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What Promotion Opportunities Do Abound Makers Have?

Let’s cut to the chase! How can we at Abound help get your brand in front of our retailers? 

The future oriented answer is that this is a pressing issue for our team and we’re working hard behind the scenes to dream up, imagine, and build so many options that you’re going to be annoyed at all the different choices you have. 

However this is going to take months and months to build, so, in the meantime, we’ve developed two strategies every brand can participate in whenever they’d like. By signing up for these promotion opportunities, you can have your brand get blasted on all of our social channels within a few weeks. 

1) Send Us A Product To Demo

People love video content, and retailers are no exception. We at Abound want to engage our retailers as much as possible, which is why we create unboxing and demo videos that allow people to see your products being opened and used.

Any Abound brand with a live shop page can send us product, and we will create custom video content that shows off your items in the best light possible.

These videos are initially shared on our daily Instagram stories, and then a week later posted on our Facebook page and shared to our Retailer Facebook Group. To sign up for a demo video, just fill out our waiting list form and we’ll reach out to you shortly!

2) Do A Video Maker Spotlight Interview

Retailers love having a personal connection to the brands that they stock, and getting to see your smiling face and learn about your brand directly from the person that started it just can’t be beat!

Our maker spotlight interviews take less than 30min, and are a great way to show off your production space, home office, and of course your products! These videos show so much personality and are posted directly into our Retailer Facebook group, as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Schedule an interview with me by signing up for a time here

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