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110 Fast Shipping Wholesale Brands

Having trouble stocking your go-to products and brands this year? You’re not alone! The supply chain crisis is all over the news and has left many retailers unable to stock the products they want for the holidays.

We’ve compiled a list of 110 brands that have product in stock and ship quick so you can stock your shelves!

The Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain crisis is no joke. Across the globe, massive disruptions have hit supply chains this year. From container shortages to Covid infections creating port closures, a lot of items are currently inaccessible and sitting in shipping containers. And, what’s left has been panic-bought.   You’re not alone if you can’t stock your go-to products and brands! 

Don’t Panic

If you’re a retailer feeling the supply chain crisis and looking for where to buy wholesale items in time for the holidays, don’t panic! You can stop stressing out now because we’ve got you covered and we’ll get your store stocked so that you don’t miss those crucial holiday season returns! 

We’ve compiled a list of the best wholesale products still in-stock with quick shipping options so that you can stock your store within a few days! 

No matter whether you’re looking to stock wholesale clothes, wholesale toys, wholesale gifts, or anything else wholesale under the sun, you can breathe a sigh of relief, grab a cup of tea, and browse through these options for the best wholesale products still in stock despite your usual go-tos being stuck on a container ship in the LA harbor.  Who knows, you might even find some new holy grail products!

Here’s our roundup of over 100 brands that you can count on to get the merchandise you need stat!

The Categories

Click on a category to jump to whatever types of products you need! Everything listed ships in 3 days or less!


1. Rude Cosmetics

Makeup With An Attitude

Rude Cosmetics offers 550+ cosmetics and skincare with mass market priced products that has the look and feel of luxurious prestigious line. Always up to date with the latest makeup trends, their eye catching package designs are exciting and very disruptive…very Hollywoodish. Rude was named one of the hottest brands in The Cosmetify Index right along with Jeffrey Star and Huda Beauty. Their brand exposure is evident by the 1 million followers on their Instagram page.

2. M2U NYC

High Quality & Stylish Makeup at Affordable Price. 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Paraben-Free.

M2U NYC is here to show you it’s totally possible to have an affordable, high quality, and stylish makeup routine. After a combined 20+ years working for big brands like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and E.L.F. Cosmetics, their founder team has the inside scoop on what it really takes to make beauty products — and how unreasonably high their competitors’ prices are. Their products are designed in the one and only New York City. So you can bet they make their products just as extraordinary as their home.

3. Off Color Nails

Stand up. Be yourself. Be Off Color.

Off Color Nails is a women and minority owned small business that was founded from the hard, but important, conversations had during the events of the world pandemic of 2020. At Off Color, they embrace an inclusive world of individualistic self-expression and the courage to be a red dot in the clear Petri dish of life. Off Color makes a nail salon quality manicure accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or socioeconomic background. It’s time to stand up, be yourself, be Off Color!

4. Basicare

Rediscover Yourself 

Basicare manufactures one of the BEST ranges of BEAUTY TOOLS & PERSONAL CARE IMPLEMENTS in the world. Thanks to their exceptional cruelty-free materials, superior craftsmanship and uncompromising standards, they are able to have presence in THOUSANDS OF RETAILERS in 28 countries around the world.

5. Karma Organic Spa

Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Nail Care

Discover Karma Organic’s award-winning 7-Free nail care products. Our polishes are free of TPHP, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and parabens. Our Polish Removers are soy-based, non-toxic and organic. Karma Organic products are the answer to the eco-conscious and Vegan-friendly nail care user. Karma Organic nail products are safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin, safe for children, and safe for pregnant women. Our products are the answer to all nail care users, as our proprietary formulas ensure safety for the body. Our nail polishes are also very strong and create a beautiful, chip-free finish in a wide variety of colors to match any look or any mood.

Skincare + Bodycare

6. Zambeezi

Smell Good. Look Good. Love Well. Organic and Fair Trade body care crafted and cultivated by people, for people.

Crafted by people, for people, Zambeezi’s organic, Fair Trade body care begins with the best ingredients, ethically cultivated in the hands of people. Thoughtfully crafted, each lip balm and soap bar invites you to re-imagine your daily routine. At Zambeezi, they partner with beekeepers, farmers and young entrepreneurs in Zambia, Africa to provide alternative sources of income that are kinder to the land and people.

7. Seed Phytonutrients

Formula First. Sustainability Always.

Seed Phytonutrients is a family-run clean beauty brand dedicated to crafting high-performance formulas for hair, face, and body. All Seed Phytonutrients’ formulas are powered by seed extracts, because seeds are so highly concentrated in nutrients that our hair and skin love. In addition, all formulas are 93-100% natural, cruelty free (certified by Leaping Bunny,) and fragranced purely with essential oil blends. Seed Phytonutrients feels that as an indie brand, it is their responsibility to lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole.

8. DERMAdoctor

Skin. Caring. For all of you.

Clean. Clinical. Cruelty Free. DERMAdoctor is your prescription for beautiful skin. They deliver on the promise that clinical skin therapy can be fun and easy, while still delivering significant, measurable results. Their products improve lives through science, innovation and creativity and the formulas mix compassion and expertise to ensure that when it comes to skin no age group, gender, race, or person is ignored. They create real solutions for real people with real skin-related concerns.

9. BioMilk

Probiotic Skincare & Superfood for your Skin and well-being

BioMilk works with your own skin biome for visibly healthy skin, has active ingredients backed by science, and is designed for even the most sensitive skin.
Feed your skin the essential nutrients it craves. BioMilk is always natural and 100% clean – no compromises. The founders left behind careers in beauty and technology respectively to launch BIOMILK.

10. Shavestix.

Shave easy with no bumps or cuts and no globs of shaving cream on the shower floor! Lasts 5 TIMES longer than any shave cream and smells amazing!!!

Shavestix. started with a gift of $40 coconut oil! We didn’t know what to do with it. Finally we tried shaving with it… and loved it. But we hated digging it out with that teeny-tiny scoop. Plus, the jar filled up with shower water. It was a mess. So we figured out how to make coconut oil into a stick. We loved it. Our friends loved it. We started selling it and customers loved it, too. Shavestix is easier to use and lasts longer than ANY shaving cream. We’re expanding our scents and adding new products!

11. Pure Energy Apothecary

…simply food for your skin!

Pure Energy Apothecary’s co-founding mother/daughter team was inspired while caring for our CEO’s late mom. As an avid skincare user, Grandma, suffered breast cancer twice, skin cancers, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Learning that much of what we apply to our skin, our biggest organ, can reach our bloodstream in 26 seconds they realized how important ingredients are and that changed everything. Your skin deserves pure nourishment. Healthy skin is happy skin! Our powerful, premium quality, plant-based formulations are versatile and long-lasting. Everyone deserves real food for their skin!

12. The Laughing Tree Organics, LLC

Purposeful skincare at a reasonable price

The Laughing Tree Organics line was created when the Founder was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and was determined to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Their products are 99 – 100% Natural and are infused with only fresh, hand-picked, organic and wild-crafted herbs that are used in formulating each product for the face, hair and body. All products are handmade and sourced in small batches, non-GMO and cruelty-free. They are committed to offering clean, sustainable, personal care products that promotes health and makes your skin smile!

13. Serious Lip Balm

All-natural. Handmade. Kickass. 

