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15 Stocking Stuffers For Men That Are Less Than $20

Men's Stocking Stuffers

Affordable stocking stuffers are a key part of any holiday season. Not only are they needed to stuff all those stockings, they also serve as cheap and easy gifts for co-workers, Secret Santas, or other casual holiday gift giving occasions.

Here are 15 stocking stuffers for men that are small and inexpensive, but are still high quality gifts people haven’t seen before.

1) The Trail Journal by Dear Summit Supply Co. ($10 retail)

Outdoorsmen need a way to remember all the trails they’ve been on! Each page has a unique prompt to help the writing flow.

2) There’s A Pill For That – Pill Box by Ümlaut Brooklyn ($19 retail)

Who says you can’t take pills in style? This pill box by Ümlaut Brooklyn lets you stay healthy and fashionable.

3) YaYwallet Slim Credit Card Holder by YAY NOVELTY ($9.99 retail)

No one likes an overcrowded wallet! Check out YAY NOVELTY for tons of great men’s designs.

4) Bourbon Pecan Flavored Coffee by Our Tribe Coffee ($19.95 retail)

Want to drink bourbon in the morning without alarming the family? This bourbon pecan flavored coffee by Our Tribe Coffee brings the nutty, rich taste of bourbon and pecans to breakfast!

5) Large Mouth Bass Ornament by House of Morgan Pewter ($13 retail)

No, it won’t sing as you walk past, but isn’t that ultimately a good thing?

6) Beard Wash by Walton Wood Farm ($14.99 retail)

Everyone bearded needs to give the ole face fur a good washing from time to time. Do it in style with this wash for gentlemen.

7) Hip Flasks by Oso and Bean ($20 retail)

Retro art combined with flasks makes for a good time anywhere you go! Check out Oso and Bean‘s Abound page to see all their amazing artwork.

8) Ghost Island Hot Sauce by Karma Sauce ($10 retail)

If it’s good enough for Hot Ones, it’s good enough for your store! Stock up on any of their amazing hot sauces, the only question is: how hot will you go?

9) Retro Mugs by Mod Lounge Paper Company ($16 retail)

Certain men don’t want to believe the 70s are over, and we don’t want to tell them! Keep the good vibe going with these retro mugs by Mod Lounge Paper Company.

10) Flip Notes by Wellspring Gift – (free display included) by Wellspring Gift ($2 each retail)

These little notebooks are a great last minute counter buy! Your customers can track their pets schedules and training with a special pet notebook.

Stocking Stuffers For Men

11) Birch and Black Pepper Soy Candle in Beer Bottle by Lit Up Candle Co. ($16 retail)

Nothing says ‘for men’ like beer! You may not be able to drink out of these beer cans, but with manly scents like Birch and Black Pepper, these recycled candles make for a sustainable and lovely smelling gift.

12) Cedarwood Reflection Vegan Bar Soap by Brosily Bath and Body ($12 retail)

Taking care of your body isn’t just for women. Especially useful for men with sensitive skin, this cedarwood soap is the perfect thoughtful stocking stuffer.

Stocking Stuffers For Men

13) Business Bastard – Card Case by Ümlaut Brooklyn ($19 retail)

This business card case lets you keep your business cards safe, and lets you tell everyone that you’re super cool.

14) Apple Crisp Welsh Cakes by Copper Kettle Bakery ($7.99 retail)

Mmm, no matter what your gender is, these delicious Welsh Cakes by Copper Kettle Bakery make a great stocking stuffer.

15) Organic Spirulina Powder by Yourlixir Superfoods ($19.98 retail)

Have health conscious customers? Try stocking this Organic Spirulina Powder by Yourlixir Superfoods. It’s made with the cleanest, highest quality ingredients possible.

Bonus Stocking Stuffers!

I’ll top this article off with a couple of stocking stuffers for men that are a little bit more than $20, but still worth looking at!

Galaxy Cuff Links by Yugen Tribe ($28 retail)

Nerdy men can be hard to shop for, and even harder to dress up! Get them motivated by stocking these Galaxy Cuff Links by Yugen Tribe. Pick from their dozens of different designs!

Leather Scented Candle by Atelier 880 ($35 retail)

No one can deny the manliness of leather, or this leather candle. Check it out on Abound today!

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