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28 Amazing Products You Can Buy To Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Abound stands with our LGBTQ+ employees, retailers, brands, and community. To do what we can to support our LGBTQ+ makers, for Pride Month we’re highlighting them and their amazing products!

From pop star candles to hot sauces so hot you’ll see stars, these makers are hand-crafting awesome products that will fit right in your store.

These pop star candles from BOBBYK Boutique

We’re all already praying to Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Lizzo, and Madonna, so might as well make it official.

Or these Tiger King themed ones:

Nothing says summer 2020 like an ‘I lost my arm at Joe Exotic’s‘ tote bag.

These delightful self care treats by Les Crème:

Les Crème makes luxurious, moisture-rich, coconut milk soaps. These bars of soap foam to create a creamy lather to purify skin, then rinse clean, leaving skin fresh.

Their natural organic ingredients keeps skin moisturized, which is a key factor for anti-aging. Plus, they’re gentle and soothing to help keep skin in balance.

To their masterfully scented candles, lotions, and face masks are just as healing. Their candles are made from 100% botanical all-natural coconut wax and cotton wicks. Their lotions are made with shea and aloe, and their face masks absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other substances from your skin, leaving you with softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

These delicious seasoning mixes by Casa M Spice Co.

Casa M’s Chain Reaction is a low sodium and bold flavor seasoning that makes the perfect replacement for salt on your table.

This all-purpose seasoning starts with a smoky flavor followed by earthy and bright tones before a lingering and building heat from their unique mix of chiles. Whether your customers barbecue, smoke, grill, sous vide and sear, bake, fry or roast, you can use Chain Reaction season-all to yield truly remarkable results!

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

With dill weed, black pepper, and shallots added to their signature Chain Reaction formula, Casa M’s Hooked seasoning enhances and brings out the natural flavors of any seafood dish. Initially designed for salmon and scallops, this fish spice rub tastes great on a variety of fish, crab, lobster, even things that go beyond seafood like scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables.

This Colombian Dark Roast Coffee by Kikos Coffee

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

This delicious coffee roast has subtle fragrances of fruit and dark chocolate. It has medium-low acidity, medium body with an agreeable and persistent residual flavor.

Open a fresh bag of Kikos Coffee and inhale the scent of the Caldas mountains in Colombia. Transport yourself to a world where farmers select and grade beans with the utmost care, laboring at elevations of 4,000 to 6,000 feet to make sure your morning is a great one.

These are coffee traditionalists. People with generations of experience planting, growing, selecting, and roasting exquisite coffee beans. People who know how to bring out all the superb flavor that Colombian Coffee has to offer.

Kikos is Fair Trade Certified, MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Certified, a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise, a Certified Diverse Supplier and Vendor, and a proud member of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride by stocking up on their delicious coffee today!

These adorable felt hearts and acorns by House of Moss

House of Moss is the creation of Alison Comfort Bay, a fiber artist and miniatures enthusiast living in the Pacific Northwest. Her aesthetic is very much shaped by the beautiful surroundings in the Portland, Oregon, area: The damp climate creates a gorgeous forest environment, full of moss, trees, and mushrooms.

She was introduced to Waldorf education during the year she spent as a nanny, and the Waldorf sensibilities of natural materials and simplicity have stayed with her in her work. Add that to Alison’s lifelong love of tiny things, and you get House of Moss: a miniature world of woodland-themed felted wool.

One of these mouth-watering infused honey flavors by Fool’s Gold Honey.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Fool’s Gold’s Spicy Pepper Infused Honey will be sure to light your taste buds up. A special blend of hot peppers are infused with wildflower honey to create a unique blend of sweet and spicy with an emphasis on both. For anyone who likes a kick and the fascinating taste of honey atop their salmon, chicken or in your glaze.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Their Bourbon Infused Honey combines a rich, deep flavor found in Old Nick Williams bourbon made only 6 minutes away on Williams Road with our pure raw honey. Excellent to cook with during or after preparation of your favorite meals and desserts.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Fool’s Gold Southern Wildflower honey is harvested from apiaries in North Carolina and Virginia, a region steeped in American beekeeping history and heritage, and which culinary connoisseurs recognize as the origin of some of the world’s finest tasting honeys.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Lavender Infused Honey has a bright flavor that pairs well with both sweet and savory recipes. Infused with all natural lavender flower, this Fool’s Gold varietal is the perfect addition to warm beverages, baked breads and desserts, or anything chocolate!

These unexpected hot sauces by Merfs Condiments

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Electric Lime is savory and fresh with all the flavor of roasted Colorado-grown jalapeno and hatch green chilies combined with onions and garlic and fresh lime juice. It’s an all-purpose green hot sauce and Merfs’ most popular product. HEAT LEVEL: Medium, 6/10.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

Support LGBTQ+ makers for Pride by burning some of your taste buds off. This is Merfs’ very first hot sauce, Peaches and Scream, reborn and relaunched as their super-hot. It’s fruity, lemony, and VERY spicy. It’s got all the brightness and heat of the Carolina reaper, the spiciest chili in the world right now. HEAT LEVEL: Super Hot 10/10.

Support LGBTQ+ Makers For Pride

It’s Merfs’ first chipotle hot sauce and they made a sauce that’s different than the other chipotle sauces you’ll find. It’s peppery and tangy with a hint of chipotle, and the finish is sweet fire. It’s tart and slightly acidic while embracing the fruitiness of the guajillo peppers and honoring the earth of the chipotle meco. HEAT LEVEL: Medium 7/10.

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