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What About Your Business Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to touch base with our makers and ask what about their business they were most thankful for. 

Each one of these makers prides themselves in creating beautiful and unique products for independent retailers. They work tirelessly to provide high quality, interesting items for other business owners. 

No matter how hard our makers work, their entrepreneurial spirit leads them to be grateful for the opportunities they’ve been given and the ones they’ve created for themselves. 

1) Helga Ida Ayu, Founder of Brunna Co

The ability to create things that we believe will bring good impact to the world. Some things we make don’t make an instant profit, but we’re happy that eventually each of our products finds its own market.

2) Marek Adamski, Director of Nunu Foods

That I can be 100% creative and choose the path I think is the best. Being responsible for my successes and for my failures.

3) Kristin Mangelsen, VP of Marketing and Merchandising of Touch of Nature

Being able to see the business grow and to see how things come to life. I am in charge of all of the product development, buying, and sourcing, and it’s so rewarding watching the ideas in your head come to life in a product.

I also love working with my vendors; they are a second family and I always look forward to seeing them when I am in China. They are more than just business partners, to me they are friends and family. I wouldn’t change a thing. 

4) Julie Sellers, Founder of Dasha Alexander

Getting to work with my kids and never missing their games.

5) Bill Rychel, CEO of DecoPlate

 I get to bring my Labrador Retriever ‘Maggie’ to work with me each day.

6) Tatiana & Nate Alder, Owners of Fuze Body

Working with my own hands, with my own family, and making a difference in the lives of others.

7) Andrea Fix, Founder of The Healing Sanctuary

My schedule. Owning your own business has its ups and downs for sure but being able to be flexible in your job is nice.

8) PJ McQuade, Owner of Castle McQuade

When I worked as a freelance illustrator, there was a feast or famine reality to the situation. Either I was too busy, juggling 5 jobs at once or nothing, there wasn’t enough work. I was at the mercy of getting hired all the time by art directors, waiting for an email, a job offer.  

Creating this shop has allowed to me to have more control over my own destiny, be proactive. I call the shots, make the deadlines. It’s fantastic. Not without downsides, you’re never really not working. It’s all on you, all the time. But there’s a great freedom to it all and I love it. 

9) Jenni and Bobby Mills, Owners of Studio 29 Eleven

Freedom. But freedom doesn’t come without work and dedication when it’s yours.

10) Jacob Johnson, Founder of Calyan Wax Co.

Creating lasting impact. Fostering a great work place. The ability to be rewarded for hard, gritty work.

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