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Abound Staff Picks – Fall 2020

abound staff picks

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Abound Staff Picks! The Abound team is a small, but dedicated group of people working hard each day to connect brands and retailers. We love our jobs and we’re not gonna lie, sampling the amazing products our makers create isn’t bad either.

Out of all the thousands of products on Abound, here are the makers and products we’re enjoying most right now! If your brand doesn’t appear here, please know it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to three a person, and we’ll be making more staff picks articles in the future!

1) Drew Sfugaras, Co-founder & Industry Advisor

Drew min Abound Staff Picks

“I love funny and original cards, especially the ones from Crimson and Clover Studio and M.C. Pressure. I’ve also always loved hot sauce and RogersMade has really interesting flavors.”

2) Ken Seals, VP of Product

Abound Staff Picks

Nurseology is based in ATX, where I lived for 5 years. Plus, they make really clever items for nurses. LH Candle Studio is another Texas brand. They have great packaging, nice looking photos, and beautiful candles. Arlo Goods is yet another Texas brand, and it’s founded and managed by a UX designer, so close to my heart. The patterns in her scarves are really beautiful and her pins are well done. You can tell she’s a graphic designer.”

3) Olivia Ruiz, Brand Success Associate

Abound Staff Picks

“I’ve been thinking about ceramics a lot recently, and I absolutely love the designs from KAC Studios, L’Impatience Ceramics, and from Donna’s hands.”

4) Sharisse McClure, Lead Brand Success Associate

Abound Staff Picks

Soprano Labs makes a Jasmine & Rose Body Oil that I love. It’s luxurious without being greasy & smells AMAZING!! I also love the Wake The F*ck Up blend by Modest Mix Tea, if you love loose-leaf teas that carry a punch look no further. If you’re feeling a little bit witchy, then I recommend Moon Child. They have Palo Santo sticks, and Sage & Crystals for protection, cleansing & clarity. I love their Carnelian Obelisk Ring.”

5) Blane Cordes, VP of Engineering

Abound Staff Picks

“My wife is from Brazil and ordered from Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse because she hadn’t seen them in the US yet. The Double Chocolate Cake Roll was delicious. Finger Licking Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels are excellent stroopwafels, they’re perfect with coffee in the morning or as an afternoon snack. Freedom Bar makes tasty and healthy snacks, I enjoyed the chocolate the most!”

6) Aaron Via, Brand Success Associate

Abound Staff Picks

“I think Lazy Baby is such a funny theme for baby clothes, I’m always a sucker for creative cat toys and Munchiecat does that really well, and I really love AVEC‘s design and creative mixes.”

7) Alex Gallner, Brand Manager

Abound Staff Picks

Calm Down Caren has a great name and quirky fun products, I love old fashioneds so I had to pick Cocktail Kits 2 Go, and I really want Nooee Pet‘s teepee for my dog.”

8) Darin Fingleton, Brand Selection Associate

Abound Staff Picks

“I really like what The Jonsteen Company is doing as a company, RogersMade is the best at making mouth-watering photos, and as a coffee fan I think CoffeeOverCardio has done a fantastic job making coffee look exciting.”

9) Robin Higgins, Content Manager

Abound Staff Picks

“The Chop Shop Steak Seasoning from PS Seasoning is responsible for the best tasting steak I’ve ever made in my life. I’m very into sauces, and the Habanero Sriracha by Kitchen Garden Farm hits three super high bars: it’s one of the best sauces I’ve ever tasted, it’s unlike any sauce I’ve ever tasted, and it’s so versatile it can be used in a huge variety of meals. LippyClip is my out of left field Abound staff pick because when I first received the samples I actually had to look up what the product did, and now it’s something I and my two roommates use daily. Both of them are men, and they tell me that chapstick unrolling itself in jean pockets is a huge problem that LippyClip solves perfectly. I’ve attached mine to my purse and I love avoiding digging around for chapstick.”

10) Rochaelle Laurren, Brand Success Associate (UK)

Abound Staff Picks

“I’m just obsessed with beautiful interiors and homeware products! I love Ded-Pop, ELM RD. Limited, and The Good Aura Company.”

11) Isabelle Letaconnoux, Senior Product Engineer

Abound Staff Picks

“The Molcajete Salsa & Roasted Green are my favorites from Chilesquiles. I also love M.C. Pressure and Sweet on Vermont.”

12) Abby Ehrlich, Brand Success Associate

Abound Staff Picks

“My Abound staff picks are Pretty Alright Goods, Effie’s Paper, and The Bitter Housewife!”

13) John T Clark, Brand Guru

Abound Staff Picks

“I think all the products from Vinylux, The Doodling Nomad, and Poptone Co. are really high quality and unique.”

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