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9 Brands That Aren’t On Amazon

Brands That Aren't On Amazon

One of the biggest challenges for local retailers is to find products for their stores that their customers can’t find anywhere else. That means stores need to find brands that aren’t easily available online, and especially not on Amazon.

None of the following brands sell any products on Amazon, they’re focused on building their business through independent brick and mortar. Additionally, many of them feel that selling on Amazon would be a betrayal of their brand personality, and go against why they became a maker in the first place.

All of these brands have top notch products and are experienced in providing quick and high quality customer service to their retailers. Check out their selection on Abound and stock your store with them today!

1) Ecomended

Ecomended was founded by Leann Campas to provide everyday products for sustainable living. With the new demand for environmentally friendly products, many manufacturers realized they could demand higher prices due to the niche market.

This resulted in higher prices to the consumer and smaller margins for the retailer. Enter ecomended! Their focus is to provide eco-friendly alternatives at fair prices to the consumer, while also ensuring excellent margins for stockists. Selling to local retailers is also part of their business plan, and their brand would never sell on Amazon. Check out all the ecomended products on Abound.

2) Buddha Blossom Jewels

Amy Fernandez started her business, Buddha Blossom Jewels, when she was feeling stressed and overwhelmed in her career as a nutritionist.

‘I wanted to find a healing crystal necklace that I could wear to work every day in hopes that it might help me feel a little more balanced and serve as a reminder to be kinder to myself. 

I couldn’t find anything that was appropriate to wear to the office and that would work with my business attire, so having made jewelry on and off over the years, I decided to make my own. I bought a handful of stones and some basic supplies, and I made my necklace! 

It sparked a creative passion and brought some light and happiness back into my life. I haven’t stopped making jewelry since. For the first two years the shop was a hobby. After I had my son in 2016 I decided I was going to leave the corporate world and really make the jewelry business happen.’
-Amy Fernandez

Check out all of Amy’s jewelry on Abound.

3) Soaring Soap Co.

Soaring Suds Soap Co. is a woman-owned brand whose mission is to infuse the everyday bath with goodness, plus it’s part of their business to never sell on Amazon.

One day Leslie Edmunds decided to make handmade soap for her family, when she was looking for a more natural alternative to the stuff found in stores.

‘We make every product from scratch. Our soaps are made using the old fashioned cold process. We make the soap in large slabs and then have to cut and place every bar on a drying rack. The soap cures for 4-6 weeks before it can be used or sold. All of our other products are also made from raw ingredients and hand poured, labeled and boxed.’ – Leslie Edmunds

Check out the Soaring Soap Co. line on Abound.

4) Southbury Baking Company

Southbury Baking Company makes delicious Wine Savories Artisan Cheese Crackers that were created to pair and enjoy with your favorite wine. They have three incredible, unique flavors that are hand crafted and made small batch in their boutique wholesale bakery.

‘We use only the purest herbs, nuts and cheeses in our artisan crackers. We love a great glass of wine, but found there was no perfect nibble to enjoy with it – something that was unique and yet substantial. That’s when the idea of making the perfect cheese cracker came to life. They are like a savory shortbread! Delicious and addictive, they are perfect to enjoy with your favorite wine.’ – Founder Cathy Kleros

Check out all of Southbury Baking Company’s flavors on Abound.

5) Natterdoodle

NatterDoodle was started by Natalie Keller Pariano to empower women through heartfelt hand lettering! A bright and refreshing antidote to the stresses of everyday life and harsh reality of the news, NatterDoodle provides a daily dose of authenticity and inspiration!

Through lovingly crafted stationery, home goods, gifts and creative workshop experiences, NatterDoodle sprinkles positivity confetti and helps women feel more colorful, connected and creative! Check out their fresh take on wordplay, equal parts sappy and snarky.

6) Schooled by Paper

Schooled by Paper sells custom fashion bags and accessories made of paper-leather and was started by John Knauss, a nomadic bootstrapper. When John moved to Guangzhou, China, to start a new drama program at an international school he met Gigi Mei, a bag designer. Gigi showed him the fabric and hardware markets in the Sanyuanli area of Guangzhou where people source materials.

Once John discovered the remarkable qualities of paper-leather, a fabric that’s waterproof, soft, but can still be drawn on, he knew he had to create products using it. Schooled by Paper was born, and now John has an entire line of paper-leather bags and cases. Check them out on Abound.

7) Café Femenino Coffee

Cafe Femenino Coffee was started to promote female entrepreneurship in areas of the world where it’s especially hard for women to have their own businesses. They sell roasted coffee sourced exclusively from women-owned and operated farms. These are places where women historically have not been able to own land.

Although women do between 40% – 60% of the labor involved in growing, harvesting and processing coffee, they typically do not get paid for their work. This has created conditions of extreme poverty for women and their children. Cafe Femenino is helping to promote dozens of female entrepreneurs and give them the chance to succeed on their own. Buy their coffee for your store here.

8) Anchored NW Candle Co.

From a Hobby Lobby candle kit to a thriving wholesale business, the couple behind Anchored NW Candle Co. taught themselves how to make candles at the same time they taught themselves how to run a business.

‘We knew we wanted to make as eco-friendly a candle as possible, while also being aesthetically pleasing and affordable. That is why we sought out to create a wood wick, 100% soy wax candle, free from dyes, phthalates, and stearic acid. 

Using a fragrance/essential oil blend, we did just that and have never wavered from it. Nearly all changes that have been made have been cosmetic. Containers, labeling, and of course mass production have been the largest changes we have made thus far.’ – Brian & Megan Dalrymple

Check out all their scents and sizes on Abound.

9) Finger Licking Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels

What do you get when you combine a former NFL player turned entrepreneur with a Dutch cookie enthusiast? Finger Licking Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels of course.

On one of their first dates, Femke Veelenturf gave John Bronson a cup of coffee with the famous Dutch cookie, a stroopwafel on top of the mug. John had never tasted such a delicious cookie before. He was immediately hooked with the taste of warm caramel surrounded by two crispy wafers.

The Netherlands is the motherland of stroopwafels and these caramel waffle cookies are one of the best-selling products in the Netherlands. Now Finger Licking Dutch has made them readily available in the United States of America. Check out the delicious caramel treat on Abound.

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