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11 Awesome Products You Can Buy Right Now To Support Black Makers

Abound stands with our Black employees, retailers, brands, and the broader Black community. We want to do what we can to promote Black-owned makers and the thriving businesses they’ve created.

This week, we’re bringing you 11 awesome products you can buy right now to support Black makers. We love the innovative products they make and hope you do too!

These beautiful handcrafted candles by Happy Kat Candles

They may look good enough to eat, but don’t you dare! These candles will delight and amaze your customer’s eyes and noses.

1) Banana Pudding Candle – $22.95 retail

2) Strawberry Cheesecake Candle – $22.95 retail

3) Fruit Punch Candle – $22.95 retail

About the maker: Kathy Fogle started making candles as a hobby in 2004. After 30yrs of working as a licensed cosmetologist, she decided to officially turn her creative passion into a business in 2017. In 2018, Kathy entered Northlake Malls’ “Battle of The Pop Up” competition and won her retail location inside the local mall.

Happy Kat Candles & Gifts is located in Charlotte, NC and features a beautiful selection of carefully curated merchandise created by local artisans who may not otherwise have an opportunity to showcase their products in a shopping mall. 

These amazing bath and body products by Naked Bar Soap 

Their artisan bath and body products are made with nourishing ingredients, scented with essential oils/natural fragrances, and use natural herbs, florals, and natural colorants for lovely colors and products that feel great on your skin.

4) Ylang Citrus Soap – $8.50 retail

5) Lemongrass Spearmint Bath Bomb – $8.50 retail

6) Vanilla Vetiver Neroli Body Oil – $18 retail

About the maker: Naked Bar Soap Co. was founded in 2011 by Natasha Byrd-Gaylon. In dealing with the skin issues of her infant son, she found using simple natural ingredients found in the pantry were better skincare remedies than the over the counter medicinal quick fixes.

In 2013 Natasha partnered with longtime friend Jennifer Peets. Together they shared a love for green beauty and natural living. Between Natasha’s product creativity and Jennifer’s knowledge of marketing and social media it was a match made in heaven. 

Natasha and Jennifer are both proud Black Latinas and hope you love their line! 

These Wool Dryer Balls by LooHoo

Toss 3 LooHoos in your dryer to gently soften clothes while they happily tumble with your laundry. They’re all-natural, and with a lifetime of hundreds of washes, they’re much more sustainable than dryer sheets. Pick up some cream and multi-colored options for your shop today. 

7) Cream Dryer Ball – Pack of 3 – $29 retail

8) Random Mix Dryer Ball – Pack of 3 – $29 retail

About the maker: When Cyndi Prince became pregnant, she learned that children are more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults. She wanted to create a healthy home environment for her child, so she began the search for a natural alternative that would help soften laundry and came across wool dryer balls. Armed with her creative background with all things crafty, she made her own, and now LooHoo is here!

These comfy, bold and colorful hair supplies by Kay Kay’s Fashion

These scrunchies and headbands are made in the US with super high quality fabric from Mali. Stock up on all the color combinations! 

9) Sophia Scrunchie and Headband – $11/$12 retail

10) Amandla Headband – $12 retail

11) Veronica Headband – $12 retail

About the maker: Kelechi Uchendu has a fashion blog and a line of hair products. Her style has a mind of its own. She loves to explore unique fashions and by God’s grace will continue expanding.

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