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Looking For Delicious Looking Candles For Your Store? TRY THESE! | Skyelight | Maker Spotlight

Searching for delicious looking candles for your store? You’ve got to check out Skyelight’s wax melts, wax warmers, body scrubs, room sprays + more!

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SkyeLight began with a creative selection of handmade, handcrafted candles. In our online store, we offer a variety of candles, wax melts, wax warmers, body scrubs, room sprays + more! Our wholesale offerings only include our best-selling products, with new products added seasonally. SkyeLight is a perfect match for boutiques, salons, hotels, Air Bnbs, and fun gift shops who are looking to add a unique, DELICIOUS-LOOKING item to their shelves!

SkyeLight was born in the Carolinas and is women/minority owned!


Hello and welcome to today’s Abound brand spotlight. I’m sitting down with Skye Ordonez she’s the founder of Skyelight. Skyelight sells a fun and luxurious desert style artisan candles and Skye talking to us from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

So thank you so much for being with us Skye. Thank you for having me. Yeah, I’m excited to learn about your candles. They look beautiful. Definitely check out Skyelight on Abound. Just to kind of start it off.

I want to just hear a little bit about your brand. What do you tell retailers when you’re pitching? Like what are your candles all about? Yeah. So my name is Skye, I actually started Skyelight in 2019, so I just wanted to start off really by telling you like the story of how it started.

I at the time was working two jobs and I was full time in college. So I’m currently 25 and I one of my jobs was at the airport. So I actually started Skylight to help me fund flight school because at the time I was trying to become a commercial airline pilot.

But after I graduated school, it quickly turned into something that I wanted to do full time. I’m really into entrepreneurship and I love the science behind candle making, so now I make candles full time. Skyelight would be a perfect match for retailers that want a very unique handmade candle experience in their shop.

We offer wholesale specifically on our best selling products. So here I have three of our best sellers that I’m going to show you. We have Peach Please, which is a peach nectar candle and it’s artisan whipped tops. So at Skyelight we have different types of candles, we have the artisan ones and also traditional candles throughout our entire

catalog of artisan candles, the quality remains the same. So we have peach please, which is the peach nectar candle, and it has a detail peach on the top and then we have hands on the it’s a strobberry Something you’ll find throughout my shop is that a lot of the candles are very funny and punny because it’s kind of like a play on my personality. 

I’m very like outgoing and kind of a funny person. And also for those that don’t like fruity scents, one of our top sellers is Brewed Awakening, and this is a hazelnut coffee artisan candle.

But these three are all part of our signature collection, which are candles that we try to keep year round. But seasonally we do offer different products. So being that I’ve only been in business for two years, well, about to be two years, we’re quickly expanding the wholesale site.

But right now we have our best sellers to make sure that they are things that we stand strong by. But also something that’s really important is that our candles are really slow burning. So what that means is for customers, when you purchase a candle from my shop, you’re gaining quality for the product that you purchase.

Also, they are commonly used as home decor pieces, so you’ll often see people purchase. Our customers purchase many at a time so that they can put them as pieces in their home before they’re ready to burn them. So that’s awesome.

Also, I wanted to say this because we recently started doing a lot of have a lot of local retailers and something that they often say is that they’re irresistible and it’s something that they realize is the customers always stop to smell the candles and to look at them.

And that makes them sorry, but that makes them spend a lot more time in their stores and higher conversions. So I believe this is the perfect for fun, maybe trendy boutiques or gift shops and also if you have a luxury brand, but if anyone ever has questions about that, I’m open book and I’m always down to like talk and have a conversation if there’s questions. 

Yeah, okay. I love that. Yeah. And I can definitely see what you’re saying because there’s just something about like the way that the wax is put in there and the way that it looks like.

Yeah, like the, like, whip that. Yeah. It just looks. You’re like, drawn to it. You’re like, okay, I have to go stare at that. I have to go smell it. Like, it also looks very elegant and classy. So I can totally imagine, like anyone walking through a store, like, really needing to, like, stop and like check them out.

And I also like the little toppers. I always love a little topper, so like like a little peach and the berries and they’re a little extra fun even during, like, fall time, like, being that a and now we have pumpkin, so we have a pumpkin caramel for Halloween, we did candy corn. 

But like every season, we try to do something different and try to put those on the wholesale side so that you guys can shop. So yeah. So I feel like I got a little bit of a sense of all of that, but I’m kind of curious.

So you said, yeah, you started in college and you’re you’ve now expanded. So I just want to hear kind of like, what has the journey been like? You know, like what have been the ups and downs? What are you looking forward to most?

Yeah, so actually. At first it was very hard because I had so many different things going on. But I do really love to like problem solving, like play with different fragrances and stuff like that. I’m actually slowly or quickly expanding like the offering.

So now it started with just candles, I believe. I started with four candles and now we have about 15 different candles in the shop. And I also offer room sprays and wax models of wax warmers and body scrub.

So I’m excited to expand the line and also be in different stores and help other retailers grow their businesses as well. So I don’t I don’t know as far as long term how I would what it’s going to be like, because it’s kind of like I’m figuring it out as I go because I’d never really expected to

be an entrepreneur full time or a full time business owner. So I think it’s been an experience and I’m learning as I go. That’s awesome and it’s definitely on to set you up so well for the Skyelight Empire or anything else that you want to do.

It’s really cool to experience now. Like, yes, I like. I like. Your story is cool. Well, please check out a Skyelight on Abound. You can see all of their beautiful candles that will entice your customers and draw them in.

And thank you so much, Skye, for joining us. Thank you. Bye.

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