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5 Amazing Retail and Boutique Influencers You Need To Follow Today

Don’t be the only shop owner you know! Most retailers don’t have a close knit group of other business owners to check in with, which can make running a shop a lonely experience. If you need a community of retailers to learn from and bounce ideas off of, first join our Abound Retailer Facebook group, and then follow all of these awesome retail and boutique influencers!

From the latest in the retail industry, to super specific tutorials, to interviews of people who have succeeded at brick and mortar locations for years, these YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs are great at being educational and inspirational.

1) Alli Schultz

With over 50k subscribers on YouTube, Alli Schultz might be the best place to start learning how to open a brick and mortar boutique. Her authenticity and real financial reports make it way easier to understand what you’re getting into with boutique ownership!

2) The Creative Shop Talk Podcast

Want to hear how other unique, small, independent retailers have done it? In this podcast, Wendy Batten interviews successful retailers that have taken their hobby and grown it all the way into a full time business. 

Retail and Boutique Influencers

3) Scaling Retail

Syama Meagher is the CEO of Scaling Retail, and she’s worked for the likes of Gucci, Barneys New York and Macy’s. Today she works exclusively with small to medium sized fashion brands, multi-brand retailers, and enterprises looking to launch or scale. Her YouTube channel has interviews, news, and helpful hints for anyone involved in retail. 

4) The Retail Doctor

The Retail Doctor has over 30 years of experience and with extensive blog, podcast, and video content there are plenty of ways for you to learn his secrets! Plus, he’s given some interviews for our site. 

Retail and Boutique Influencers

5) Boss Mama Jackie

Boss Mama Jackie is a great retail and boutique influencer that shows the ins and outs of running a brick and mortar and online boutique. Her content stands out because she addresses common concerns and negative emotions that shop owners go through, plus she’s constantly thinking of new ways to make sure her customers are appreciated!

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