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Cut the Cord on Traditional Blending – Jon Katz of BLENDi | Maker Spotlight

Meet Jon Katz of BLENDi! BLENDi makes portable blenders you can take with you anywhere to blend anything! 

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BLENDi was first invented in 2016 when founder Jonathan Katz was sick of clumpy protein shakes and wanted to replicate his at-home blending experience in the convenience of his water bottle. Thus the portable blender was born!

Flash forward to 2021 and the BLENDi Pro, the latest iteration of the BLENDi series, is the largest portable blender ever created and can do anything from mix powders, slice fruits and crush ice.

BLENDi tries to cater to smaller retailers as they are a startup small business as well.

✅ BLEND ANYWHERE: The BLENDi allows you to BLEND anywhere you want with ease. No more waiting to get home or taking up an outlet.

☑️ CONVERTS TO WATER BOTTLE: With the water bottle conversion base, you can turn your BLENDi into a water bottle by screwing off the blending base and screwing on the water bottle conversion base.

💪 STRENGTH – BLENDi’s 6 stainless steel blades powered by 120 watts have been designed to slice through fruit and crush ice.

⏰ SAVE TIME: Quickly put ingredients in your BLENDi, hit the power button and within a minute you’ll have a freshly made meal or snack for whenever you’re crunched for time.

🚫 CORDLESS, RECHARGEABLE – USB charging cable allows you to cut the cord on traditional blending. Now you can blend even when there are no outlets. The rechargeable battery gives you about a week and a half of blending capability.

📏VOLUME MEASUREMENTS – The new BLENDi Pro 2021 edition has volume measurements on the side allowing you properly follow our recipes or create your own

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