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How To Create a Retailer Account on Abound

Ready to shop wholesale on Abound? With a retailers account you can browse and shop our wholesale marketplace 24/7. 

Signing up is easy. First, go to helloabound.com and click on “create account”.

Next, fill in the prompts to create your account. Your sign-in username will be the email address and password you submit here. 

At this point you’ll also fill in your store name and select whether your store is physical retail, online, or a pop up. You also have the option to submit your website.

Lastly, click “Join as Retailer” and that’s it! 

You’re now able to shop wholesale on all of helloabound.com. 

However, to place an order you will need to verify your reseller status. You can do that by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “settings and account information”. Then select “Reseller Information” and follow the prompts to verify your reseller status!

You can do this before or after checkout. If you wait until after you check out, your order will be on pause until after you fill out the required information.

If you don’t have a resale certificate and want to learn how to get one, check out this detailed video that Robin from Abound made for information on the process.

All right, that’s it! Have fun shopping on Abound and finding your store’s next best-seller!

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