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The Abound Boost Program

Are you looking for tools to help you reach out to new retailers and to get them to make that critical first order with you? Then the Abound Boost Program is exactly what you need. 

The Abound Boost Program a complete set of tools to boost your wholesale business!

The Abound Boost Program is made up of boost referral links, the boost customer tool, and the boost widget. 

At Abound, we know how hard reaching out to retailers can be. It’s a challenge convincing them to make that first order with you, no matter how amazing your products and branding are! So how do you get retailers to respond to your outreach and make that first order?

How about offering retailers a one hundred dollar  credit and free shipping to buy whatever they want from your Abound store?

The Abound Boost Referral Link

You can offer this with your Abound Boost Referral Link. Your unique link is located on your account dashboard at helloabound.com.

When you share your Abound store’s boost referral link with a new retailer, we here at Abound will cover $100 of their order from you! And we’ll give them free shipping for a year! 

Whether they place a large order or a small trial one, they get free product and you get paid for it!

Each retailer even has 30 days after signing up to redeem that $100 credit. 

0% Comission

Plus, you get another benefit – 0% Commission! 

When a retailer uses your boost link to place their first order on Abound, you won’t have any commission taken out of that order or any future orders with them! It’s PURE REVENUE for you!

Since you brought that retailer to Abound, you deserve the credit. You’ll get 0% commission with that retailer FOREVER.

The Boost Customer Tool

Now let’s talk about the Boost Customer Tool. The Boost Customer Tool is a convenient and easy way to manage all of your outreach to retailers. 

With the Boost Customer Tool you can upload your existing customers in bulk, invite them to be your customers on Abound with your Boost Referral Links, and manage your relationships with them – all in one place.

Bulk Upload Your Contacts

For bulk uploading of contacts, there’s options to either upload with a CSV or by copying and pasting email addresses. 

After you’ve uploaded the retailer emails, simply hit “send email” and your Boost Referral Link will be sent to your entire retailer list –  just like that (snaps). 

Once you’ve emailed retailers your Boost Referral Link, the Abound Boost Customer Tool also allows you to keep track of all the retailers you’ve contacted. 

Keep Track of Your Contacts

On the Customer Tool page you’re able to see which retailers are already on Abound and which ones aren’t yet. The Customer Tool also tells you whether a retailer has used your boost link to place an order.

You’ll receive 0% commission on all orders from any retailer emails you upload through this uploader, so long as the retailer hasn’t already placed an order on Abound before.

Retailers new to Abound will get a $100 credit to use in your store and free shipping for a year – paid for by us!

See If A Retailer’s $100 Credit is Close to Expiring

Another informational feature on the Customer Tool page is the ability to see if a retailer’s $100 credit is close to expiring. 

Retailers have 30 days to use the credit, so if it’s close to expiring, we urge you to give that retailer a nudge so that you get the sale! 

You can use the “send message” feature of the Boost Customer Tool to directly contact a retailer and remind them. 

The Boost Widget

Another great feature of the Abound Boost Program is our Boost Widget. 

This website widget allows retailers to find your Abound store directly from your website. The best part is, if they sign up by clicking your widget, they’ll be signing up using your boost link. So, we’ve designed the widget to advertise the $100 dollar credit that retailers can get from Abound to shop from your store. 

To place the Boost Widget on your site, all you have to do is copy the widget’s HTML code and paste it into your website’s HTML source code between the body tags.

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