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10 Women Owned Businesses With Killer Products

10 Women Owned Businesses With Killer Products

Makers everywhere are creating new, innovative products for local retailers across the country. Many of these makers are women, who design and create to help themselves, their families, and their communities.

All of the women who run these ten companies have overcome the odds and created successful and long lasting businesses. They’re at the top of their game and their unique products make great additions to local retail shops.

1) Naked Bar Soap Co.

Best friend team Natasha Byrd-Gaylon and Jennifer Peets started Naked Bar Soap Co. after Natasha’s son was born with cradle cap. After the doctor recommended medicated shampoo didn’t work, they began researching natural ways to treat the skin condition.

Thirteen years later, they have an extensive line of all natural skin care products, plus a brick and mortar store in Orlando, Florida. Check out all of their amazing and beautiful products.


Sunchea Phou started YaY Novelty to provide resources for Cambodian genocide survivors and to make reusable bags fun, functional, sustainable and of quality.

With over 450 products on Abound, they’re sure to have designs that fit in with any shop. Check them out on Abound.

3) Nikki Smith Designs

Nikki Smith sells vibrant, fun, jewelry, and is based in Dallas, Texas. Nikki Smith Designs was started when Nikki started making jewelry to wear to her corporate buying job.

‘People loved the pieces I was wearing and I began to sell them off my neck! The reason I started was really to dress up my own outfits when I couldn’t find affordable quality jewelry that I loved. As soon as I saw the desire for my designs, I just kept it going!’ -Nikki Smith

4) MomoGo Baby

Jeri Dean and Jina Miyamoto are the mother-daughter team who invented the MomoGo Baby seat. Their plush baby seat inserts are for shopping carts, high chairs, and swings, and give babies who can’t quite sit up the extra support they need.

‘The problem was that little babies who are strong enough to sit up (4 months) were still very, very small for public seating spaces like shopping carts and high chairs. 

This problem forced parents to either shop with a stroller, put a car seat in a shopping cart (leaving no room for groceries), carry baby in a carrier (making it difficult to load cases of water or large items like dog food), or stuff blankets in shopping carts and high chairs to support the baby.’
– Jeri and Jina

5) Cheeky Kumquat

Rain Folden is the founder of Cheeky Kumquat, which sells irreverent and clever greeting cards. Rain made cards for her friends and family for several years before her husband encouraged her to sell them online.

Now she has over 150 designs, and prides herself in giving people a card option outside what’s typically seen.

My best sellers are definitely my pregnancy and love cards. I think these occasions, more than any, tend to be flooded by sentimental cards and I think people find that it’s nice to have an alternative.‘ -Rain Folden

6) Lush Wine Mix

Erin Rose Myers & Kelli Jennings founded their women owned businesses, Lush Wine Mix, when they realized all the existing wine slushies were too sweet and chemical filled.

Now, six years later, they have ten different wine mix flavors made with the highest quality and freshest, real-food ingredients possible. Check out these decadent drinks and order them for your store on Abound.

7) Café Femenino Coffee

Cafe Femenino Coffee was started to promote female entrepreneurship in areas of the world where it’s especially hard for women to have their own businesses. They sell roasted coffee sourced exclusively from women-owned and operated farms in places where women historically have not been able to own land.

Although women do between 40% – 60% of the labor involved in growing, harvesting and processing coffee, they typically do not get paid for their work. This has created conditions of extreme poverty for women and their children. Cafe Femenino is helping to promote dozens of female entrepreneurs and give them the chance to succeed on their own. Buy their coffee for your store here.

8) Tin Parade

Ryan Larson started her women owned businesses, Tin Parade, after seeing a need while wedding planning. She realized her custom party, gift and home goods for clients could be made in larger quantities and sold in stores. Now her elegant and unique napkin wraps are a huge part of her business. Check them out on Abound.

9) Catalina’s Cottage

Cathleen Miller started Catalina’s Cottage after a 20 year career in the steel industry. She had just relocated to a secluded house in nature when her husband’s skin started to be irritated by harsh detergents.

She started out making an all-natural soap, and it was so successful that now three years later they have a full time bath and beauty product line with Catalina’s Cottage. Check it out on Abound.

10) Buddha Blossom Jewels

Amy Fernandez started her women owned businesses, Buddha Blossom Jewels, when she was feeling stressed and overwhelmed in her career as a nutritionist.

‘I wanted to find a healing crystal necklace that I could wear to work every day in hopes that it might help me feel a little more balanced and serve as a reminder to be kinder to myself. 

I couldn’t find anything that was appropriate to wear to the office and that would work with my business attire, so having made jewelry on and off over the years, I decided to make my own. I bought a handful of stones and some basic supplies, and I made my necklace! 

It sparked a creative passion and brought some light and happiness back into my life. I haven’t stopped making jewelry since. For the first two years the shop was a hobby. After I had my son in 2016 I decided I was going to leave the corporate world and really make the jewelry business happen.’
-Amy Fernandez

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