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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Damages on Abound

If you’ve ever received an order that was damaged or defective and didn’t know how to proceed, please look no further! This is our quick 5 step guide on how to deal with damages!

  1. Reach out to support
    The first thing you will need to do is contact Abound’s customer support team at support@helloabound.com
    1. Please make sure to report damages within 2 weeks of receiving your orders!
  1. Include the necessary information
    When reaching out to the support team, please make sure to include the following:
    1. Order number
    2. All of the SKU numbers + quantity of the damaged items
    3. Some photos of the damaged items

What Not To Do: (Too vague, doesn’t show items)

“Hi Support Team, 

I had a damaged item in my order.”

What You Should Do: (clear and contains order and sku #’s)

 “Hi Support team, 

I’ve received some damaged items in my order (#123456789.) The damaged items were:

-Item 1234 (SKU ABC)

-Item 5678 (SKU DEF)

Please find the photos of the damaged items attached to this email.”

*Please note that the bad example only provided a photo and no further information regarding the damaged items or their order number. We will need a photo in order to move forward with the damage process, along with all the information regarding the damaged items. Please refer to the good example when sending us a damage claim!

  1. Once we’ve received all the correct information, our support team will contact the brand. The support team will reach out to the brand with the information you’ve provided and request for replacements to be sent, (unless you state you’d prefer a refund.)
  1. We will provide the brands two business days to respond to our requests. If we don’t hear back from the brands, our team will then refund you (if you’ve already paid) for the damaged items. 
  1. And Voila! The damage process will have been completed!

If you have any questions regarding the damage claim process, please feel free to contact Abound at support@helloabound.com 

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