At SERIOUS LIP BALM, they make all-natural, handmade products that not only work like a charm, but they are good for you and not filled with all of that chemical garbage. Their products are made from awesome ingredients that heal and protect. Sweet almond oil is pretty much you skin’s best friend, kokum butter moisturizes skin and tames unruly facial hair and shea butter is some all-around magical stuff. Add to that some killer scents (whiskey lip balm, anyone?), some modern packaging and the knowledge that we are constantly looking for the best ways to make our communities and world a better place and you’ve got SERIOUS LIP BALM.

14. Ace High Co

Stay Fly with Ace High

Ace High was started by two friends passionate about hair products, wanting to create something they weren’t finding on the market. They began working on formulas, making small batches after hours in the kitchen of the coffee shop they worked during the day. They’d brew late into the night, drinking beers, and by morning go to local shops to sell. They’ve now built out a small lab, scaling it while maintaining focus on small-batch, handcrafted hair products using natural ingredients that work.

15. Pursoma

Self-Care by Nature

In 2011, Pursoma’s founder, Shannon Vaughn, was faced with two significant health crises: the possibility of not having children and an advanced case of PTSD due to living in the ever-turbulent Middle East. She dismissed the idea of surgery or a lifetime of medication and instead sought out alternative holistic healing modalities. Shannon became compelled to share her healing experience so that others could redefine the practice of self-care for themselves. Through her own journey, Shannon has come to deeply believe in the benefits of wellness via detoxification. In 2014, she set out to source the purest and most potent detox beauty ingredients in the world, to formulate them with the most rigorous research, and to deliver them as lifestyle-integrated rituals in the most appealing and accessible forms for modern living. With that purpose, Pursoma was born.

16. Nuxe

Take Inspiration from Nature to enhance the daily of Women

From its beginnings, as a small Parisian formulation laboratory bought out in 1990, in less than thirty years, NUXE has become a global group, present in nearly 60 countries. Attentive to women and led by her own instincts, over time, through NUXE, Aliza Jabès has created irresistible daily skincare for women, including the legendary Huile Prodigieuse® in 1991, which has become an iconic beauty product and the leading oil across the world. This has been followed by other success stories, such as Rêve de Miel® lip balm.

17. Millyandsissy

Sustainable personal care products that are kind to you and our beautiful planet.

Milly and Sissy are two sisters with one goal; to reduce the negative impact that consumable items have on our planet. Their personal care products are unique because they come in powder form, customers just add water in their own homes. All packaging is recyclable or home compostable and their bottles are reusable. Their lightweight powder refills are vegan and cruelty free and they weigh just 1.4oz which significantly reduces transport emissions.

18. CocoRoo Natural Skin Care

Love Your Body, Heal Your Soul

CocoRoo® began from a desire to find a better way to treat your skin. Frustrated with all the added chemicals, water, and unnecessary ingredients in most lotions, they took matters into our own hands. CocoRoo was founded by an American mother named Jill, who used her passion for natural and organic products to create some of the finest natural skincare products. Her natural skincare journey began in Australia where she lived for 14 years. Living in the warm Australia sun is great for year-r fun, but also hard on your skin- especially if you love spending as much time outdoors as they do! This inspired Jill to create a natural and more effective way to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

19. Brewed Hair Care

Bringing joy to your wash days

BHC launched in May of 2021 as one of the first black-owned and female-owned brands to formulate homemade high-quality, vegan hair products free of chemicals, drying alcohols, silicones, sulfates, parabens, and many other harmful ingredients present in the hair care industry today. The CEO of Brewed Hair Care took her passion for hair and decided that she wanted everyone to experience the same joy she experiences on her wash days.

21. Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary

Wild Jasmine’s line of handcrafted, small batch skincare features simple, nourishing & effective formulations & local farm to skin ingredient sourcing

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Wild Jasmine is a line of handcrafted, small batch skin and haircare featuring simple, nourishing and effective formulations and local farm to skin ingredient sourcing. They strive to contribute to conscious lifestyles with beauty and self care products that help you look and feel healthy and nourished. In line with their passion for local, a farm to skin approach inspires their formulating, thus the line includes handpicked organically grown botanicals and herbs, primarily from the founder’s parent’s farm in the Kootenays, and beeswax from Fraser Valley farms.

22. Jump Your Hair

SULFATE & PARABEN FREE! Jump Your Hair is THE brand for both women and horses, approved in the world of hairdressers!

Around a combination of know-how and a desire to innovate was born the brand JUMP YOU HAIR. At the heart of their professional formula with the subtle smell of leather, the perfect osmosis of two universes, like a rider made body with his horse: Keratin, protein of hair fiber and Biotine, the star vitamin of the stables. A beauty ritual, a daily routine to adopt so that Hair and Mane enjoy the benefits of Keratin and Biotin, present in all products of the range. The products are made for any type of hair from Blonde, Grey, fine and work great on Curly & Coarse hair.



Beautology Lab is a natural lab bringing health and wellness to skincare to deliver completely clean, sustainable, inclusive, and accessible skin nutrition that doesn’t disrupt our health. They believe that nature provides our skin everything it craves to thrive, and that the discipline of science can nurture its health. Their products utilize powerful primitive ingredients backed by science to feed our skin to health, and only use elements which have been proven non-toxic and sustainable. Their raising the bar for clean beauty to create products that promote skin wellness without harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Men’s Skincare


BAD ACE is Korean skin care developed with innovative formula with natural key ingredients that works for men. Being BAD never felt so GOOD.

BAD ACE wants to bring the best innovative formula from Korea to the world with key natural ingredients that are safe and sustainable for our men. We want to support men to live to the fullest by helping them look good, feel good, and conquer the world.

25. Lumin Skin

Premium care for the premium man

Lumin Skin develops premium skincare products for men who want to look in the mirror and love their skin. All products are specifically formulated for the biologically different skin of men and their daily habits. They’ve felt the trouble of trying to find high-quality effective skincare products while having to walk down a confusing women’s care aisle. They decided to tackle this problem. No matter what your race, skin type, or age, They’ve crafted the highest quality skincare products for males. Formulated and manufactured in South Korea for optimal efficiency and efficacy with the male lifestyle in mind.

Women’s Apparel + Accessories

26. Baciano

Baciano is a lifestyle brand bringing casual, yet sophisticated silhouettes to the modern woman.

Baciano began as a one-man sewing operation. The guiding dream from the beginning was to expand beyond just one person to an entire brand focused on developing quality Women’s clothes. They want to change the culture behind manufacturing. Their design lab in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles and overseeing manufacturing headquarters overseas creates a collective space for them to work and create quality styles for women. Their design studio was born out of our passion for creating and experimenting, and it lives where we both learn and perfect the art of making clothing everyday.

27. L and M Company

Sisters Lucy and Michele are the brains (and legs!) behind L&M

L&M started with the intention to make the perfect fitting legging and has grown to offer elevated everyday basics that make getting dressed easy. Being meticulous about the details makes L&M a customer-centric brand with less than 1 in 10 items returned. L&M company is proud to be a Virginia certified micro, small and women-owned business. In addition to being moms, Lucy and Michele have accomplished careers and a passion for working together. You will find them raising their children together (in the same neighborhood), packing up orders and spending lots of time with friend and family.

