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6 Safe Ways To Keep Your Boutique Going During Coronavirus

6 Safe Ways To Keep Your Boutique Going During Coronavirus

Right now, many shop owners are wondering if there are safe ways to keep their boutique going during coronavirus. This is a tough time for retail, and independent and locally owned shops are being hit especially hard. However, even in this difficult situation, retailers are finding safe ways to keep their business going. Just because people are staying safe at home doesn’t mean they aren’t making purchases. 

Pinterest is currently having the most engagement it’s ever had, especially in the home improvement and wellness categories. Retailers all across the country are finding new ways to continue to reach their customers, even without the usual in-store shopping experience we’re used to. 

1) Start A Subscription Box

One thing we’re all itching for right now is variety. That, combined with excess free time makes subscription boxes perfect for dealing with coronavirus. The best subscription boxes are centered around a theme with a specific customer in mind. People also love having their mental load reduced, so if your box helps to plan a whole evening or weekend of activities, even better. To get more ideas for what types of subscription boxes your store could make, check out these highly reviewed subscription boxes

2) Offer Curbside Pickup

Another safe way to keep your boutique going during coronavirus is to offer curbside pickup. By taking online and phone orders and allowing customers to pick up their product at their convenience, you can offer them a way to stay connected to the outside world and bring joy into their lives without risking anyone’s health. Curbside pickup also gives you a chance to add a personal touch by wrapping people’s items in fun ways that allow them to have an unboxing experience at home. 

3) Offer Free Local Delivery

Although we don’t know all the ways that coronavirus will change us, we do know that it is disrupting and transforming the delivery industry. Some people don’t feel comfortable leaving the house for any reason, and are getting everything delivered. Offering free local delivery is a great way to keep your boutique going during coronavirus, and is a minimal risk to you and your employees. Making people feel like they can shop from you safely will make them more likely to support your shop during this time. 

4) Update Your Merchandise With Free Shipping

If you haven’t made an account on Abound yet, you’re eligible for free shipping for the first 72 hours after your account is made. Although everyone is strapped for cash right now, when people do return to their normal shopping routines they won’t want to shop for outdated merchandise. Stock up with Abound’s new merchandise, free shipping on any orders 72 hours after you’ve made an account, and on any orders over $500 no matter how long your account has been open.

5) Do Facebook And Instagram Live Videos Showing Off Product

The biggest hurdle shop owners are facing right now is having the in-person shopping experience removed from their business model. There is no replacement for being able to touch and see the products up close, but video demos are a pretty good substitute. There has been a huge rise in online shopping in recent years, and customers are only getting more and more comfortable with taking the risk of purchasing based off pictures and videos alone. In particular, live videos on both Facebook and Instagram create a sense of urgency to purchase. Not sure what to say in the videos? Try copying some tried and true Home Shopping Network techniques

6) Boost Up Your Online Store 

No matter what state your online store was in before coronavirus, it’s time to beef it up now. Whether that means starting from scratch, or just tweaking your advertisements, any work you put into your online boutique right now will be worth it. Online shopping is the safest way to operate your boutique during coronavirus. Plus, many people are saying that this global event is only serving to accelerate us into the future of online shopping, and that we’re seeing what was going to happen over the course of the next 10 years all in a few months. Any research, improvements, and new techniques you add to your online presence now will be useful for the rest of coronavirus and everything after it as well.

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