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The Healthy Alternative to Beef Jerky | The Good Jerky | Maker Spotlight

The Good Jerky brings artisanal seafood snacks that are nutritional, filling, and help reduce the risk of heart disease. The jerky produced is packed with high protein, omega-3s, and one-third the saturated fat of beef jerky, as well as being a rich source of brain-building Selenium and Vitamins. 9 in 10 Americans do not eat enough seafood, and The Good Jerky is here to change that. Shop The Good Jerky wholesale on Abound: https://helloabound.com/thegoodjerky


00:21 Introduction

00:56 What do retailers love about your product?

03:35 The Good Jerky Best Sellers

05:27 Why did you start The Good Jerky?

10:45 Any advice you would give to starting entrepreneurs?

13:09 Outro


The Good Jerkey was co-founded by Quentin and Lauren Crawford, a powerhouse couple who are on a mission to make the benefits of the sea taste as good as they sound. They create healthy, sustainable, and incredibly flavorful fish jerky. Their line consists of 4 delicious flavors: Sweet N Smokey, Sweet Honey Teriyaki, Spicy Barbecue, and Habanero Honey.

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