28. BellyMoms Maternity

BellyMoms Maternity and Nursing Wear is bringing you the finest collection of chic maternity and breastfeeding fashion.

Offering a range of outfits for casual wear during maternity and nursing, BellyMoms Maternity and Nursing Wear designs bring convenience to the new mom. Whether your bump is still growing or you’re in the full swing of breastfeeding, these pieces will have you enjoying this wonderful time in comfort and style. Their styles feature very discreet and cleverly designed openings for breastfeeding while providing the utmost privacy and coverage. They are made to look as a regular fashion outfit with the functionality and grace of being a maternity outfit.

29. Pretty Simple, LLC

When you buy from Pretty Simple you are not only supporting a small business, but their mission to give back to the type 1 community. PS, it’s what’s inside. 

Pretty Simple began in 2014 when founder Leah had a shift in priorities. As a breast cancer survivor, and mom to a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, she decided life is simply too short to not be around for it. Beyond what you see on their Abound page, PS is more than something you wear. It comes from within. It is living with purpose. Believing in your dream, and having the courage to go for it. When you shop with Pretty Simple you are not only supporting a small business, but the type 1 diabetes community. A portion of all sales is donated back to t1 non profits like JDRF and T1 International!

30. Ocean Prairie

The Ocean Prairie line is a collection of lusciously soft organic silk pieces.

Designed knowing comfort is key. Ocean Prairie is committed to our mission of sustainable fashion and reducing harm to our planet. GOTS Certified and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Certified, their silks are low impact, hypoallergenic, breathable, and biodegradable. Nothing can compare to the moisture and temperature regulating benefits of silk. Ultra-soft, tear and odor resistant, and naturally antimicrobial. Yup, silk is basically pure magic!

Men’s Apparel

31. J Hinton Collections

Always On Point!

Always in need of the freshest, most fashionable urban wear, Jerod Hinton would have his seamstress create his ideas of what he believed a stylish, classy urban man should be wearing. After constantly being approached about his stylish threads, the light bulb of opportunity went off in his head and the brand was created. With high standard for fabrics, stitching and design, J.Hinton Collections stands by their promise to deliver quality in every article of clothing they create. Marksmen & J. Hinton Signature lines bridge the gap between high quality products and affordability. With endless design creativity, the brand is consistently pouring out new and unique pieces each season allowing its participation in the world of fashion to be welcomed and well received. The vision for the brand is simple- continue to create and design one of a kind pieces with the highest level of quality. By focusing on the output, rather than the input, Marksmen and J. Hinton Signature continues to deliver.


32. Leetie Lovendale

Fresh Jewelry Made with Vintage Plastics. Hoop Earrings. Minimalist Studs. Statement Necklaces.

In 2004, Leetie Lovendale designer Heather Desimone was co-owner of a bead store. She & her biz parner (and mom) were in the habit of purchasing vintage lots of beads & manufacturer’s leftovers from the jewelry industry. One day they got a call to head to a warehouse. They had 40,000 lbs of old plastic jewelry parts and needed the warehouse space back. Heather & the bead store staff started packing. When the gentleman who managed the warehouse showed her some dust-covered setting machines, a new line of jewelry was born.

33. Nashipai

Nashipai sells bold, socially conscious jewelry.

Nashipai partners alongside talented entrepreneurial Maasai women who make unique and colorful jewelry and accessories. With each sale, Nashipai is able to give back not only to the women in Kenya through fair wages, but also through donated menstrual kits. In addition, Nashipai provides youth work opportunities through its U.S. operations in Minneapolis.

34. Morning Wood Bracelets

100% Hand Carved Wooden Bracelets

Rikki and her husband, Jace, founded Morning Wood Bracelets. They specialize in creating bracelets that are one-of-a-kind. Every piece from Morning Wood Bracelets is carved 100% by hand and their entire family works together to make sure every piece is perfect for their customers. They have pledged to donate 10% of all sales to support a variety of charities and non profit organizations that help those in need. They write a special hand written note on the back of their packaging for each and every bracelet to let people know the story of the wood used and where it came from. They strive to give new meaning to broken and unused wooden pieces.

35. Hello Happiness Wholesale

Trendy & stylish earrings for sensitive ears! New styles released every Monday!

Hello Happiness Wholesale’s mission is to provide boutiques with trendy, stylish and fun items your customers will love, with a profit margin you’ll love! And along the way, they focus on creating unique, high quality products, shipping them with lightning speed and communicating with their retailers. As a boutique owner herself, the founder has a unique perspective on the struggles of buying wholesale and how important the retailer/wholesaler relationship is.

36. Manebangle

A New Twist for Your Ponytail and Wrist!

A Manebangle is a genuine leather bracelet that is also a very comfortable ponytail holder/hair tie. Manebangles are offered in over 20 colors, along with leopard and camouflage designs. They are handmade in Texas with a patented design and process.


37. Boss Dotty

Illustrated paper + goods made with love in Brooklyn ♥

Boss Dotty is an independent paper goods and gift company celebrating the strength of women through playful illustrations laced with humor and a can-do attitude. Founder Theresa Berens illustrates each card, print and pattern, and all goods are assembled and packaged by hand with lots of love and attention to detail. Boss Dotty is named for Theresa’s grandmother Dorothy, a veritable DIY queen and whose creativity, independence and perseverance are at the core of what we do.

38. Lickety Split Press

Modern Letterpress & Screenprint Cards, Posters & Gifts

Lickety Split Press creates modern, uncommon and delightful paper products for goodnatured people. Every single product is handmade in my studio, which includes a vintage 1913 Chandler and Price letterpress (that I restored myself). It’s a one-woman (and one-dog) Kentucky shop — Maker Emily bring a playful eye to the design, meticulous hands at the press, and a big heart with her clients. She can’t wait to meet you, and bring some joy to your day, your shop, and your customers, too!

39. Nina Belle Designs

Spreading joy and beauty through bright and colorful watercolor florals

Nina of Nina Belle Designs is a full time mom & wife and passionate artist. Through her art, she hopes to create more joy and beauty in this world. If you’re looking for vibrant, colorful and bright florals- then you’ve come to the right place 😆 Every design you see in this shop was first hand painted by Nina with watercolor then used to design prints, cards and stickers.

40. Irene Akio

Bringing people a moment of joy.

Irene Akio loves to make art and loves greeting cards. In 2007 she started painting again after being away from the brush for years. A friend saw her work and asked her to illustrate a children’s book about Tokyo. She loved the project and didn’t want to stop drawing, so started this small production. Her hope is that her cards bring people a moment of joy – a smile, a giggle, a guffaw. Providing a mini piece of art and a way for people to connect is her way of bringing a drop of good into the world.

41. Habit Nest

Hybrid self-help and guided journals to help folks establish great habits.

Habit Nest was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA by three guys with a passion for helping others. Their company has soared to success with over 500K copies sold worldwide. Habit Nest has been successful for all of these years in D2C, but is venturing in to the B2B world because folks are begging to see these in stores.

42. Baronfig

Baronfig makes tools to help you do your best thinking.

Baronfig makes tools to help you do your best thinking— at home, work, and in-between. They believe that a well-designed product improves lives. Whether it’s with their famous notebooks or award-winning pens, their mission is to champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.

43. Lemon Milk Paper Co

Illustrated paper goods, stationery, stickers, and other gifts.

