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18 DIY Retail Display Ideas

diy retail display ideas

Every shop owner knows that great aesthetics increase sales and customer satisfaction. This is true for your product packaging, advertising, and of course, for the interior of your store. These DIY retail display ideas can help you achieve a great aesthetic while still being affordable.

Whether you’re just setting up shop, or changing things up to keep your store looking fresh, all of these ideas can be done on a budget and in a weekend. 

1) Ladder Shelves

The rustic and reclaimed trend has been in style for years, and shows no sign of stopping. Ladders are a functional way to showcase your product as well as a stylish accent piece.

ladder shelves DIY Retail Display Ideas
ladder shelf DIY Retail Display Ideas
pillows in ladder
DIY Retail Display Ideas ladder with lights

2) Crate Stacking

Crates are one of the easiest and most effective DIY retail display ideas. Stack them in any shape and size and you have an instant centerpiece to display your products.

stacked crates DIY Retail Display Ideas
crates as a display

3) Hanging Bicycles

Hanging bicycles draw the eye upwards and utilize often unused space. Depending on the type of bicycle, you can make this display look sleek and modern, or rustic and homey.

hanging bicycle DIY Retail Display Ideas
hanging bike

4) Pallet Shelves

Adding pallets to your walls instantly gives them texture and breaks up monotony.

pallet shelves DIY Retail Display Ideas

5) Hanging Umbrellas

Create an ethereal cloud of umbrellas and maybe your store will summon Mary Poppins.

hanging umbrella

6) Spool Tables

Spool tables are interesting, unique, plus they can be stacked and make great shelves for products.

spool tables
spool table DIY Retail Display Ideas
stacked spool tables

7) A Line Of Buckets

People are naturally drawn to organization and lines, which you can use to your advantage when building DIY retail displays. A line of buckets whether functional or just for decoration will give your shop a neat and tidy look.

DIY Retail Display Ideas stick and bucket
lines of buckets

8) Hanging Your Product

Fill open space by hanging examples of your product. Choosing an aesthetically pleasing strap or rope will also enhance the overall look.

hanging backpack DIY Retail Display Ideas

9) Decorative Jars

Show off your product and create a display by lining up large, clear jars.

decorative jars

10) An Antique Statement Piece

Next time you’re thrifting or antiquing, see if there are any pieces that would work in your shop.

statement piece DIY Retail Display Ideas

11) Hanging Tires

Hanging tires by rope give off a youthful energy of summertime tire swings. Plus, the center of the tire can be used to show off product or as another decor opportunity.

hanging tires for stores
hanging tires DIY Retail Display Ideas

12) Bungee Cords And Mirrors

This sleek look is a great DIY retail display idea if you want an interesting way to showcase sunglasses and other eye-ware.

glasses display

13) Wall Of Books

This classic wall art statement piece is always a show stopper. Research all the different variations before deciding which one works for your space.

book wall DIY Retail Display Ideas
wall of books
wall of books

14) Suspended Paint Brushes

One trip to the hardware store is all you need to pull off this simple but elegant store display.

hanging paintbrushes

15) Frames And Mirrors

When looking for DIY retail display ideas, you aren’t limited to just rustic and natural looks. This look was created by cutting apart an old frame and end table, painting everything white, and then installing mirror fragments.

frame and mirrors DIY Retail Display Ideas

16) Faux Animal Heads

Faux animal heads are popular and come in tons of different colors, styles, and animal types. Dress them up, or let them speak for themselves.

hanging horse heads

17) Hangar Trees

Hangar trees are an easy and festive display for Christmas, but they can also work for any woodsy or nature themed display.

hangar tree xmas christmas

18) Suitcase Stacks or Shelves

Antique suitcases are art pieces on their own, and will class up your shop no matter how you choose to display them.

stack of suitcases
suitcase shelves DIY Retail Display Ideas

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