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The Best Wholesale Soap

best wholesale soap

Soap! Enemy to germs and toddlers, and now friend to retailers, who are constantly on the hunt for the best wholesale soaps. The luxury soap industry has exploded in recent years, and retailers have realized what a high appetite people have for great skin care products. 

If you’re not already providing soaps in your store, consider adding them to your inventory. If you’re already on the soap train, check out these unique and interesting soaps. All of these soaps are made with the highest quality ingredients possible, and by makers with wholesale experience. 

1) Tangerine Eucalyptus Salt Soap by Naked Bar Soap Co. 

Retail $8.50

the best wholesale soap naked soap co

This scent features the revitalizing and crisp scent of eucalyptus combined with the sweet citrus aroma of tangerine. Each soap is swirled with paprika and an orange mica for a rich orange color. These unique salt soap bars make for a true in-home spa experience.

2) Men Don’t Stink Soap by Walton Wood Farm 

Retail $9.99

men dont stink

Don’t be a pig! This XXL giant bar of extra savage exfoliating shea butter and oatmeal soap will keep them smelling more like a human and less like a wildebeest.

3) Black Raspberry Vanilla by Catalina’s Cottage

Retail $9.00

black raspberry vanilla soap

This is one of the best wholesale soaps, plus it’s fun to look at with its pink and white swirled colors and activated charcoal accents. The scent boasts ripe black raspberries, mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla. 

4) Sleep Burst Bar by Fuze Body

Retail $19.95

the best wholesale soap

Eleven soft and soothing oils make the Sweet Dreams blend a powerful lullaby to help get you into the perfect sleep mode. Inspired by your favorite stick of gum with flavor crystals, these Burst Bars have mini bath bomb pockets waiting to burst into action with essential oil, foam and fizzing.

The timed release of essential oils allows you to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Wooden soap dish included. 

5) Lavender Soap by Pure Energy Apothecary

Retail $7.00

the best wholesale soap

This heavenly lavender will please even the most devoted lavender connoisseur. This Vermont lavender soap is sure to relax, balance and calm your soul.

These triple-milled bars are sulfate-free, phthalate-free, phosphorus-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and cruelty-free.

6) Verbena Lime Soap by Zeus Beard

Retail $14.00

shea butter verbana lime jojoba oil

This Godly soap is formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients. A hemp seed oil base balances and hydrates skin without clogging pores, while oat protein makes the soap suitable for all skin types. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA.

7) Signature Spa Trio Monogrammed Soap Gift Set by Carved Solutions

Retail $30.00

monogrammed soap gift set

These personalized soaps make the perfect gift for every occasion and every recipient! They’re personalized and shipped in 24-48 hours.

These exquisite Vermont made, personalized aromatherapy soap bars are triple-milled and 100% vegetable based. A true, all-sensory experience; botanical, herbal, revitalizing and healing. It’s always a treat when you know the recipient intimately enough to pamper them with the color of their dreams, or whisk them away with the scent that moves their soul.

8) Hippy Soap by Catalina’s Cottage

Retail $9.00

the best wholesale soap

Peace and love man, this Hippy Soap is groovy! Such fun colors, and the scent of raspberry and patchouli. Having this soap to greet you in the bathtub or shower is so uplifting!

Teens and kids love this one too! Beautiful swirls of purple, pink, yellow and green. This soap is so creamy and full of lather. A great gift item.

9) Charcoal Anise Soap by Naked Bar Soap Co. 

Retail $8.50

the best wholesale soap

This detoxifying charcoal soap is scented with the sweet licorice smelling scent of anise. Its base blend of vegetable oils and butters creates a luxurious lather to leave skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized.

10) Fine Bar Soap Display by Pure Energy Apothecary

Retail $100.00

the best wholesale soap display

This counter-top fine bar soap display includes 25 bars of soap and includes five different scents. Five bars of Wild Blue Lupine, Satsuma, Green Tea and Bergamot, Lavender, Verbena are included, as well as a counter ready display. 

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