubble Gorgeous

best natural soap for men

If there’s something the folks at Green Bubble Gorgeous know, it’s scent. This great smelling men’s soap gets that scent from a blend of citrus zest, cedar leaf, rich spices, vetiver, white pepper, deep musk, and light patchouli, many of which are ingredients that will be found in no other bar of soap, leaving its fans with a light a signature scent. Additionally, these bars are completely free of Parabens, Phthalates and SLS.

7) Charred Rosemary Soap Bar from Sunny Bunny Gardens

mens soap

There’s one word that sets the Charred Rosemary Soap Bar from Sunny Bunny Gardens apart: Clay.

The first type they utilize is French Green Clay, which has both cleaning and exfoliating properties, and is known to detoxify skin and reduce acne.

The second variety is White Kaolin Clay, which manages skin oil, gives these bars a uniquely smooth texture, and also makes this great as a shaving bar soap as well.

Finally, the soap is topped off with activated charcoal, yielding a purposeful scrub in addition to the great benefits of these clays.

8) Midnight Waters Goat Milk Bar from Raising The Bar by Lydia

mens soap brands

Midnight Waters Goat Milk Bar, from Raising The Bar by Lydia promises a relaxing soak for the man who uses it. Scented with sparkling cassis, deep sea water, hyacinth, blue lilies and seaweed, this best natural soap for men cools not only with that signature smell, but also its delightful and relaxing aesthetic. For those looking to experience the sensation and scents of the sea, this soap is for you.

9) Cold Process Bar Soap by Luxiny Skincare

best smelling soap for men

In the spectrum of men’s soap brands, Luxiny Skincare offers a robust suite of qualities that few can match – starting with their promise to produce their soap in small batches, without palm oil, while using the most sustainable ingredients possible. Their soap contains shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and numerous anti-inflammatory essential oils, all of which combine to form one of the best moisturizing body soaps for men.

10) Charcoal Mens Soap Bar from Sunny Bunny Gardens

best smelling bar soap

A hearty soap for a man who is comfortable enough exfoliating his rough edges, these vegan soaps are packed with restorative oils to moisturize skin right after the activated charcoal scours away the rough edges. And for added effect, a portion of their sales go to animal charities, making these one of the best men’s soaps. Aesthetically, this is one of the most rough and tumble soaps on the list.

11) Men’s 63 Shea Butter Enriched Soap from European Soaps

best body soap for men

For 45 years, Pre de Provence has been creating soaps for men, and their No. 63 continues a tradition of excellence. Considered a best soap for men world-round, this soap imparts an earthy, peppery aroma upon its owner.

12) Soap on a Rope – Men’s No.63 from European Soaps

best body soap for men

Building on the promises laid out above, the Pre de Provence No. 63 soap can also be purchased in this historic style. First invented in the 1940’s but hitting a peak of popularity in the 70’s, soap on a rope keeps your bar soap dry, free from the moisture that could accumulate sitting on tile. Perfect for those of you in humid environments, or for the elder in your life who needs to reliably reach their best smelling bar soap.

13) Men’s 63 Hair and Body Wash from European Soaps

best body soap for men

Rounding out our exploration of the Pre de Provence product line, the No. 63 Men’s Hair and Body wash is a subtle and reliable complement to a man’s bathing needs – a light touch to keep you refreshed and smelling incredible.

14) Manly Goat Soap Bars from Twisted Tomboy

best men's soap

If you’re in search of creamy luxury, look no further than Twisted Tomboy’s Manly Goat Soap Bars, whose men’s soap bars work into a rich lather, making them usable as a shaving bar as well. Free of unnecessary chemicals, these palliative soap bars come in five diverse and manly scents.

15) Men’s Dapper Shower Gel from Scentsational Soaps

best men's soap

Scented with Musk, Sandalwood, and Amber, this men’s shower gel is non-drying, meaning not only is it a sophisticated choice for an elegant man, but it is also the perfect soap for a man in a dry or icy climate.

