Problem-Solving Skincare – Dr. Audrey Kunin of DERMAdoctor | Maker Spotlight

Meet Dr. Audrey Kunin of DERMAdoctor! DERMAdoctor is your prescription for beautiful skin. They make clinical skin therapy fun and easy, while still delivering significant, measurable results.

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DERMAdoctor’s products improve lives through science, innovation and creativity and the formulas mix compassion and expertise to ensure that when it comes to skin no age group, gender, race, or person is ignored. They create real solutions for real people with real skin-related concerns.

In this interview, Doctor Audrey Kunin walks us through her line of skincare products ranging from those that help with Keratosis Pilaris and eczema to those that help with anti-aging! You’ll love learning about the ingredient kakadu-c and their vitamin c serum!

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