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How To Beat The Summer Boost Challenge

Are you ready for a “Hot Shop Summer”? While the temperatures are climbing, we’re offering awesome prizes to our brands that boost! We’re challenging you to improve your business outreach in order to generate extra sales with no commission by participating in our Summer Boost Challenge!

From June 21 until July 2 ET, we’re encouraging all our makers to get as many boost link orders as possible. For the top performing brands with boost sales, we’ll add you to our coveted Featured category on our website, which means your shop will get a ton of extra love and attention from our retailer pool throughout the whole month of August!

Ready to get started? Here’s some tips to help you crush this challenge:

  1. Learn how to become an outreach master. This article has everything you need to learn to do cold and existing retailer outreach like a pro. Looking for shortcuts? Jump straight to our email templates or how to build your list of retailers to contact.

  2. Follow along with us in our Maker’s Group on Facebook. We’ll post daily updates, sharing tips, plus this is where you can talk to other makers and see how their journeys are going!

  3. It’s all about 20 a day. A typical cold outreach success rate is around 5%. This means that to get 10 boost link purchases, you’ll have to email 200 retailers during the Summer Boost Challenge. Holy moly that number seems big, which is why it’s important to break it up into 20 a day! Even though this may seem scary or daunting, remember that we’re providing you with the email templates you need, and how to find the retailers you want to contact. To follow along with us on the 20 a day journey, use this Summer Boost Challenge spreadsheet to keep track of your progress! Pro tip: select “File” then “Make a copy” to customize your progress spreadsheet.

We’re excited to kick this thing off! See you in the Makers’ group and good luck! 🚀

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