16) Charcoal Handmade Goats Milk Soap from Sister Bees

best men's soap

Take a look at that beautiful obsidian sheen on this soap – that’s because it’s packed with activated charcoal. Great for getting rid of impurities in your skin, this soap will also act as a natural deodorant. For those looking for a dynamic and unique color palate, this Charcoal Handmade Goats Milk Soap from Sister Bees is a must.

17) Almond, Milk & Honey Sweet Soap from The Confectionary

Best Soap for Men

Containing a variety of healthy oils and locally produced honey, this gorgeous bar of soap is a healthy complement to the bathroom of a man who values the combination of nature and design. Each bar of Almond, Milk & Honey Sweet Soap from The Confectionary comes with that beautiful honeycomb weave, combined with the dazzling spiral of colors.

18) Honey Daze Soap from Soaring Suds Soap Co.

Best Soap for Men

This beautiful tiger-striped men’s bar soap, the Honey Daze Soap from Soaring Suds Soap Co., blends honey with lemon, almond and ginger, utilizing their nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties to promise a reduction in wrinkles and reduce the appearance of aging in ones skin.

19) Turmeric Vitamin C Face & Body Soap From Kathy Rose Naturals

Best Soap for Men

The only men’s soap on our list to contain Alpha Arbutin, an extract of the bearberry plant, which lightens dark spots on the skin. Combined with turmeric and Vitamin C, these ingredients work together to reduce brown spots, help scars heal, and decrease the clogging of pores. For the men looking to perk up their appearance as they bathe, look no further than the Turmeric Vitamin C Face & Body Soap From Kathy Rose Naturals.

Shaving Soaps

20) Sandalwood Shaving Soap from Creme de la Crop

Best Soap for Men

Containing only seven ingredients, this sandalwood shaving soap seeks perfection in simplicity. At its base, the Sandalwood Shaving Soap from Creme de la Crop uses Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Cocoa Butter to soften and clean the skin, and incorporates bentonite clay to draw out impurities.  

21) Goat Milk Men’s Shave Soap from One Blessed Acre Farm

best shaving soap for men

The Goat Milk Men’s Shave Soap from One Blessed Acre Farm combines the nourishing properties of goat’s milk with sesame oil – a surprising ingredient rich in fatty acids – which reduce inflammation and strengthen the soap’s ability to fight bacteria. Rich in antioxidants, this soap promotes skin softness, an essential quality in a good shave.

22) Fresh Mint Shaving Soap Bar from Boomer & Co.

best shaving soap bar

Produced with traditional wet-shaving in mind, the Fresh Mint Shaving Soap Bar from Boomer & Co. soap bar features a mélange of scents from the forest: pine, peppermint and fresh spearmint.

23) Bergamot & Thyme Shave Soap by European Soaps

best men's shaving soap

Of course, we have to speak to Pre de Provence, whose famous Bergamot & Thyme aroma is a staple in the world of men’s grooming. This subtle and reliable shave soap is a pleasure to use and to smell.

24) Castile Face & Beard Wash by Edisto & Co.

best beard wash

This Castile Face & Beard Wash by Edisto & Co. is produced with 100% plant-based ingredients, and relies on the cleaning power of sunflower oil to prepare your face and beard to be perfectly washed and clean. Completely free of carcinogens and excess chemicals, this purifying beard wash leaves your face healthy and clean.

Shampoo Bar:

25) Men’s Beard Hair Shampoo Bar by Sunny Bunny Gardens

best shampoo bar for men

We can’t talk about the best soap for men without bringing up shampoo bars, and this Men’s Beard Hair Shampoo Bar by Sunny Bunny Gardens is among the best. It creates a nourishing lather with a combination of castor oil and coconut oil, while olive oil cleanses your skin and nourishes your face and scalp. Carrying a wilderness scent of cedarwood, fir needle and bay leaf, this shampoo bar is perfect for any man looking to stay earthy and clean.

And if you’re looking for more thoughts on bath and bathing rituals, consider checking out this video on our blog!

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