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14 Hidden Gem Brands on Abound

We’re all creatures of comfort, but if you only stock your store with seen-before items, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of being an independent retailer and shopping for new brands on Abound: stocking truly unique and head-turning items.

All the brands featured in this article are hidden gems. They have unique products that are top quality, plus they’ve all been vetted personally by the Abound team. Next time you’re making an order, be adventurous and try out one of these hidden gems. They just might be your next best seller.

1) These Gorgeous Crystal Plant Holders by Mist & Sea

Bring a bit of the ephemeral into your shop with these crystal plant holders. The plants don’t need to be watered, they take what they need directly out of the atmosphere!

2) This Porcelain Clay Jewelry by Twenty Two West

Stocking jewelry made from non-traditional materials adds that extra differentiator between you and the competition.

3) These Decadent Snacks made with Real Fruit from Hawaii by Maui Fruit Jewels

If you can’t fly to Maui tomorrow, these snacks are the next best thing! With dozens of different fresh fruit flavors and gorgeous packaging, Maui Fruit Jewels really is a hidden gem brand on Abound.

4) These Beautiful Gas Burning Lamps and other Goodies by Danforth Pewter

Danforth Pewter knows how to treat metal! Founded in 1975, these experts are a huge brand locally in Middlebury, Vermont, and only available on Abound!

5) This Amazing Line of Hair Care Products by MASAMI

I have thick, curly hair that only a select number of hair products work with. Not only did every MASAMI product leave my hair feeling and smelling great, it works that well with all different hair types. The difference is in their unique and ultra hydrating Japanese ocean botanical called Mekabu.

6) This Innovate and Shark Tank Approved Heel Protectors by Solemates

Eliminate all your shoe annoyances with Solemates products. They’ll stop your heels from getting stuck in the grass, your feet from blistering, and your old shoes from smelling bad.

7) These Lovely Witchy Pendulum Boards by Flora and Nirvana

Have any witchy or occult items in your shop? It’s a huge trend right now, and these boards are my #1 best seller on my ecommerce store, The Snarky Raven. Check out all the articles I’ve written on owning a store here.

8) These Delicious Sauces by Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen

With easy to make and delicious recipes included in every order, Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen converted me, my boyfriend, and his parents after just one delicious meal. These sauces are the perfect intro into Malaysian food, and the sambals are very versatile.

9) This Mouth Watering Colombian Coffee by Veneto Café

Across the board, these roasts are full flavored whether they’re light or dark. For consistent, high quality flavor, check out Veneto Cafe’s delicious and freshly roasted Colombian coffee.

10) These Beautiful Cork Leather Accessories by LuCapel

Set the trends instead of following them by stocking these gorgeous cork leather accessories by LuCapel. As leather replacements take off and gain popularity, cork is emerging as a high class, beautiful to touch, and sustainable option.

11) These Plant Based Protein Mixes by Down to Cook

I and my roommates are non-repentant meat lovers who were actually swayed by the deliciousness of Down to Cook. These protein mixes are versatile, can be mixed in with your favorite vegetable, and beat out the real meat options we made that night.

12) These Small Batch, Vividly Flavored Sauces by Chilesquiles

With flavor combinations that could only be described as masterful, Chilesquiles makes flavors that have never been jarred before. Chef Octavio Orozco is in his element with his creations and of course they’re always made from scratch.

13) These ‘Not Another Landscape’ Puzzles by Wander Puzzle Co.

Out with Thomas Kinkade and in with Wander Puzzle Co! These bright designs are refreshing puzzle content and their large size really enhances the puzzle experience.

14) These Ultimate Premium Ghee Products by Farmtrue

Mouth watering is the only way I can describe Farmtrue ghee, one of the most delicious brands on Abound. This magical substance is an up and coming trend for home chefs and people just looking to add delicious flavors to their recipes.

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