In April of 2020, the founder of Lemon Milk Paper Co was a college student looking for a creative outlet in her life. This search led to the birth of Lemon Milk Paper Co. It soon became much more than her creative place. She realized she had a passion for entrepreneurship and design. This passion fueled her to switch her major and follow her dreams. She loves designing authentic stickers, greeting cards, and paper goods that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

44. Kulana Stickers

Hand-drawn Stickers, Patches & Pins

Kulana Stickers is a sister team from Southern California. They both love to draw and create and they have stickers everywhere – on their laptops, water bottles, and skateboards. They started Kūlana stickers in August 2017 to combine two of our favorite things – Art and stickers! Every sticker they create is hand drawn. Sydney does all of the ink drawings, while all the hand lettering is done by Rachel. Once the artwork is perfected, they print the design on glossy coated vinyl.

45. swaygirls

Inspirational & faith based designs for stickers, magnets, prints etc

Shannon Reynolds, the artist behind swaygirls, is a wife & mom who loves Jesus and all things pretty. She found a love for painting, design, doodles, hand lettering – in other words, anything you’d call artsy, creative, or somewhat talented. So she started a sticker store after designing and making custom stickers for her kids, and it seems others like them too.

46. Colossal Sanders

Funny cards. Funny art.

David Holub is Colossal Sanders. The work he does is created and produced with 100 percent pure, all-natural joy from his in-house factory in N. Ferrisburgh, VT. His goal is to bring a bit of that joy to you.. He’s been a writer, graphic designer, and/or teacher since the late 1900s, before morphing into a full-time visual artist in 2018.

47. stonedonut design

We make cards that don’t suck. 

stonedonut shop started in May 2017 when the founder was abruptly laid off from her dream job on my 8 year anniversary…bummer, right? Instead of buying a card for her friend’s birthday, she made her one (providing advance warning that I was NOT crafty). One turned into twenty, and she was having a ton of fun creating. She posted stories about the cards she was creating on Instagram and people wanted to BUY them. Please know that each order is crafted with love and bit of sarcasm while wearing yoga pants, sipping delicious cold brew and most likely while listening to 90’s rap. ‘It’s murdaaaaaaaaaa!’

48. By Alexandra Penn

Deepening soul connections through thoughtful writing and intentionally designed paper goods.

By Alexandra Penn is simply that, creations made by Alexandra Penn. Everything from thoughtful writing, intentional designs, and what her heart compels her to create at any given moment. By Alexandra Penn was created for quiet souls who feel deeply and honestly. For those who long to make another soul, and themselves, feel special and valued.

Children + Baby

49. Baby Says

Expressive baby shoes you can write on, which have a chalkboard sole for babies 0-12 mo! Write, snap a photo, erase, and repeat!

Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says™ provides parents and caregivers a new means of expression for their non-walking babies. The soles can be decorated with our safe, non-toxic chalk markers and personalized with dates, names, or phrases.
Perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, photo shoots, family gatherings, sporting events, holidays, month-to-month milestones…the possibilities are endless! What does YOUR baby say? 

50. Golden Dot Lane

Affordable and Adorable Accessories

For 6 years Golden Dot Lane has worked hard to provide unique and fashionable hair clips, headbands, and other items at the best prices. They are a husband + wife team who love working full time together as a family. Since 2015 they’ve been selling the most adorable products at the most affordable prices.

51. TheSnugSuit

Innovative Double Zipper, Footie Pajamas, Exclusive Fabrics, Durability, and Sustainability. 

Shelly Walker is a go-getting Sales Executive by day, and an arms-full Mom Champion by night. Ever the Mom-preneur, she found a way to make diaper changes and sleep time more efficient, seeking out pajamas with easy access and flip-over cuffs for the hands and feet. TheSnugSuit™ was born. TheSnugsuit’s innovative, no-wake zipper design is a game changer. With two zippers, one top and one bottom, you have easy access to both your baby’s head and feet. You never have to dread those nap time diaper changes again. The Snugsuit’s™ one-of-a-kind fold back cuffs for the hands and feet put comfort and safety first. Got a baby who scratches her face; like Shelly did!? Deploy the built-in mittens. ⁣ Extra length also provides longevity wear.

52. MaterialJill

Cute and hilariously unique gifts sure to make you smile!

MaterialJill is a highly skilled soft goods design studio specializing in consumer products. From innovative designs, initial concept sketches, prototypes and aiding in final production MaterialJill can help bring your products and ideas to life! With almost 20 years of design and development, MaterialJill is a company that has produced numerous products for the mass market and has served several happy clients over the years. In 2020 MaterialJill launched its first ever baby product line with Car Seat Cuties. Offering customers a fun new way for their little ones to travel and stay warm. MaterialJill’s mission is to create unique innovative products, love what you do and offer exceptional service and quality.

54. Fairy of Color

Handmade Organic Crochet, Silicone & Macrame Essentials for Babies and Mamas

Maya is the sole woman behind her brand – Fairy Of Color. She has multiple collections for baby and mom, from Crochet to silicone and my newly added – Macrame! All products are made by hand by Maya, right here in the U.S (Colorado). All materials are top quality, organic, BPA food grade FDA approved and bought from US suppliers. She strives to give her customers the absolute best customer service possible.

55. Girlzndollz

Girlzndollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl!

Girlzndollz offers incredibly soft & unique baby dolls for newborns, toddlers and tweens with a positive message. They also have the coolest gifts for moms and women that are fun and unique just like their dolls.

56. Babe Basics

One-Stop Baby Shop

At Babe Basics, they know moms like you and your customers have so much on your plate, and they’re here to make it simple to find sweet, stylish baby products for the special moments in your little ones’ lives. They offer all the pieces you need to coordinate the perfect outfit – from the clothes to the shoes and accessories – all in one place and in neutral, mix-and-match styles.

Children’s Toys

57. The Bean People

Simply add children for Bath Time Fun!

The Bean People are now available in the USA and Canada. Hand made in South Africa since 1988, made with food-grade ingredients makes their products not only the greatest and safest bath toys ever, but also the number one choice of moms and dads. With a huge track record of sales in Europe, they are now eager to succeed in the North American market. Their products create 99.9% repeat customers and they are flexible with our minimum order startup cost.

58. Zeki Learning

Bettering the minds of children and the lives of mothers.

At Zeki Learning, they’re interested in bettering the minds of children and the lives of mothers. They are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit and Fair Trade certified brand that provides fair working conditions and living wages for their mother artisans in the West Bank. Zeki collaborates with early childhood educators to design toys and games rooted in traditional Montessori principles. These materials promote essential physical and mental skills that children need for proper development. Their products are designed by hand using locally-sourced upcycled materials. Each piece is lovingly made by a dedicated team of mothers who have historically suffered from financial hardship. All Zeki Learning purchases contribute directly to the financial empowerment and independence of these women and their children. Join Zeki on their journey of shaping minds and shaping lives.

59. Keff Creations

Creativity is a way of life

While on the messy yet exhilarating journey of raising little kids, the founders of Keff Creations decided to drop their boring desk jobs and enter the exciting world of designing and producing theirr full line of premium-quality art, crafting, and DIY kits and supplies. As parents, friends and individuals, Keff Creations understands the importance of letting ideas flow free through art, craftwork, and hands-on exploration, supporting healthy physical, cognitive and emotional development. That’s why they’re committed to providing the best media, supplies and tools in the industry to keep fueling creative power around the globe.

