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13 Halloween Retail Display Ideas

Bust out the bats and dust off the brooms, Halloween is almost here! Decorating your store with the spooky spirit is a great way to draw customers inside and get people excited. These Halloween retail display ideas range from quick and easy to ghoulishly complicated. 

No matter what your store sells you can take part in the Halloween spirit. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to be scary or creepy. Your twist on Halloween decor may be upscale, fall harvest, or even cutesy. Just remember to stay true to your store’s style, and to have fun!

1) Throw A Pumpkin In There

There’s no faster way to channel the Halloween spirits than to get some pumpkins and add them to already existing displays. No room? Find some empty space on a stoop and create a little pumpkin oasis.

The best thing about decorating with pumpkins is the versatility they offer. Real, fake, orange, white, bejeweled, whatever type of pumpkin your heart wants is easily available. 

fancy pumpkins halloween
pumpkin display
unicorn skeleton halloween display
white pumpkin halloween display
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
festive fall pumpkins

2) Add A Touch Of Halloween To Manikins

If your store already has manikins, decorating for Halloween is as easy as finding a couple of props and accessorizing with them. Manikin decorating can range from simple to extremely elaborate, but they all make your store seem friendly and inviting. 

witch Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
mummy halloween display

3) Create A Bat Wall 

This technique only takes a few minutes to set up, but covers a large area of space and has a dramatic effect. Whether you spread them around equally, or have them flying in a swarm, these bats make you want to hole up in a castle and suck some blood! 

bat Halloween Retail Display Ideas
elegant halloween display
Halloween Retail Display Ideas

4) Stack Product To Create A Halloween Art Piece

If you have an artistic side, or maybe you just always loved Legos, consider making a large scale Halloween grid. 

scream maks made from soda

5) Make Cousin Itt Out Of Straw

Getting a human length wig is hard and expensive, but straw looks just as good and gives Cousin Itt a good old country boy feel. 

cousin itt hay

6) Give Your Lights A Halloween Flair

Adding Halloween decorations to your light fixtures is a great way to instantly transform your store. 

spiderweb light
witch hat lights

7) Witchify Your Coat Rack

Witches may be full of eyes of newt and hair of dog, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have basic etiquette. By hanging up some witchy hats and brooms, you instantly create a story. Where are these witches now? What are they doing? How can I be friends with them and get them to curse my enemies? 

Halloween Retail Display Ideas witch

8) Go Crazy With Skeletons

Putting a skeleton in your shop is already very Halloween-y, but if you want to go above and beyond, give that skeleton a character and a backstory! 

elegant old skeleton
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas

9) Create A Creepy, Mysterious Grate

If you have a pallet or a grate in your store, turn it into an ominous prison cell!

Halloween Retail Display Ideas

10) Don’t Have Space? Cast A Shadow

With a couple of small lights, you can cast huge shadows across your walls. This is a great decor option for places without a ton of physical space to hang decorations. 

Halloween Retail Display Ideas

11) Hang A Banner

Banners are a great Halloween retail display idea that only takes a few minutes of set up. The more you add, the more festive your store seems, and there are enough different types of banners to fit the style of any store. 

Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
halloween banner
Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas

12) Halloween Jars

If you don’t want your decor strewn about, you can pick up a classy transparent jar, and fill it with Halloween goodies. 

fall jar
Halloween Retail Display Ideas

13) Give Your Normal Items The Halloween Spirit

You don’t always have to bring in specific Halloween items. Take a second to think if there’s anything in your shop that has Halloween flair. If so, creating a display of those items can be a funny and relevant way to incorporate the holiday into your shop. 

Halloween Retail Display Ideas
Halloween Retail Display Ideas

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