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Vibrant Homeware Celebrating Nature – Tracey Cooper of Tracey Cooper | Maker Spotlight

Meet Tacey Cooper, the founder of Tracey Cooper, a luxury British lifestyle brand! She shares her kaleidoscopic celebration of the beauty of nature in a range of unique and colourful homewares.

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Founded by artist Tracey Cooper in 2019, Tracey Cooper offers an eye-catching range of hand drawn designs that celebrate the wonderful nature that surrounds us. 

The ethos behind the company is simple: to reconnect us with the nature and to appreciate our beautiful world. Tracey Cooper produces a range of vibrant homewares that are not only useful but they will lift your mood as well as celebrate the beauty of nature. 

“I want to uplift peoples lives and bring a smile to their faces. I want to take them from just merely existing so they can feel alive, feel uplifted and inspired. I do this by using bright bold beautiful colours in my homewares bringing nature and colour into their lives in everyday household items.” 

Every Tracey Cooper illustration is hand drawn and crafted by Tracey herself. The design process starts with an illustration, these illustrations are then brought to life with modern, digital colouring and printing techniques, which add vibrancy and bring a distinct style to the Tracey Cooper brand. 

The Tracey Cooper design collections are available on luxury products such as cushions, prints and home accessories. They are passionate about British manufacturing, so all their interior products are proudly printed and made right here in the UK.

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