Food + Drink

60. Patterbar

Clean Energy. Clean Indulgence.

Patterbar is a whole-food, nutrient-dense energy bar made in Denver, Colorado. They are a female-owned, family-run company whose mission is to make clean, delicious food available to everyone. Patter used to make these bars for her children, because she wasn’t able to find snacks with whole-food ingredients. At Patterbar, they are committed to 100% transparency for their ingredients and dedicated to quality and taste. Patterbars have no added sugar, no “natural flavors”, no preservatives, and no powders, binders, or fillers. Patterbar offers convenience without compromise.

61. ROOT 23

All-natural simple syrups in unique flavor combinations to craft tasty cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks at home!

ROOT 23 is a couple of busy moms from Columbus, Ohio who value whole ingredients, real food and quality time with their family & friends. They developed a line of all-natural flavor infused simple syrups, with the emphasis on simple, so they can balance those things they value most. Their inventive flavor combinations lend themselves to crafting delicious drinks with just a couple additional ingredients. Since they use all natural ingredients, separation often occurs, so shake them well before each use. ROOT 23 simple syrups also need to be refrigerated once opened and used within one month.

62. Stroop Club

A delicious trip to Holland without the jetlag!

It started out in Holland, where founder Chantal Piët grew up. When she was a little girl, her grandmother, or Oma, introduced Chantal to stroopwafels. Chantal loved the way that the gooey caramel syrup was spread between two waffles – especially when it was heated over a cup of coffee or in the oven. In 2015, Chantal and her husband decided to move to the United States in search of adventure. They realized that sharing stroopwafels with people they met, allowed them to share a little bit of themselves, while they learn more about others. And thus, Stroop Club was born. Avid scuba divers and hikers, the pair knew from the beginning that if they wanted to feel good about what they were creating, they would need to make sure they pursued the most eco-friendly business practices. At their core, stroopwafels are an ode to a zero-waste lifestyle. They were created as a use for a Dutch baker’s leftover dough scraps. They strive to continue in this ideal and leave as little waste as possible by only using biodegradable and repurposed packaging and sustainable business practices.

63. Loose Leaf Tea Market

We help people feel more calm, clear, and content with our handcrafted organic teas

Loose Leaf Tea Market’s founder, Kita Centella, began learning about the healing power of plants over thirty years ago, when she was recovering from addictions to alcohol and drugs. For five years, Kita was mentored by a Native American traditional healer who taught her how to heal her body, mind, and spirit using the amazing power of nature. Learning about healing plants became her passion, and she made a commitment to share what she learned with the world. This commitment became Loose Leaf Tea Market, which offers a world of organic, healthy loose leaf teas, created in house by their herbalist and founder, Kita Centella, expertly blended in small, concentrated batches. Each tea contains a bounty of the most wholesome botanicals, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or garbage ingredients.

64. Rally Energy

No hype, Just Energy.

Rally is simply a mint with some caffeine (60mg) in it, about as much as an espresso shot. That’s where Rally’s mantra was born: “No hype, just energy.” They are proud to be 100% made in the USA. You won’t find Rally touting extreme health claims or cramming each mint full of 10,000% of your daily supply for x, y, or z. They simply deliver on their promise, nothing more – they are like a Keurig in your pocket.

65. To Market- To Market

Dehydrated Vegetables Dip and Spread Blends, Cheese Balls, and More!

Since 1985, To Market – To Market is one of the largest distributors of Gluten Free spreads, spices, and seasonings. At To Market – To Market, they provide blends that have NO salt, MSG, preservatives, extenders, or fillers. Their spice and dip packages yield is one of the highest products they’ve found. Every spice packet they offer makes between 4-10 cups of dip! At To Market – To Market they strive to bring the best tasting and most flavorful Gluten Free foods to you. A healthy choice for the discriminating palate! Their gourmet spice packages are great to use for cooking, for making Gluten Free appetizers, dips, spreads, and more…Great on or with: bagels, baguettes, bread, vegetables, crackers. Easy, economical, and most of all – delicious!

66. Essential Candy

Healthy hard candy – organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, no preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors. CBD candy available

Essential Candy® was born from Tracy and Dean Ernst’s desire to help a dear friend who was battling cancer and suffering from the side effects due to chemotherapy treatments. After countless hours and many variations of hard candies, Essential Candy was born. Today, they continue to help those dealing with this terrible disease by donating to cancer support groups. Essential Candy is truly “Candy With A Purpose.” The company creates healthy hard candies, called Signature Blends by incorporating pure, organic essential oils. Its products contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, and are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, low-calorie and low- carb. Founded by wife-and-husband duo Tracy and Dean Ernst of Wellington, Florida, Essential Candy was created with Tracy’s divine inspiration that she wanted to help a friend who was battling cancer. The candy, which she saw as a palatable solution to the side effects of chemotherapy, is a vessel to help with the Ernsts’ “Candy With A Purpose” mission to give back to their community and beyond.

67. Eat This Yum

Culinary Preserves and Marmalades

Eat This Yum is family-owned and operated in beautiful Bucks County, Erwinna, PA. Their focus is on all-natural, sustainable, locally-produced jams, marmalades. At Eat This Yum they believe that using simple wholesome ingredients is the key to producing quality products. Everything is made from scratch with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 5% of sales is donated to their Volunteer Fire Fighters.

68. Renewal Mill

Delicious upcycled flours, baking mixes & cookies that fight climate change

Named a World Changing Idea by Fast Company, Renewal Mill is an award-winning, next-generation food company that fights climate change and global food loss by upcycling byproducts from food manufacturing into premium ingredients and products. They’re building a new circular economy of food that’s better for the people and the planet we love. Their flagship ingredient is organic okara, a high fiber, high protein, gluten-free flour made from the nutritious soybean pulp leftover when you make soymilk. They use their organic okara flour in a number of plant-based products including a vegan, soft-baked chocolate chip cookie, a 1-to-1 gluten-free baking flour, and a line of “just add oil & water” vegan, gluten-free baking mixes. Renewal Mill is led by two go-getter women: Caroline Cotto currently serves as board president of the Upcycled Food Association and Claire Schlemme was named a 2020 Tory Burch Fellow.

69. Evolved Snack Sticks

Healthy Meat Snacks. Fun and savory flavors. On a social mission to help fight against hunger.

The founders of Evolved Snack Sticks couldn’t live without meat snacks. Love and Thoughtfulness are the two secret ingredients that truly separate their meat snacks from all others (and also that they are truly so much more delicious than all other meat snacks ; )

70. Craftmix

Enjoy the most delicious, healthiest, most convenient, most fun-to-make cocktails in the world with Craftmix!

Craftmix was started by two friends when they realized that making cocktails can be a tedious and laborious task. They noticed that the cocktail mixers currently on the market, are bulky in size, taste bad, extremely unhealthy, and impractical. That’s when Craftmix was formed. By using natural ingredients, they’re able to create some of the most delicious cocktail mixes you’ve ever tasted! Their mixes come in travel-friendly packets that conveniently fit in your pocket. With Craftmix you can now enjoy Happy Hour Anywhere™

71. bNutty

Gourmet Peanut Butter

Joy and Carol are a couple of Northwest Indiana soccer moms who were looking for a nutritious and ingredient conscious product to sell to raise funds for their youth soccer families. They found that product when they created bNutty! You can find them at the soccer field on the weekends and at bNutty headquarters- ‘The Nut House!’ during the week!

