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The Ultimate Hookless, Cuttable Utility Strap | ArrowStrap | Maker Spotlight

ArrowStrap is a “Hi-Tech” UV resistant Strap with 23 Circular holes that allow the length and strength to be adjusted depending on use while delivering 80-100% expandability. For the ultimate utilization, the Strap can be combined with the Arrow. This product can handle hot or cold temperatures, comes in 8 popular colors, and can be used in almost any situation! Shop ArrowStrap wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/arrowstrap


00:18: Intro

00:59 What is ArrowStrap?

04:03 What inspired you to start ArrowStrap and How is the journey so far?

07:14 Where is the best place to put ArrowStrap in a store?

08:51 Any advice for other small business owners?

09:36 Outro


Launched in 2018, ArrowStrap was developed as a solution to a single-use case, but they quickly decided that the world needed to experience the product. The brand’s mission is to produce a lightweight multi-function strap that can be used alone or with an Arrow for unlimited uses. 

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