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Boost Links – Abound’s Exclusive Tool To Help Grow Your Business!

At Abound, we know how hard reaching out to retailers can be. It’s a challenge convincing them to make that first order with you, no matter how amazing your products and branding are! We also know you’ve worked hard on your business and your products are amazing, otherwise you wouldn’t be on Abound!

So, how do you get retailers to respond to your outreach and make that first order?

How about offering them $100 to buy whatever they want from your Abound store? (Pssst – it’s on Abound’s dime!)

Boost links help you secure that hard-to-get first sale with a new retailer by giving them $100 credit to buy anything from you!

We believe in our brands and we want to help you grow your business by investing in you.

When you share your Abound store’s boost link with a retailer, Abound will cover $100 of their order from you! That will definitely tip the scale with a retailer who is hesitating on placing an order. Whether they place a large order or a small trial one, they get free product and you get paid for it!

That’s right, that $100 dollars counts as a normal sale for you in all ways except…

You get another benefit: 0% Commission

When a retailer uses your boost link to place their first order on Abound, you won’t have any commission taken out of that order or any future orders with them! It’s PURE REVENUE for you!

Since you brought that retailer to Abound, you deserve the credit. You’ll get 0% commission with that retailer FOREVER.

So, doing some math, if you were to use your boost link to get orders from 10 retailers, that totals to $1000 of sales all paid by Abound!

We’re really excited to provide boost links to you because we understand the challenges of making that first sale and want to help as much as possible.

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