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The Top 11 Customer Service Mistakes That Drive People Away

Every shop owner knows that customer service is key to having a successful business. Unhappy customers won’t want to shop at your store. They might even spread bad word of mouth reviews, and your business will suffer as a result.

This makes it all the more important for shop owners to know exactly which behaviors turn customers off the most. PwC found the top 11 customer service mistakes that cause people to walk away.

The takeaways? While technology, lack of personalization and inconsistent experiences are all important, there were two huge negatives. Being out of stock and having to deal with unfriendly employees. With the option of online shopping, customers want to connect with people they meet in-store. Having a negative experience with another person kept over 50% of people from coming back.

All in all, if you can keep your systems up to date, make checking out easy, keep your store in stock and have great employees, you’re doing an excellent job.

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