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7 Tips For Your Abound Profile That Increase Sales

7 Tips For Your Abound Profile That Increase Sales

We at Abound are extremely invested in helping our makers get sales. Good business for you is good business for us, plus it’s the whole reason we started the site. While it may be a chore, optimizing your Abound profile is one of the easiest and most surefire ways to increase sales on our platform. Although this type of updating can be tedious and boring, we strongly encourage all our makers to spend the time, so that their products perform as strongly as possible. 

If you’re still hesitant, think of it this way: how many hours have you spent thinking about your product? Hundreds! Every maker has obsessed about the details, knowing that getting everything right is key to their success. 

Well, your Abound profile is similarly important. This is your first impression to retailers, getting seen as much as possible and having a great first impression is key. If you can muster up the couple of hours it will take to complete these steps, it’ll be be a return for you for months and years. 

1) Write A Compelling Brand Story

The biggest reason retailers use our site is you. Independent retailers love makers and the products they create. They care about you, your story, and they know their customers do too. Writing a compelling brand story isn’t just so you can feel good about yourself, it’s an important marketing opportunity. 

Telling retailers about yourself is extremely important, whether it’s why you’re connected to your specific product line, or who you’re supporting with the money you make from your business. Make sure to write a story that’s genuine and conveys the emotions you have for your business. Pride, compassion, determination, and fun are just a few of the emotions you can express to retailers through your brand story. And make sure to double check for tpyos!

2) Have Lots Of Awesome Photos 

I don’t want to be too repetitive and nagging, so I’ll just sum up the main points and link you to my other photo articles. 

  • Products with 2 photos as opposed to 1 sell twice as much. 
  • Having high quality product AND lifestyle photos is key.
  • If you can afford it, hiring a professional photographer for a shoot really elevates your brand. 

For more on how to use photos to optimize your business, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my photo guidelines. 

3) Add Brand Values

Our current brand values are: 

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Woman Owned
  • Black Owned
  • Made in USA
  • Handmade
  • Social Good
  • Organic
  • Not on Amazon

If your shop is one or more of these, please make sure it’s labeled as such. Many retailers search by clicking the values and only searching the products that fit the requirements they’re looking for. 

We’ll be adding more brand values soon, so that we can better represent all our makers! 

4) Put Your Best Sellers First

You have the ability to organize the products on your Abound profile, and this can be used to increase sales by making sure retailers see your best sellers! If you have a lot of products, we recommend putting your top 10 right at the top of your profile.

5) Research And Test Your Minimum Order Price

Although part of Abound’s mission is to bring our retailers a hand selected group of makers with minimal competition, there is still comparison shopping that goes on. We’ve talked to retailers and one of the most important parts of making an order for them is the minimum order price a brand has. 

Finding your minimum order price is a bit of Goldilocks guesswork, too low and brands won’t take you seriously, too high and they won’t want to risk it. They’ve told us that for a $10 average item price, $300 is too high, but if your average price is closer to $50, then $300 is right. 

The magic minimum order price seems to be around $150-$200. Something in that range that’s also competitive with your closest competitor should work the best. 

6) Include A Picture Of Yourself

Every Abound profile has room for a profile picture of the maker. While some brands choose to upload a logo, a picture of a person converts to higher sales. This is true because of the first point made in this article, retailers on Abound want to know your story and be connected to your face. Feeling like they’re supporting real people is a big reason why they have an independent shop in the first place. 

7) Categorize Your Products Appropriately

While uploading your products, make sure your items are categorized appropriately. Adding extra and less relevant tags actually hurts your performance on Abound, so make sure you’re just tagging the relevant categories. 

Bonus Tip: Add Videos To Your Profile And Product Pages

If you’ve completed the above list and are still looking for ways to increase sales on your Abound profile, consider adding videos to your profile and product pages. 

Videos convert even better than photos, if you’re able to show someone holding and touching the item, retailers will be able to envision having it in their stores even more. If you have a small line of products, consider spending the time to make short videos for all of them, if you have a large line, just pick 5-10 best sellers. 

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