72. Rhizome

Slow Brewed Organic Ginger Turmeric Beverage Mixers

For centuries ginger and turmeric rhizomes have been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to reduce inflammation, treat colds, prevent nausea and improve gut health. A few years ago, during Rhizome’s founder’s own gut-health journey, she started to brew fresh ginger turmeric tonic. She and her husband began drinking it daily. Not only did they love the taste, but within weeks we were astonished by the improvements in their overall wellbeing. And as a bonus it helped them cut back on their alcohol intake when they used it as a mocktail mixer. It is their mission to share this process and its benefits with as many people as possible.

73. Nush Foods

Say Nush to sugar! Keto Certified, Gluten-Free, Low in Sugar, and Woman-Owned. Our products are nutrient-rich, whole food. No cheap fillers.

Muffy Mead-Ferro is the Founder and CEO of Nush Foods. She started Nush Foods because she had a real problem with the prepared foods she saw in the store. They were all full of sugar! She couldn’t find any prepared snack foods —especially not treats — that weren’t full of sugar and excess carbs. So she started experimenting with carb substitutes, looking for ingredients high in nutritional value, not just fillers, and that’s when she discovered the beauty of flax seeds. Among other things, flax is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are so good for your skin and bones. They’re also full of fiber which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

74. Simpson & Vail, Inc.

Quality Teas since 1929! Imported ingredients are hand blended in our Connecticut location, to provide you with fresh, delicious teas

Simpson & Vail Inc., one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA, is a family owned business dedicated to offering quality teas from around the world. They have over 350 teas (black, green, oolong, decaf, flavored, flowering, white and blends) as well as over 100 herbs and herbal blends. All their blends are hand crafted in their facility in Brookfield, CT in small batches to ensure freshness. Incorporated in 1929, Simpson & Vail was purchased by Jim & Joan Harron in the mid-70’s and today 2 of their children, Jim and Cyndi, are running the day to day operations. Over the last 30 years they’ve seen a steady increase in tea’s popularity. Everyone at Simpson & Vail is thrilled to be a part of the tea drinking community and proud of the teas they create for their customer’s enjoyment.

75. ChipMonk

Soft-baked keto cookies made from nut and seed flour and sweetened with monk fruit and allulose.

ChipMonk’s co-founder, Jose Hernandez, lives with type-2 diabetes but keeps his blood sugar under control by adhering to a high fat, low carb diet instead of taking medication. Unfortunately, he’s always struggled with a sweet tooth and couldn’t find tasty desserts that fit his diet. Tired of choosing between enjoying sweets and spiking his blood sugar, he simply decided to make his own. Together with friend David Downing, he researched alternative ingredients like almond flour, allulose, and monk fruit, and eventually created the perfect low sugar, low carb cookie recipe. David and Jose are bringing back dessert for anyone struggling with diabetes or celiac disease, and for those pursuing a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle.

76. Arvoli Honey

Organic Raw Honey Infused with Herbs

One day Arvoli Honey’s founder randomly had the urge to do something with honey. After many months of recipe testing, production setbacks, and a lot of emotions Arvoli was born! Whole herbs infused with organic raw honey, being careful to not expose the contents to excessive heat and pressure to preserve the health properties, then tediously filtering the herbs from the honey. A great product wasn’t enough to satisfy them though. So they made a plan to make annual donations to a local charity that helps children/teens without proper housing and care; ‘Journey to Dream’. The feeling of our first donation made things so clear to them. Arvoli is not only a product, it’s a mission.

77. Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes, Inc.

The Bartender’s Choice. Perfect Every Time, In No Time!!!

The story of the perfect bloody mary mixes begins where many bloody marys do — with a bartender, and a passion. In 1988, working at the popular jazz club, The New Orleans Restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, Demitri Pallis was frustrated at the inconsistent flavor and quality of his bar’s Bloody Marys. Like in many establishments, from bartender to bartender, day to day, a customer couldn’t count on consistent and delicious Bloody Mary recipes. Demitri set out on a journey in mixology that would change the course of his life. It took him over a year to develop his formula for the perfect Bloody Mary recipes, with the help of dozens of unsuspecting customers telling him, “too hot, not hot enough, needs this or that…” At the end of it, Demitri was armed with a recipe that is now synonymous with the perfect Mary!

78. Icecube Herbals LLC

Icecube Herbals creates All Natural Herbal Tinctures that are triple extracted to pull all the nutrients that are needed with no adverse side affects.

In 2011, Icecube Herbals learned about the amazing healing properties of the Chaga mushroom, and began harvesting and selling it. They are now one of the largest professional wild Chaga operations in Minnesota; fully insured and registered with the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture. Since then they have developed an ever growing line of all natural herbal remedies in tincture form. All product they extract is either wild harvested or organically purchased

Home + Living

79. Meribel

Here to bring the Comfort, Warmth and Fun of gifts to you. …

Meribel is here to bring the Comfort, Warmth and Fun of gifts to you. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or someone else, Meribel hopes to bring joy into the experience. They started as a group that wanted to create exceptional Gift products. They sourced for the best materials, working with responsible and ethics-driven vendors to give you the best quality products that you can enjoy, or give to someone special.

80. CapaBunga

CapaBunga® invents tools that safely transport, serve and store food and wine, making shopping, dining and entertaining stress free with a hint of fun

CapaBunga, the company, was founded by former Napa Valley winemakers after inventing a reusable wine cap to reseal their own wine. After a stunning response they have gone on to invent a new product once per year since 2011. They purchased tote+able in 2018 which added wonderful canvas beverage canteens and flasks and led to the Market Tote development. They are true food and wine aficionados and pioneers in developing better tools.


Sustainably & Responsibly Handcrafted Products From Around The Globe

KORISSA provides high-quality handmade goods that are socially and environmentally responsible. Purchasing any of our unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted products supports and benefits artisans in low-income communities. Fair wages ensure that education, health care, and new possibilities are available to these communities.

82. Ziparoos Reusable Storage Bags

Ziparoos reusable storage bags are a fun & affordable eco-friendly alternative to one time use bags. Great for lunch, snacks, freezing, travel & more!

Ziparoos reusable storage bags is owned by a mom who wanted to make a difference in the environment by helping reduce the number of disposable bags entering our landfills and waterways. Ziparoos are great for lunches, food, snacks, freezing, school supplies, travel, camping and so much more…
Each Ziparoos bag set comes in attractive eco-friendly packaging ready to be displayed in your store! Ziparoos are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags. Our multi-purpose bags have unique designs that are fun for the entire family. Together we can make the environment a better place for future generations!


Cutting the Cord on Traditional Blending since 2016.

BLENDi was first invented in 2016 when founder Jonathan Katz was sick of clumpy protein shakes and wanted to replicate his at-home blending experience in the convenience in his water bottle. Thus the portable blender was born!
now flash forward to 2021 and the BLENDi Pro the latest iteration of the BLENDi series is the largest portable blender ever created and can do anything from mix powders, slice fruits and crush ice. They try to cater to smaller retailers as we are a startup small business as well.

