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The Retailer’s Ultimate Guide to Understanding Credits on Abound

If you’re new to Abound, it can be very daunting to understand all the different credit options available! In this article, I will be explaining two of the main credit options we currently offer: Net Terms and Boost Credits. 

We began to offer Net Terms so retailers could try out more new brands in their stores. With these terms, Abound covers the upfront costs and you won’t be charged until 60 days after the date your order was delivered. As for Boost credits, they are a part of the Abound Boost program. This is a program that enables our brands to use Abound with their existing retailers and leads. In return, retailers will receive a $100 credit toward their first order from the brands and free shipping on all orders from them for one year – on us! 

Below, I will dive more into these two amazing types of credits we offer!

Abound Boost Credits

If you are referred by a brand on our platform, please make sure to sign up using their referral link! If you sign up using their referral link, we will then add a referral credit to your account. Another option is to email the support team at support@helloabound.com with a screenshot of the brand who referred you, so we can manually add the referral credit to your account.

This program is a wonderful initiative to take part in because it promotes community growth from business to businesses. The Boost program is the perfect way to start placing orders with Abound as well. Please find further information regarding the Boost program here: https://helloabound.kustomer.help/en_us/what-is-abound-boost-B1YqFMa4D 

Net Terms Credits

The next type of credit you can receive is Net Terms Credit. This is a great option if you love to shop, but not pay up front. With Net Terms, you can apply for as much credit as you’d like. Our team will look through your application and decide how much they are willing to give, depending on the information you provide. 

Once they’ve decided on an amount, you can begin placing orders and choosing net terms as the payment option upon checking out. Again, please note you will be charged for the orders 60 days after the order has been delivered. Giving you a minimum of two months to pay it off! 

The application process is swift and easy to navigate. To apply for Net 60 terms, log in and go to your settings. From there, go to “Net 60 Terms”. On your Net 60 settings page, click the link to “Apply For Terms”. Once you’ve applied, you will receive an email from our team letting you know your status within 2-3 business days. More information on Net Terms can be found here: https://helloabound.kustomer.help/en_us/how-do-net-payments-terms-work-S1QuKzp4P

Our goal is to offer you programs that make your life easier as a retailer on our platform! We value watching you grow your business and always welcome any feedback or suggestions. If you have any questions regarding Abound credits, please feel free to contact Abound at support@helloabound.com 

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