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Meet Our Brand Success Team!

One of our top questions from Makers on Abound is: How can I increase orders?

That’s where our Brand Success Team comes in! They’ll help you out with a free assessment to help your shop become the next top seller!

Think of this team as experts whose 9-to-5 is to make your brand thrive on Abound. These folks understand the ins and outs of reaching success on Abound, and they want to work with you to help your shop become the next top seller.

Now who, you may ask, has access to this feature? All brands on Abound—yep, you heard us. All brands.

Tune into this coffee chat with Robin and the rockstars from Abound’s Brand Success team Angela, Sharissa, and Amber to learn more.

Ready to schedule your free assessment? Reach out to the Brand Success team at support@helloabound.com!

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