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10 Wholesale Keto Products You Should Stock In Your Store

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The popular high-fat, low-carb diet isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re not already, it might be time to start stocking wholesale keto products in your shop. From mixes to sauces to supplements, these keto products are made thoughtfully by people with similar values to your customers. All of these products were designed with clean and healthy living in mind, and were created with the utmost of care.

1) Keto / Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix by The Muscle Donut

Enjoy a healthy stack of fluffy and tender Keto & Paleo Friendly pancakes or waffles by The Muscle Donut. Made with real and wholesome ingredients, these low carb, low glycemic pancakes taste close to eating an old fashion buttermilk pancake, but high in fiber and naturally sweetened. Crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

2) Keto ‘Everything’ Flax Crackers by nud fud Inc.

These have all the flavor of an ‘everything’ bagel but, without the carbs, or processed foods. These are not your typical keto products filled with inulin, or erythritol, they are all organic, vegan, raw, paleo, nut-free, whole food and clean! To keep you fuelled with fat, protein and fibre between meals.

3) Keto Electrolytes by Codeage

Give your customers their daily dose of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Pure with zero carbs, calories, or fillers. Natural and non-GMO. Dairy, soy, and gluten free. Made in the USA in a cGMP certified facility. Third party tested.

4) Keto Pizza & Bread Mix by Extra White Gold

Extra White Gold’s Keto Bread, Pizza, and Biscuits Mix has just 3 net carbs and is sugar-free! Create delicious keto pizza dough and enjoy homemade pizza just the way you like it without wasting your carbs! Make fresh bread perfect for French toast or a gooey grilled cheese sandwich!

5) CinnaBun Keto Cookie Bites by ChipMonk

ChipMonk’s soft and chewy CinnaBun bites combine delicious white chocolate chips with heavenly vanilla and cinnamon to give you the indulgence you crave without any of the guilt. Made with nutrient-dense sunflower seed flour, these mouth-watering treats are sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and low carb (less than 1g net carb per bite).

6) Exogenous Ketones with Caffeine by Codeage

These keto wholesale supplements contain calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. BHB salts (beta-hydroxybutyrate), MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), Ashwagandha, black pepper, ginger powder, and reishi mushroom. Hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, and green coffee bean extract. Plus, they’re zero carbs, Paleo friendly and gluten-free.

Wholesale Keto

7) Sugar Free Keto Traditional Peanut Brittle by Sweetsmith Candy Co.

Non-sugary goodness is made possible with a special blend of all-natural isomalt and butter to replace the traditional cane sugar sweetener in these delicious peanut brittle bars.

Wholesale Keto

8) Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie by ChipMonk

A fan-favorite, these cinnamon sugar cookies are soft, buttery, and loaded with flavors that will remind you of home. You’ll find it hard to believe they have no sugar!

INGREDIENTS: Almond Flour, Allulose, Butter, Eggs, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Monk Fruit Extract, Salt, Konjac Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Plant Fibers (Lemon, Pea, Potato, Plantain, Norwegian Kelp), Vitamin E (Natural Mixed Tocopherols)

Wholesale Keto

9) Bulk Sugar Free Keto Unicorn Lunch by the LB by Sweetsmith Candy Co

The same great product you love, now in bite-sized pieces, all for an even greater price! You can sell as-is*, repackage, or repurpose! Sell by the gram, put a bow in it, bake it, sprinkle it on ice-cream, whatever you can imagine!

Wholesale Keto

10) Avocado Jalapeño Sauce by Kumana

Kumana’s Avocado Jalapeño Sauce is a great wholesale keto product because it delivers a keto friendly, flavor-forward heat experience thanks to its delicious ingredients including avocados, cilantro, ripe jalapeño chili peppers, bell peppers, and parsley.

This sauce adds fresh and vibrant flavors with a slight kick to keep your taste buds tingling. Enjoy it as a condiment, sandwich spread, or as a finishing sauce.

Wholesale Keto

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