84. Earths Laundry

Clean Earth, Clean Laundry

Earths Laundry began when they discovered all the harmful chemicals in our cleaning products with no alternative solution. They created a sustainable product that will drive change in the industry and the world. Their product is made with ingredients that are safe for your family and our environment. By choosing Earths Laundry, you’re not only saying no to plastic but you’re reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.


Disposable Palm Leaf Dinner Plates | Bamboo Styled Dinnerware

MALURRA likes to think of their Palm Leaf Plates as those that don’t make any ‘noise’ – They come into our planet quietly and exit the same way. In between, the Palm Leaf Plates live their best life by serving as great-looking dinnerware.
Disposable plates and bowls are routinely used and cannot be avoided. However, conscious steps can be taken to improve the quality of disposables that we use. The natural qualities present even in a finished Palm leaf plate aid in its compostability.


Andean Alpaca Blankets. Handwoven, Fair Trade, Eco Friendly Artisan Alpaca Wool Textiles.

Alpaca Threadz all started on the idea to support local Andean cultures amongst the 2020 pandemic that swept the globe. LeAnn and Brandon also the owners of an adventure travel company, were forced to put their thriving travel business on hold in March of 2020, their energy shifted to finding a way to support the communities that had also been impacted by the shutdown of tourism, which was the main source of income for these textile communities in Peru and Ecuador. From this Alpaca Threadz was born. Alpaca Threadz is a fair trade and ethical company seeking to support Andean Artisan communities who handcraft alpaca wool blankets, clothing and accessories in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru. They connect clients & retailers around the world interested in connecting with and creating social progress for these indiginous people. Through this connection, Alpaca Threadz aims to support this amazing culture and preserve the production of these textiles and the tradition of utilizing the highest grade fibers on the planet that can only come from Alpacas.

87. Verve Culture

Authentic, Purposeful, Artisan homewards and gourmet food from different corners of the world.

Verve Culture’s concept is about Culture Exploration and is not product specific. They curate iconic items that are made in the country of origin using traditional practices. They work with a team of amazing artisans and craftsmen from around the world that are proud to share their stories of heritage and passion. As founders, Jules and Jacquie are a mother and daughter team and have worked together for 25 years in the gift industry. After becoming disillusioned with the mass produced products prevalent in the marketplace, they started to seek products that were more unique and have actual heart and soul. Women-Run, Women-Owned.

88. Instant Plant Food

Easy, Eco-Friendly HOUSEPLANT Fertilizer Tablets

Instant Plant Food makes conveniently packaged, pre-portioned, self-dissolving HOUSEPLANT fertilizer tablets that make feeding your indoor plants a breeze. Easy add-on with any plant purchase and also makes a great gift. Beautiful branding and eco-friendly company values make this the perfect inventory for any florist, plant shop, grocer, gift shop, or retailer selling plants. Give every one of your plant customers an opportunity to get the nutrients their plants need to thrive and increase your average checkout amount on every plant purchase.

89. Vibhsa

 Handmade Home & Dining Decor

Since its launch in 2017 with a collection of 5 christmas pillows & 4 ring holders, “Chicos Home” & “Vibhsa” have always stood for creating new designs with great usability. Today, these brands are inspiring to become an American life and style luxury names with handcrafted figurines, luxury dining, jewelry, gifts, accents rugs, designer pillows, home décor, natural skin care and more.

90. Crystalia

Crystalia is a brand that specializes in luxury and affordable kitchenware.

Crystalia is a native California-based manufacturer and distributor of stylish and sturdy premium glassware manufactured by us at our European facility.
They offer a healthier and more environmentally friendly user experience than single-use plastic products. Their glasses are made with non-toxic, lead-free and BPA-free material and our manufacturing practices are in strict adherence to the stringent European manufacturing guidelines. From their best-selling standard glassware to their handcrafted copper coffee pots, they combine choice, style, and affordability with an efficient and relaxed buying experience.

91. Mantra Medallions

At Mantra Medallions, they create reminders that you, your family, and friends can use to cultivate love, healing and peace

The founder started Mantra Medallions during a rough patch that his partner was going through, so she could have a little extra encouragement and good vibes in her pocket at all times. Sharing Mantra Medallions with the world meant that people could give that same gift to themselves or a friend or family member, and that fills us with an unbelievable amount of joy. They hope these medallions give you a push in the right direction towards more peace, strength, and love in your life and the lives of those around you.

92. H20COACH

Happy, Healthy, Hydrated!

H2OCOACH was started for those of us who could use a little help staying on track with our daily water intake. In just a few years they’ve expanded from one bottle to a diverse line of high quality water bottles with a pinch (ok, a handful) of fun and motivation. Every “coach” knows it’s all about results and when it comes to hydration – this bottle delivers. H20COACH is a small, family-owned business and they thrive off the countless stories of customers who have been inspired to take their health and fitness goals to the next level. 

93. Alpenglow Workshop

Colorful Art to Enhance Your Environment

Alpenglow Workshop was founded in the last half of 2019 when the founder wanted to start selling some of her creations and build a following of people who enjoy collecting her artwork. She began painting more than 20 years ago. Over the last couple of years, she has branched out to other mediums such as acrylics, alcohol inks, and digital. She still likes to paint in oils, but she now uses water-soluble oil paints to reduce exposure to harmful solvents.

94. My Bougie Bottle

We’ve made it our mission to create the toughest, bougiest and most beautiful range of insulated stainless steel water bottles out there!

There are a variety of reusable brands out there, however, many do not offer convenient features for the busy woman on the go and most are lacking a fashionable edge. Not only are My Bougie Bottle’s products safe for the planet but you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you show off any one of My Bougie Bottles. So now you can look, feel and know you’re so bougie!

95. Stellar Factory

Games, Puzzles, & More

Stellar Factory is a small product and game design studio, based in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2014, Stellar Factory’s mission is to use well-designed goods and experiences to bring people together, encouraging playfulness and joy.

96. Mchezo

Unique puzzles for everyone

Mchezo is the Swahili word for “game” or “to play.” As the child of Missionaries, Jon Huston spent most of his youth in East Africa. The experience shaped his worldview. As different as our varied cultures on earth can be, there is something that unites us. We all – men and women, adults and children – love to play . It engages our minds and frees our spirits from the concerns of the everyday world. Jigsaw puzzles are especially good to train the young to feel united. A jigsaw isn’t a competition. It’s a complicated task that you can enjoy with your family or friends and do together and play together to cooperate and win the prize of finishing and seeing the beautiful completed artwork.


97. T Spheres Inc.

Just Roll With It

In today’s fast-paced world, movement is everything. This is the essence behind the T Spheres aromatherapy massage ball, developed specifically for on-the-go self-care for alleviating daily stress and muscle tension. Created by Professional Massage Therapist, Stephanie Whittier who has been practicing massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and studying movement in relationship to pain relief for over 30 years. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils into a perfectly weighted patented rubber compound that allows the dispersal of aromatherapy to occur without any oily residue, textured surface molded specifically for human skin contact, 100% aromatherapy infusion for mind-body connection, can be heated or chilled for hot and cold therapies, and travel-ready in their own portable carrying pouch.

