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Successful First Impressions of a Brand Shop

Common mistakes and successful first impressions of a brand shop.

The first few seconds of browsing a brand shop will either make or break the sale. A retailer will stop looking around if a shop is unorganized or messy.

The most common mistakes we see our brands make is having a shop that includes:

  • Blurry or pixelated photos
  • Unorganized product arrangement
  • Grammatical errors

It’s imperative your shop is set up for success by design. That includes a strategic product arrangement and consistency in product images and overall shop appeal.

photo of two teal and pink leather crossbody bags
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Shop areas of focus:

  • Cover Image-The first thing retailers see when they come to your shop. This should be a high-resolution image that is used to convey your brand aesthetic as well as the tone for your shop. See our cover image guidelines here.
  • Tag Line-AKA slogan or unique value proposition. What do you offer and what makes your products different?
  • Brand Icon-This represents your brand and product offering.
  • Gallery Image-The gallery image is a square lifestyle photo that clearly represents your brand and products throughout the site. It is the first thing retailers see when they browse categories and should clearly showcase what you’re selling.
  • Managed By Photo-Add a personalized photo! Retailers are more likely to connect with the person behind the brand than a logo.

In conclusion, the difference between an outstanding brand shop and a messy one can make or break your sales. Remember to review your shop for errors after any updates or edits. Good luck selling!

For an in-depth shop review, please contact our Brand Success team for a brand assessment at support@helloabound.com

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