98. Fresh Fresheners

Designer air freshener collections to keep your car smelling fresh and your sense of self expression alive!

Tired of those boring trees? Looking for something cooler, more expressive, fresher? So were we! That’s why we created Fresh Fresheners! Designer air freshener collections to keep your car smelling fresh and your sense of self expression alive! It’s time for something better. It’s time for something from this century. It’s time for fresh fresheners.

99. Solinotes

Solinotes is a good mood in a bottle. They are committed to making people smile, love each other and themselves.

At Solinotes, creativity is in their genes. Each new experience they have makes them want to create, every minute, every thing is a pretext for an olfactory idea. That’s why the Solinotes collection is light, positive and extremely creative.
A rainbow of 19 fragrances to inspire you. Entering the world of Solinotes means surrounding yourself with a rainbow of varied, colourful and quirky scents. Tonka, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Orange, Frangipani, Vanilla, Yuzu, Jasmine… A collection of poetic fragrances that will put you in a good mood and give you endless ideas. When it comes to olfactory layering, you’re the artist! You are unique, and so are their perfumes. Each Solinotes fragrance is designed to be worn alone or layered. Olfactory layering is your beauty routine: mix the notes you fancy, design a multitude of perfumed combos and create a signature scent just for you.

100. Sparoom

Helping you to Smell Good, Feel Great & Live Better with Essential Oils and Essential Oil Diffusers

Sparoom® is the world’s leading expert in all things Aromatherapy and specializes in Diffusers & Essential Oils. Their goal is to create beneficial lifestyle products to improve your overall wellbeing by enriching your mind, body, and home at an affordable price! Sparoom® Diffusers allow you to stimulate your mind and body, enjoy natural fragrance and add style to your space. They offer the largest variety of diffusers on the market and put extreme care into the design and performance of each model to give you the features and look you need. Every sparoom® Essential Oil is globally sourced 100% Pure and Natural. They believe in using only the highest-grade, therapeutic essential oils and each batch is third-party GC/MS tested for purity and composition. Enjoy natural fragrance & therapeutic benefits in a variety of wellness products.

101. Destination Oils

Highest grade pure essential oils and unique aromatherapy diffuser jewelry that your customers will love!

Kara DeWall is passionate about safe and responsible use of essential oils- which is exactly why she started Destination Oils in 2015. Tired of seeing people spend a fortune for essential oils and being encouraged to use without dilution- she decided to enter the market and use her knowledge for good. On every product page you will find detailed safety information for every oil- along with what ages it is safe for, contraindications, and more. You can feel confident that when your customer leaves your store- they will know exactly how, when and why to use that oil. Destination Oils are 100% pure and rival their much more expensive competitors on the market. 

Pets + Accessories

102. Mighty Paw


Mighty Paw are dog people. They have dog hair on their clothes, they do their duty by picking up theirs, and they embrace life with tongues hanging out and tails wagging! Based out of Western New York, they began as [and remain] a family owned and operated business. They believe that the bond between pup and parent should be exceptionally fulfilling, and design their products right here in Rochester with this creed as their central parameter. Pair it with their passion for craftsmanship, creativity, and our customers, and that is who Mighty Paw is.

103. Prefer Pets

Taking Life’s Journey Together

A husband and wife team started Prefer Pets in 2006 on an afternoon drive to Victory Park in Pasadena CA, to spend a lovely Saturday with their 2 pekes, Button and ShoSho. On the way there, our boy Button escaped from the carrier that we had bought at a pet box store and proceed to play with us by running around on the floor of the car, ducking under the car seats, and finally wedging himself behind the brake pedal (Button being a tiny 3 months old at the time). Luckily, we were able to stop the car without any injury. From their first carriers, original duffel and original backpack, created with features and functions that they wished they had on that day, they have persistently evolve the designs of their bags based on feedbacks and pressure points from real customers and from their own journeys with Button and ShoSho as they grew older.

104. Delightfully Delicious Dog Treats

All-natural, healthy treats that will keep your dogs tail wagging!

Laura is the owner of delightfully delicious dog treats. It has always been her dream to have a job that focused on animals as they are her passion. When her health started to suffer while working for corporate America she decided it was now or never and so delightfully delicious was born. She had always enjoyed baking and now she could combine two of her favorite things, dogs and baking, and make a safe alternative for all the treats. She hasn’t looked back since.

105. Earth Heart Inc.

Finalist for the Editor’s Choice awards of Pet Product News

Earth Heart was founded in 1996 to help others learn how to safely and effectively use herbs and essential oils as part of everyday life. Earth Heart helps active, eco-conscious pet parents with ‘hyper-sensitive’ dogs find safe, reliable, natural relief through their 100% plant-derived, responsibly sourced, expertly formulated aromatherapy remedies. And because dogs savor the world through scent, their gently aromatic remedies comfort dogs and their humans without overwhelming their sensibilities.

Candles + Gifts

106. Meaningful Mantras

Make Gifting Meaningful ✨

Meaningful Mantras’ mission is to empower people everywhere to love their real selves. They stand for more than just candles, stickers, and comfy clothes. They create products that make you feel unstoppable, worthy, and loved. They believe in the power words hold, and by spreading powerful mantras they can impact the world in a positive way.

107. Jenny Bean Candles

A love of colorful design and passion for scented bliss creates fragrant escapes.

Jenny Bean Candles are made with simple ingredients that are clean-burning, and environmentally friendly. They use natural cotton wicks, 100% soy wax, and, premium fragrance oils to create non-toxic and richly scented candles for you to enjoy. Thinking about a gift? Their candles come gift-ready in unique designs to brighten up someone’s day.

108. Nathans Collection Inc

Not just selling candles …. bringing joy and warmth to homes around the globe.

For over 60 years, Nathans Collection has engaged in their passion; manufacturing candles with expert craftsmanship, bringing light to homes worldwide. Over the years, their product line has vastly expanded
but throughout, they never lose sight of who they are…a company people rely on for its excellent quality products and a finger on the pulse to adapt to new
industry trends. They listen to our customers and step in to fill their needs.
Because that’s what family does for each other. More than a brand. They’re family.

109. History & Heraldry

The leader in personalized gift giving

Meet H&H…the leader in personalized gift-giving. For more than 25 years, they’ve been developing new lifestyle brands and impulse products in their UK creative design studio and shipping all across the USA from their Kansas City hub. Their products are specifically designed to be sold on floor stands to maximize sales while minimizing their footprint at retail. At H&H, they aspire to provide their retail partners with products that surprise and delight consumers and ultimately inspire impulse buying. Their products are high quality, yet value-priced around $10, with competitive margins. Their curated product portfolio includes ladies’ fashion, men’s accessories, kids, pets, and holiday product…sure to encourage
personalized, thoughtful, inspirational, and meaningful gift-giving…they’re H&H!

110. The Moon Deck

An interactive tool for connecting to your intuition.

The Moon Deck is an interactive tool for connecting to your intuition and emotional health through the path of self-love and ritual. Created to foster community and healing, this entire set is inspired by the cyclical beauty of the moon and the inherent wisdom of women. It shares insights on growth, purpose, transformation, practice, and creativity – with freedom for personal exploration. The Moon Deck can be worked as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. The Moon Deck comes in a beautifully designed sturdy paper box. Each deck is complete with 44 cards + guidebook and is infused with love and prayers.

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